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Guess Why Solange Knowles And Some Cops Got in A Fight Last Night!

A photo of Solange Knowles

Go ahead, guess. Here’s a hint: you’ll never be able to guess. Because it’s absurd and it involves a giant inflatable banana.

Here’s what went down. Beyonce‘s wacky little sister, Solange, was down in Miami Beach, and she was just trying to have a good time, you know, she was just trying to do her thing. She wanted to mosey on into a club and have some fun that way, and that’s her prerogative, but our girl was denied entry. Why? Because she had the inflatable banana, of course!

From TMZ:

Cops say Beyonce’s younger sis tried entering Club Cameo in Miami Beach and was denied because she was holding a 5-foot tall, inflatable banana.  According to cops, Solange began complaining that she was turned away for racial reasons.

Cops say Knowles became unruly with off-duty officers, who took her across the street to try and calm her down.  Solange claims that’s when cops pulled a “weapon” on her — we’re told she claimed it was a knife — and threatened to deflate the banana.

Miami Beach PD Internal Affairs must investigate all such complaints, so they’re getting in touch with her.

I’m sorry, but I thought that Miami Beach was in America.  And I thought that in America, land of the free, you could escort around inflatable fruits of any size without fear of deflation! Wasn’t that written somewhere in the Constitution?

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