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Solange Knowles Is a Raging Bitch

OMG what a little BEYOTCH. I wish I could slip my hand right through the Internet and smack Solange Knowles across the face.

Solange was doing an interview with Fox News in Las Vegas to promote something I don’t give a shit about. Before the interview started, the interviewers asked her publicist if they could talk to Solange about the closing of Jay-Z’s 40/40 club. The publicist said no, and that was that. But apparently Solange is such a dumbass that she didn’t realize that the conversation took place off the air, so, when they went live, Solange immediately goes on a little tirade blasting the anchor for bringing a discussion of Jay-Z into the mix. The anchor is just confused, and then a producer’s voice comes in and says “That wasn’t live, Solange. That wasn’t on TV,” and Solange is just like “Oh” and then proceeds to give one of the most detached and bitchy interviews I’ve ever seen in my life.

Listen up, you little twat. You are famous because of the hard work your sister did. In fact, every single interview you do should be about Beyonce and Jay-Z, because you are absolutely nothing on your own, and no one would even know your name, let alone be interviewing you on live television, if it weren’t for those people. You’ve got no right to have an attitude. You are nothing on your own. So shut the fuck up and be nice, bitch.

If you don’t understand what I’m so pissed off about, click here and watch the clip for yourself. You’ll want to smack her too.

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    that’s a new one ;)
    totally my new insult now.
    if you don’t mind beet ;)

    not that i hate beyonce because i think she’s great :)

  • Oh how wonderfully bitchtastic of her? She sounds like a super bitchtastic co-worker of mine.

    Like the little arm rest she made out of the back of the chair. If that’s not bitchtastic I don’t know what is….

    bitchtastic bitchtastic bitchtastic bitchtastic bitchtastic bitchtastic

  • Yeah, I kind of did want to smack her. Normally it’s not a big deal but the fact that she blasted this chick on air was tasteless. Even if the comment about JayZ was made on air, she could have politely declined and moved on. Talked to the people off air or whatever. She just looks like a bitch doing it this way and all her ‘fans’ can’t talk their way around that.

  • Totally want to smack her. Remind me of a friends kid, Didn’t want to answer your questions so she mumbles her answers. And that face!!! a perfect sullen face. She needs a longer tougue though. >:P

  • dayyuuuummmm makes me really wanna smack her
    i know she felt real real dumb after all that
    she looked like a stuck up biatch tho, very rude

  • Wow… that was fantastic… she was about to bitch someone out hard core if they hadn’t have told her it wasn’t live when they did.

    Who the fuck does she think she is!?!?

  • umm someone wishes she were in dream girls instead of her sister.

    that movie sucked, solange sucks, and she isn’t doing anything beyonce never did before.

    and she’s ugly.

  • umm someone wishes she were in dream girls instead of her sister.

    that movie sucked, solange sucks, she’s an ugly bitch, and she has doing nothing that beyonce hasn’t done before/better.

  • Well there was a tale of two cities. The interviewer handled herself with class and aplomb speaking very well for herself and the miss big hair needs an elocution coach, because she sounds like a 3 year old with some bad case of ebonics. I hope she sings better than she speaks… what does she do again?

  • OMFG. o:
    i freakin HATTEE solange .
    i havta agree with the slipping my hand through the
    internet and smacking her nice and hard upside her head :)
    shes nothing without beyonce and jay-z
    and i think she should just shut the fuck up
    & move on with her useless life

  • Didnt know Beyonce had a sister. Now the world knows and no one cares about this no talent loser. go back to the hood you came from, FOOL!!!

  • since she has a album out she swearsssssssssssss she is like the quees of America…like how old are you 15? that was so stupid how she said that wasnt a good intro..shes lucky they even want her on that show yet she acts like a biznatch…people like that dont deserve to be famous…her sister would have never done something like that

  • lets BOYCOTT her for that shit!!
    here’s hoping she doesn’t make a dime…

    that newanchor, on the other hand, impressively dealt with the matter in such a professional way!

  • haha seriously? who the hell does she think she is? she’s nothing but beyonce’s sister. always will be nothing but beyonce’s sister. ashlee simpson made a name for herself, and it might be because she appears to be nice and sort of normal, in a way. but no one taught solange how to be respectful apparantly.

    sweetie, if you read this, get over yourself. you’re no princess, no supermodel beauty queen, and hey, no talent. sry beyonce got all the looks/skill and the famous husband. SHUT UP. FUCK YOU. i don’t care if you help sick animals and feed the homeless, i wouldn’t think you were a good person for the way you acted. did you think it would win you fans? if i had to interview you, i would sooner quit. i wouldn’t deal with your diva shit. now beyonce, ya, because shes beyonce. but who the hell do you think you are? like i said, your just the ugly sister. sry bitch.

  • I am so over people being famous just because they share the same DNA…What a bitch…and honestly her sister is way cuter!

  • I think it is the name. If the parents has gone with an established name instead of some made up crap she probably would be a better adjusted person.

  • wow, for someone aspiring to be famous, she sure doesn’t have much likability. Her nasty attitude virtually eclipses everything else about her. I can understand her having a chip on her shoulder about being Beyonce’s sister, but girlfriend needs to get it in check. How hard is it to smile and be friendly for 2 minutes?

