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Quotables: Kirstie Alley’s Lost 100 Pounds!

A photo of Kirstie Alley

“I’ve lost 100 pounds. I feel like I’m back in my element and not wearing a suit, a bad suit. And I honestly didn’t even realize what I looked like too much. Right before I did Dancing with the Stars, I bought these dresses in size 14 to 4, the same dress, and I said, ‘You know what I really want? I really want to be in this dress in a 4.'”

Oh, Kirstie, have you now? I know that you have a reputation for not being that great with this kind of thing, but 100 pounds, doesn’t that seem like kind of an extreme number to you?

What do you guys think though? Am I off in my doubting, do you think Kirstie really has lost that much weight? Or is this just another deluded statement from everyone’s favorite Scientologist?

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