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Do You Like Scary Movies?

Listen up, kiddies: I am a huge horror fan (and here is my favorite horror movie site), but I am also a pauper. So I seldom see movies in the theater unless I am super convinced of either their terrifyingness or their terrible-ness.

The last movie I saw was Insidious, for instance. (Do you have Catholic guilt? Do you suffer from sleep paralysis? If either question earns a “yes,” please do not see Insidious, because it is a Mindfreak in the worst way. Love, Sleepless in Chicago, Still.)

So! Here’s a surprisingly-competent Katie Holmes (with Memento‘s Guy Pearce) in the Guillermo del Toro -produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark:

Next: I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints about the trailer for the Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, an indie horror starring Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning, and Bruce Dern, with music by Dan Deacon. Folks say the trailer looks cheap; I think it looks like a horror film populated by paper dolls. What do you think?

Finally, here’s perennial unicorn Tilda Swinton—and co-starring John C. Reilly as her husband—in a horrific Bad Seed plot about a mother and her sociopath son (based on a novel based on a true-ish story).

And yes, we covered this trailer a week ago, but all things come in Threes, and anyway, it’s my birthday today, SO HERE, AGAIN:

Of the three, which horror trailer is the most awesome?


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  • YOOOOU need to see Attack the Block. it’s by the guys who made Shaun of the Dead, so it is SO SO SO SO GOOOOOOD. like…i’m shitting my pants over how good it is. i paid 14 bucks (lame!) to see it on the big screen & i’m ready to pay that all over again. i gotta see it a 2nd time. nuts. do it.

  • I tried to like Insidious but it seemed like it was made by two different people. The first half was scary and the second half was cheesy and stupid. But thank you for sharing these trailers, I’ll probably check out more than one of these.

  • @lady fanny of omaha~ I can’t wait to see that movie!

    I love scary movies and I’m looking forward to DBAOTHD and We Need To Talk About Kevin. Twixt? I don’t know. I’ll give it a shot. The best one coming is Fright Night!!!!