  • lmao stupid bitch.. Nobody knows who the fuck she is and yet she thinks she’s that famous already.. I feel sorry for Beyonce, who’s now gonna have to be nicer to try to mend what this idiot’s done..

  • I was really expecting worse after hearing about this all day! She was weird for the rest of the interview because she was probably embarrassed. LOL, I hope the anchor woman gets a raise out of this — she’s a class act and played it so cool.

  • Don’t be so hard on her Beet; she’s had to grow up not only as being “Beyonce’s sister”, but “Beyonce’s ugly sister”.

  • She looks classy. I love her. I saw her profile on millionaire personals site “””””C e l e b C u p i d.c o m””””””” last week. Is she single now? Just curious!

  • Who is she????? I didn’t even know (or care) that Beyonce had a sister. Let’s hope her little music experiment fails miserably…also what a dumbass…..she didn’t even realize they were not on tv when they were talking about JayZ?

  • That was too funny, love seeing her ignorance and how poorly she handled it… classic…. she has to take Beyonce’s diction and grammar classes.

  • I thought she was cool from that video where she danced with that dude, but hey this is bullshit. Is she like dumb or what? She’s acting like a 5-year-old!

  • She needs to grow up & take a class from Beyonce in being classy. Honey if your reading these comments,really doing a self check. Even if your cd does well always be humble.

  • i seriously dont see what the big deal is…everyone needs to settle down & dont soil your drawers

    i’m not saying how she conducted herself was right, just that its not a big of deal everyone is making it out to be….god forbid a topic be sensitive or off limits…c’mon

    Maybe if she expressed herself in the “pitch tone” the interviewer had used, instead of her own voice the responses wouldnt had been so vulgar…i mean these comments CANT COMPARE to anything Solange said or did.

    BTW, Beet i see u didnt bother to post the vid of her allowing a weirdo fan to stay & dance on the stage with her during a show, even after security guards tried SEVERAL times to remove him from the stage.

    But to each its own. Not one of my fav blogs anymore…

  • Btw Mali…Beet did post that vid…Maybe your just not on top of your gossip! Second, why are you so ok with people being rude? How she behaved was totally out of line! and if you don’t think so, maybe you approve of that kind of behavior. I don’t care who you are, or how much money you have… good manners are not bought, they’re taught!

  • @ mcbiscuit, her parents can name her whatever the heck they want. They’re creole and her name means “sun angel.”

  • I can’t believe she thinks she is all that AND talk about being unprofessional. So being a person who has worked with the public for over 30 years, my advice to Ms S. Knowles is “If you had an issue with the introduction you speak to your PEOPLE honey. You let your PEOPLE handle such things. You made an ASS out of yourself and now you need to make it right to the FEW fans you may have” Don’t want to be mean by name calling but you did make a fool out of yourself AND that was very childish of you.

  • Need I remind you that Solange is responsible for a lot of Beyonce’s success in that she wrote or co-wrote a lot of Destiny’s Child’s songs?

  • wow, what a fucking cunt.hey,solange, dear, just remember you’ll always and I MEAN ALWAYS BE REFEREED TO AS beyonces SISTER.MMKAY?No talent, no class, and no one cares for ya. by the way, GO FUCK YOURSEL;F.

  • Is she just starting in the biz? She’s not going to get very far with that attitude – fans know a bitch when they see one. I think she may just be a dumb as a brick.

    She needs to learn from her older sister that humility will get you far. Her sister has talent up the wahzoo, but is humble and says “Thank you” when someone compliments her. This young women is already acting like she’s got years of success under her belt and can do what she wants. Me, a fan? No thanks.

  • Solange, if you are reading this, you need to promptly and publicly apologize to the interviewer AGAIN and to your needed fans. Okay, you are in the shadow of your sis. Embrace her success, get over it, eat some humble pie, and move on with your endeavors. Lesson learned (hopefully).

  • From what I read on other blogs, the reporter asked her if she would talk about Jay-z and why he sold his 40/40 club so soon after opening it and Solange didnt know that they were on a break and got annoyed at the question. Leave it to fox to edit that part of the video out. Either way everyone needs to listen to her song T.O.N.Y.

    I love Beyonce but Solange has talent too.

  • I’m going to need everyone to get a life it was not that serious to warrant threatening someone you don’t know. I tried reading a blog for once, but ultimately I’m glad I have a life, because these responses are sad. None of us knows her or the anchor. Let’s get a life everybody…and scene!

    • I agree Ryan. When I first saw this interview I knew Solo felt a little like dumbo, but honestly she made an HONEST mistake. It was and is not as deep as you all have made it. Once she slowly picked her face up off the floor she continued the interview as best as she could after embarrassing herself. No big deal, I’m sure we’ve all done dumb stuff maybe even dumber, the only difference is no one cares to take ur mistakes and make a blog about it. So, once again with ryan… get a life. really.

