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I Just Wanted to Let You Know That Kirstie Alley is Now a Size 4 You Fat Bastard

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Remember last week Kirstie was telling us that she was in a size 8 dress? Well BAM. You look away for seven whole days and girlfriend drops two more dress sizes. Fucking amazing, right? I mean, I don’t know if she’s sticking parrafin blocks up her ass or what, but there’s no. fucking. way. that Kirstie Alley is a size four right now. Even if her dresses are ‘stretchy,’ as she says, I’m still not buying it:

The actress admitted to consuming only 1,400 calories, but has decided to take Chmerkovskiy’s advice by upping it to 2,000. “He’s probably right. Usually what I do to lose weight, I eat 1,400 calories, but I guess if I’m working out five or seven hours then you have to change it around a little bit,” said Alley, who wouldn’t reveal how many pounds she has lost since being on DWTS. She did say she is down to size 4 and 6 dresses but joked ”they’re sort of stretchy.”

She looks beautiful, don’t get me wrong. And she’s lost a crap-ton of weight (pun totally fucking intended) and I’m so happy for her. She should really be proud of herself. But there’s no way on earth that she’s a size 4, and I’m insulted that she’d think I’d buy that runny BS.

Just keep your mouth shut about the specifics on your drastic weight loss, Kirstie, and we’ll draw our own conclusions as to how hot you are. We don’t need the constant overblown reminders.

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  • well said Sarah! she’s prolly a 12, but if she would shut up about it I wouldn’t think about what damn size she is.

  • I hate when these idiots act like we don’t have eyeballs. Size 4 is SMALL. Everyone I know who is a size 4 is on the smaller/petite side, myself included. I’m about 5’4, 5’5 on a good day. I am absolutely insulted that these insecure bitches are trying to co-opt my size because that’s what they think is “ideal” for them. Kirstie Allie is like 5’10 – she wouldn’t be a 4 unless she was model-skinny, and frankly she wouldn’t look good like that. She’d probably look all empty and gaunt like Raven-Simone is looking these days. Kim Kardashian has D-cup tits and a bigger ass than I do (I say this as a black woman with sizable junk in the trunk). If SHE were a size 4, she’d have to give up a tit or a booty cheek or something. It’s a goddamned number, you cunts, no man who wants to fuck you is going to take a gander at the size tag of your dress and go “you know what, I’ll pass. I really don’t fuck anyone bigger than a 6.”

    • Totally agree with you. I;m 5’9″ and a size 4-6. These ladies that claim that – no way in hell. Im proud I’m in good shape but I’m not devastated that as I get older, I get a little larger. She looks great but she has a curvy butt & hips. Doesn’t happen in a size 4 sweetie!

  • There is no way in HELL…I wish she would shut the fuck up and stop insulting our intelligence. This whale is a size 14 at the very least.

  • I don’t care what size she is, the fact remains this broad is a troll. If there were any justice in this world she would be chained to a wall in a basement & fed nothing but raw meat!! My Utopia kicks ass!!!

  • if she is a size 4 than i am a size negative 82..shut the fuck up and go eat your 2000calorie breakfast Kirstie..then ponder what’s for lunch

  • The only thing on her body thats a 4 is the number of double quarter pounders with cheese floating around in her stomach 24 hours a day. Give me a break….

  • This pisses me off so much. She is not the first one to pull this bullshit. I am only 5 foot 2 inches but I have a fairly large frame. I have been a six, and I was so skinny at that size that my boobs were gone and my tailbone hurt like hell when I sat down. So, that tells me that my body shouldn’t be smaller than a size 8 or so. Well, I had a bunch of health problems, gained a ton of weight over a bunch of years but now I am taking it off again. I have also worked in the fitness field for about 30 years. I know weight loss, body weight and sizes very well. This chick was somewhere around a size 20 or 22 and now she is probably a 16. So yeah, 6 is just like 16. Why can’t she just say she has lost a lot of weight, she has toned up quite a bit and stop the exaggeration. Someone of her stature and frame would be very healthy and attractive at a size 10-12. She isn’t fooling anyone.

  • Please everyone, don’t worry about the size on your dress. No one knows unless you tell them and why tell them? Look the best you can and stop worrying/bragging the numbers. you just make yourself look foolish and vain and we don’t care.

  • Kirstie Alley is at least a size 14 or 16 if she is lucky. She will never ever be a size 4 or 6 or even 10 in this life. Maybe in the next world. She is also very clumsy and not graceful at all like all of the other girls on the show. She is big and gawdy.

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