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Who Did This Girl Grow Up to Be?

Cute kid, right? I would even go so far as to say “adorable.” But this just goes to show that even horrendous brats can be cute as a button, because this is actually a photo of one of the most annoying ladies around these parts.

Do you have a guess?

A photo of Lea Michele

Look, it’s my least favorite (besides Gwyneth Paltrow) Lea Michele! Can you believe those precious pigtails and those big peepers would grow into such an annoying adult? What are the chances? Seriously, what are they? I don’t want to be blindsided when I have children.

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  • No joke, I guessed it by the hairline (that’s all I could see when the page first loaded)…

  • Ok how do u even no she is a brat? Who even ru do u like personally r friends with her? No! So stop talking shit that is probably untrue! If u even watch glee she isn’t her character- which is a huge mistake everyone assumes! She is not a brat if u see her she’s always laughing and smiling and really nice! Now I don’t know her personally either but it’s better to say nice things than mean things! U have no freakin angle to talk about her like that! She is a sweet girl and u need to grow up and stop believing everything u freakin hear! Thats probably why I don’t usually read these kind of blogs! U just want to get attention and this stupid article is not only mean but untrue! And then you do comments like how “brat=annoying adult” since when was she a brat? Or annoying? Please tell me what she did to earn that status! U should really think before you post false information!