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New Couple Alert: Bradley Cooper and Kirstie Alley

A photo of Brad Cooper and Kirstie Alley

Oh my gosh, did you guys really believe that? Did you really think that I was about to tell you about Bradley Cooper taking Kirstie Alley out on a hot date filled with romance and attraction? Aww, no, darlings. No, that’s not how it happened. Bless your hearts! No, this is just another story documenting Kirstie Alley’s lovable delusions.

From the National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

The 60 year-old former “Fat Actress” – who has dropped an astonishing 100 pounds in the past several months – has been asking mutual friends to set her up with [Bradley Cooper], who is 36. But her cougar crush isn’t likely to work out, say sources, because the handsome actor is “just not that into her.”

“Kirstie has been desperate for a date with Bradley,” an insider revealed.

“Since dropping the pounds, Kirstie believes she can have any man in Hollywood – and Bradley is her number one pick.

“They have mutual friends, and Kirstie told them she wanted to meet Bradley. She thinks once he gets to know her, the feelings will be mutual.

“Bradley is just about to start production on a new movie that shoots in Philadelphia. Now Kirstie is telling pals that she has some business to do in Philadelphia and that she hopes Brad will find time to have a coffee with her…”

Bradley’s not really interested! “Bradley is looking to meet somebody to settle down with an start a family,” added the insider.

And that’s not Kirstie!

Did anyone else just gain a massive amount of love for Kirstie Alley?