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Aww, Pete Wentz Has a Girlfriend!

photo of pete wentz and new girlfriend meagan camper pictures pics

This. I’m so excited about this. And i”t’s not even because I think Ashlee Simpson is the crazy-eyed spawn of Satan, it’s because I don’t get completely squicked out when I see these two – Pete and his new model girlfriend, Meagan Camper – out in public. Isn’t that sweet?

Pete, who’s been through the wringer during his divorce from Ashlee Simpson (which I’m not even sure is final quite yet), was recently photographed (see above) holding hands with the much-better-looking-than-Ashlee* model he started dating over the past few weeks. Sources close to Pete say:

“They’re dating but taking things slow. [Camper] has met Bronx, so [Pete is] obviously comfortable with her. It’s really new and they are taking it slow because there is a little boy at stake. He didn’t want to introduce Bronx to her if he didn’t think she was a good girl. She’s really sweet, [and] he’s in a really good place. He’s excited to see where it goes.”

Well, hell, me too. It couldn’t possibly end worse than it did with his ex, now, could it? Don’t answer that.

*Subject to review – some people I discussed this with said that Camper looked like a taller, darker-haired Ashlee, and some of them said that she sort of resembles Pippa Middleton.

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  • You know Ashlee is drowning in a bottle of pinot grigio while looking at these photos! She’s hot, but I couldn’t handle his crazy bi-polar ass. That shit would stress me out to no end!