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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is proud of ALL of his movies

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage may have done some strange ass shit over the years, both personally and professionally, but here’s something that might surprise you: he’s proud of it all and doesn’t regret a single thing. Sure, some of the movies he did totally bombed or made no since, but what the hell? He still got his paycheck and “pushed the envelope”, right?

From The Times:

“I’m proud of the chances I’ve taken. They haven’t all worked, but I had a concept and I’ve pushed for it,” the father of two noted. “It’s probably annoyed a lot of critics and a lot of people who didn’t get in step with it, but I’m proud I did it. Tolstoy said something to the effect of, it doesn’t matter whether the response you get is love or hatred, because you’ve created an effect. What’s not worthwhile is when it sits there and people forget about it. But whether people love it or hate it, at least you’ve done something. That gives me some solace.”

Well, that’s good – at the end of the day, he’s the only person that has to live with his choices. But hey, that doesn’t mean we can all just say whatever we want. Nicolas Cage is a real person with real feelings, after all!

“Sometimes I feel like an outsider,” he admitted. “When you’re endowed with an original way of thinking, or with a highly active imagination, you can become quickly ostracized. You can feel isolated and misunderstood.”

“I care about what people think of me,” he continued. “Some of the snarky comments people make can get under my skin. I can be a bit of a broken record at home when I read the things that are said about me. But I have to just stop belaboring these things and let it go, rather than complaining to my wife all the time.”

Damn, that’s… kinda sad. I’m not even a millionaire movie star, and I don’t even give a shit what people say/think about me. I feel like with a shit ton of money, comments from a bunch of faceless people would matter even less, but I suppose we’re all different in that way.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I do like Nic Cage. I was a university student at the New School when he was on Inside the Actors Studio over a decade ago and I went to the taping (we had free tickets since it was filmed there). After the show was filmed, the audience got to ask him questions, and he really was a nice, humble, sweet guy. Also, he has the craziest blue eyes you will ever see. The end.

Quick: Name your favourite Nicolas Cage movie!

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Nicolas Cage Has No Regrets Over His Choice of Movie Roles

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage is…. kinda a joke. C’mon, you have to admit it. He’s done some great films (Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air) and he’s done some shitty ones (most of the rest of his career). And while he seems to get a lot of stick for being in AWFUL movies that never should have even been made, he’s having a grand old time and apparently doesn’t regret a single one of them. However, he is about to “reinvent” himself in the acting world.


“Much has been made of the fact that I made many action movies. The reason I did that was because the first time people said… ‘You are not an action hero, forget it’.

“What you saw was a dramatic actor acting like an action hero, trying to find characters that were interesting within the genre.”

“Now having done that, I want to focus on the dramatic kind of filmmaking. I am in the process of reinventing myself… I am returning to my roots, which is independently spirited, dramatic characters

“I had taken a year off to re-evaluate everything I had done, different kinds of performances… I wanted to find something where I could use my life experience, my memories and my emotions.”

Keep in mind, he was recently named the best actor in the world, apparently, so not everyone is down on his choices. Are you a Nic Cage fan?

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Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage Named Best Actors In The World

nicole kidman best actress in the world jackie chan

Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage are awesome actors, obviously. But did you know they are the BEST ACTORS IN THE WORLD? You do now. China’s Huading Awards named them best actress and best actor. HERE’S MORE INFO! Via USA Today:

Other global winners included Quentin Tarantino, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Dockery and Matthew Perry [for Best Global Actor In A TV Series].

According to Variety, the event was founded by Global Talents Media and “is held several times per year in order to honor personalities and achievements in the sports and entertainment field.”

It will be aired on Chinese television, with the potential to reach more than 800 million people.

The Associated Press was on the scene, interviewing celebs as they walked the red carpet.

Nicole Kidman arrived wearing Prada and walked with Jackie Chan (above).

AHAHA WHAT. Okay, whatever. You go, China!

