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Nicolas Cage Got Arrested Last Night

A photo of Nicolas Cage's mugshot

And that’s his mugshot, courtesy of TMZ.  Isn’t it darling?

Ok, picture this:  New Orleans, late last night.  Nicolas is wasted.  When he and his wife began to make their way back to the apartment they’re renting, they had a little disagreement over where the apartment was.  Nic thought that a good way to stop the argument was to grab his wife’s arm and drag her to where he thought the apartment was located, and down in New Orleans, they call that “domestic abuse.”  He also screamed at his wife and started punching parked cars, which they call “disturbing the peace.”

Here’s where it gets good – Nicolas didn’t even have to get arrested. The cops told him to just go home, but we all know that Nic’s a badass, so what was his response to that friendly request from the police?  “Why don’t you just arrest me?” This guy dared the cops to arrest him, and I don’t know if you’re familiar with cops, but they’re really good at following through with dares.  And that’s why Nic went to jail.

A bond was set at $11,000, and he’s been released, of course – $11,000 is no big deal when you don’t pay taxes – and his wife doesn’t want him charged.  It looks like this will all go down as just another wacky weekend in New Orleans.  Cute story, huh?

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  • Sounds like a ploy to me………………anything to keep him in the news.

    C’mon what “movie star” wants to be arrested. Does this moron have a movie coming out?