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9Further Proof That Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Are Dating

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Does this kill a little bit of any of you guys inside? Ryan Gosling‘s probably one of the hottest, sweetest, most down-to-earth male celebrities going right now, and he’s got to settle down (temporarily, hopefully) with someone like Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes, who I like, but who definitely has issues with being contrite and bashful and down-to-earth. Why couldn’t it be someone like Rachel McAdams? Or, I don’t know, RACHEL MCADAMS?

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September 21, 2011 at 12:30 pm by Sarah
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9 Responses to “Further Proof That Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Are Dating”

  1. KitKat says:

    This ruined my day. After dating Bullock and McAdams, have his standards lowered?! WTF is so special about Mendes besides throwing her clothes off every chance she gets?!

  2. LoudmouthLiz says:

    Don’t hate. These two are my absolute favorite. I’ll admit I never thought they’d hook up, but I’m definitely interested to see how long this lasts…

  3. ltc says:

    I don’t know why, but this totally bums me out too.

    Also… did she know they were going for a nature walk? and she wore those shoes?!

    definitely two very attractive people, though.

  4. Manda says:

    I can see her bossing him around and him loving it

  5. John says:

    His standards lowered? Really? Eva Mendes is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. If you asked 100 guys, I’m sure at least 95 of them would say that Eva Mendes is a big step up from Bullock or McAdams.

    Ryan Gosling is a very lucky guy. He’s a really talented actor though, he deserves it.

  6. zelda fitzgerald says:

    beauty isn’t everything, john.

  7. Cheese says:

    Youre right zelda, money is also very important, but shes got that too ,hasnt she?!

  8. kim kardashian says:

    who cares anyway? oh cheese cheesy cheeese .. you always crack me up

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