So here’s our question for you: who do YOU think is the best actor and actress in the WORLD? Christian Bale? Tilda Swinton? Holla!

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week — End of August

daniel radcliffe blue blazer

What a week it’s been. We came off of She Who Must Not Be Named and all other kinds of hot mess outfits at the VMAs and ended with Daniel Radcliffe doing this (above). A lot going on. Here are the best, worst, and WTF celebrity looks of the week — end of August.

Click to find out my best, worst, and WTF picks!

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We Have David Bowie To Thank (Or Blame) For Nicolas Cage’s Career

nicolas cage theater london

David Bowie may be responsible for all of the bizarre career choices Nicolas Cage has made in the past few years. Here’s why. Mr. Cage told Daily Star,

I feel like my longevity as an actor came from something David Bowie once told me. What I took from that was that I shouldn’t just do one thing that people like me for. I should just keep taking chances, go out of my comfort zone and try something new.

So instead, he decided to be known as that guy who, while wearing a bear suit, punched a woman in the face.

Thank you, Sir David Robert Jones. Thank you for this gift.

What’s YOUR favorite Nicolas Cage performance?

WATCH THIS: A Movie Called ‘Frozen Ground’, Which Stars John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and … Vanessa Hudgens?

So I *vaguely* remember talking briefly about this movie way back in September of 2011, and by golly, it actually happened!

The film’s called ‘Frozen Ground’, and it’s based on the life of serial killer Robert Hansen (played by a man I love, John Cusack). Nicolas Cage is, obviously, if you’ve already watched the trailer, the cop who pursues Cusack’s character, and Vanessa Hudgens is the sweet, innocent … teenage stripper (?) who is abducted by the serial killer, and who eventually escapes—the first escapee from Hansen, and the escapee who put Hansen behind bars.

And while I know it’s a real story and all, it’s still a little too ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Kiss the Girls’ for me, but it’s got John Cusack. And Nicolas Cage. And I could even get past the whole Vanessa Hudgens thing, but only if there’s nudity. Because Vanessa Hudgens nudity is still pretty hot, even though it’s definitely pretty old.

Could we just maybe get some John Cusack nudes up in here this afternoon, maybe? Because that would make today a success.

The Most Amazing Nicolas Cage Interview You Will Ever Read

A photo of Nicolas Cage

Adaptation was on HBO the other night, and I realized I’d forgotten what a versatile actor Nicolas Cage can be. Then Moonstruck came on right after, and I fell in love with him all over again. How could I have forgotten Leaving Las Vegas? Raising Arizona?

No, I know. It’s easy to forget to take him seriously, thanks to this supercut (NSFW) and that hairline.

Empire Magazine somehow convinced Nic to go live on a “webchat,” fielding questions from fans in real-time. I admit I have never laughed so hard in my life, yes, but now I have no doubt he is a mad genius.

I am not overselling when I call this the Most Amazing Nicolas Cage Interview You Will Ever Read, you guys. I have selected some of my favorite excerpts.

On what to watch during a Nic Cage triple-feature:

“I think the best way to have a trilogy of movies is to find ones that are diverse and provide a kind of counterpoint, so I would go Adaptation, Con Air and Bad Lieutenant.”

See, I liked my inadvertent Adaptation/Moonstruck double-bill, but I really like Nic’s suggestion, too. Very nice.

On whether he has ever regretted passing on a movie role:

“The only reason why I tend to pass on a movie is, either I don’t think I’m right for the material and can’t play it honestly, or because of time constraints with personal things in my life. There were two movies that asked me to go to Australia or New Zealand for long periods of time. One was Lord of the Rings and one was The Matrix.”

On whether he’d like to cinematically revisit any of his characters:

“I would like to hook up with one of the great Japanese filmmakers, like the master that made Ringu, and I would like to take The Wicker Man to Japan, except this time he’s a ghost.”


Someone named Roxanne wonders what it was like to play the dual characters of John Blaze/Ghost Rider.

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