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Weave Watch 20 … Nevermind – Britney’s Hair is Looking GOOD!

photo of britney spears looking good clean healthy engagement ring pics

Well I’ll be. I don’t quite know what I’ll be, but surprised, pleased, and taken aback would all be appropriate reactions, and me, being the master of many feelings, hell’s bells. I AM EXPERIENCING THEM ALL at this moment.

This is Britney, photographed not a decade ago, not even six years ago – this is Britney, photographed in London. Today. Mahgod. And is that an engagement ring on her all-special finger? I think it kind of quite suspiciously looks like one. Maybe that’s the reason for all of this sudden clean-up of the hair, the eyes, the smile, the wardrobe. Maybe boyfriend Jason Trawick finally said, “Listen, Brit. You’re a sadsack. If you want to be my girl, you’re gonna have to get yourself right. Lose the ratty extensions, the heavy eye makeup. Smile for real, not like your body’s a dead vessel carrying a dead soul.” And maybe Britney, reached by these words somewhere in the depths of her being, responded. And this is what resulted. I think it might have been the use of the word “sadsack,” but hey, what do I know.

Isn’t life just amazing sometimes?

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