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Did You Hear The One Where Nicolas Cage Is A Vampire?

A photo of Nicolas Cage

Well, Nicolas Cage might not be a vampire. He might just be a time traveler. Or he might be a wizard – wizards have unusually long lifespans, right? Or perhaps he found the fountain of youth? Either way, the story is that that little photograph above is of a man who resided in my very own hometown of Bristol, Tennessee, way back during the 19th century. As you can see, the man is legendary storyteller and well-meaning ne’er-do-well, Nicolas Cage. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Nicolas Cage can’t be that old! Why, that would make him over one hundred years of age!” Well, then obviously you don’t believe in magic.

Image courtesy of The Daily What

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  • im guessing time traveller.. i mean if he were a vampire or warlock, it’d be pretty weird because as long as hes been in the spot like hes been aging. becuase if you see him recently his hair is thining and dyed a horrible color and his eyebrows are painted on.