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2Guess Why Solange Knowles And Some Cops Got in A Fight Last Night!

A photo of Solange Knowles

Go ahead, guess. Here’s a hint: you’ll never be able to guess. Because it’s absurd and it involves a giant inflatable banana.

Here’s what went down. Beyonce‘s wacky little sister, Solange, was down in Miami Beach, and she was just trying to have a good time, you know, she was just trying to do her thing. She wanted to mosey on into a club and have some fun that way, and that’s her prerogative, but our girl was denied entry. Why? Because she had the inflatable banana, of course!

From TMZ:

Cops say Beyonce’s younger sis tried entering Club Cameo in Miami Beach and was denied because she was holding a 5-foot tall, inflatable banana.  According to cops, Solange began complaining that she was turned away for racial reasons.

Cops say Knowles became unruly with off-duty officers, who took her across the street to try and calm her down.  Solange claims that’s when cops pulled a “weapon” on her — we’re told she claimed it was a knife — and threatened to deflate the banana.

Miami Beach PD Internal Affairs must investigate all such complaints, so they’re getting in touch with her.

I’m sorry, but I thought that Miami Beach was in America.  And I thought that in America, land of the free, you could escort around inflatable fruits of any size without fear of deflation! Wasn’t that written somewhere in the Constitution?

August 29, 2011 at 2:30 pm by Emily
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2 Responses to “Guess Why Solange Knowles And Some Cops Got in A Fight Last Night!”

  1. pman says:

    damn is she FUGLY !!!

  2. MissLeeLoo says:

    Ahahahah! I love those last four lines! LMAO!

    And is an inflated banana really worth having the police involved? Really? Aren’t there more important things for officers to do?

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