  • I cant stop laughing at how dumb she is they should have asked her to leave the set LIVE and tell her that they will fill her spot with commercials. I felt bad for the anchor lady, Solange is only bitter that her marriage didnt work out and the only reason she got married is so that she would not be an unwed mother especially considering her family worked in the Church before going to music

    Atleast they have Beyonce to tty and repair the family name – its a ity Solange looks so muc like her sister

      • Is Mrs. Julez Smith really Solange herself? I question some of you defending her. I think you are either Solange herself or her publicist. Either way, Solange can’t sing, and is now performing free at Gay Pride in San Francisco this year. Maybe it’s because she can’t sell tickets.

        Please no comments from Mrs. Julez Smith. You have littered up this board enough already with your nonsense.

    • It was good that Solange clarified that. Solange is an awesome singer and songwriter. She wrote Get me Bodied and Upgrade you for Beyonce’…and she also wrote songs for Destiny’s child and Rowland and Michelle williams. She wanted to pursue recording @ 13 but her parents advised her to wait. (You can find this information on Wikipedia) I like her music and her voice is very powerful…she is an excellent singer and I think she should come out with more album b/c I enjoy listening to her music.

  • If the media has you so afraid to spill anything about your life or your familys life. Than u better really rethink this career choice. Don’t let your desire for this life no matter how hard you worked for it hardened your heart. Because like your sister if they(media) wants to, they can make it hell for you. In that business you can’t hide. So smile and pass a blessing. Gods Girl

  • she is so dumb with that ghetto bitch attitude of hers. it reminds me a lot of the slow ghetto bitches here in houston.. what a brat!

  • Hi Haters!
    Yes, she made a mistake on an interview, she’s only 21, probably the same age as most of you. To be honest all of you are her fans, because you constantly comment on her, which means she’s on your minds. It’s a good thing for her, the more you hate on her, the better it is for her.

    Solange has her own stlye which is totally hot. She also writes all her music and directs her videos, which are awesome creative videos.

    Stop hating on her. You all want to be like her, and all the other celebs you gossip about. Think about you having to live in your sister or brother shadow, wouldn’t you want to have your own identity also?

    Open minds people instead of your mouths.


      • You mean like you? I question who you are. Undoubtedly you are either Solange herself, or her mother maybe. No one else likes her except you and 2 other people who litter up this blog.

      • Johnny Rocket you need something positive in your life. You need to stop hating on Solange and others and get something in your life that would put a smile on your face instead of going around putting people down. Oh, you must be single or unhappily married because I can’t see how someone can occupy his or her time with someone so damn negative.

  • comment above me…
    literally no one wants to be solange.
    except maybe for you.

    also, i really didn’t like how solange got in a little “yeah” right after the reporter first apologized (so sweetly btw). she seriously sounded like a little 7 year old princess.

    fuck you solange knowles. fuck you.

      • Its ignorant retards like you that give black people a bad name. Learn to write correctly and speak like a human. You sound like ghetto trash that should have been thrown out a long time ago. Read a book. Get a fucking education. Worthless fucks.

  • dark empress

    why would fox “edit” out a part of conversation that was not even part of the interview, not even directed towards solange and not even recorded.

    also, its clear that fox didnt need to try and edit her to be a bitch. shes good on her own.

    youre dumb.

    ps. amazing anchorwoman. even though she was probably laughing at solange on the inside, she didn’t let solanges ignorance and horrible monotonous tone ruin her interviewing skills.

  • I thought that solange was nice but i was soo wrong. little miss diva just has way to much additude. Solange you need to be humble like your sister, and honestly i think you will always be in the shadow of your sister. Beyonce is so talented and nice she doesnt have to act like the diva that you think you are. Ive never even heard any of your songs or that you were in the entertainment business!

    take some lessons from your sister and if your so upset about people asking about your personal life then this business isnt for you.

    the anchorwoman was great she handled everything with respect and didnt throw a hissy fit like solange. It doesnt matter whose fault it was solange still acted like a little bratty kid.

  • Its obvious she’s OVERREACTED! Anyone who’s denying this or trying to defend her tantrum on LIVE TV is a complete moron!

    WTF some people are defending this brattish attitude?

    She wants to be successful in life, yet she’s definately doing things the wrong way!!

    Go ahead and defend her, in the end, your Life must suck terribly if you think her attitude was acceptable….honestly, your children must be soooo well-behaved…

  • while I’m no defender of this action…

    the name “Solange” is not made up.

    search Saint Solange at

    Beyonce isn’t made up either. It’s a version of her mother’s maiden name.

    That said.

    I’ve had my fill of both.

    Beyonce: give it a rest.
    Solange: put it to rest.

  • maybe if Fox didnt have such a notoriously bad Rep for sabotaging interviews and lying to people, this never would have happened. fox has a well known habit of getting people on TV and them putting them on blast or on the spot with unauthorized interviews. good for solange for not taking their bait!

  • OMG, and I heard her on “The View” this morning, and honestly, her voice is absolutely unforgettable. If nto for her sister, she wouldn’t make it out of a karaoke bar, if that. Ick.

  • O.K everyone this interview was not all that bad like people made it out to be. Solange states all the time that she doesn’t want to be compared to Beyonce and she wants to be her own person. I can understand that. Solange probably is stuck up and probably could be a bitch sometimes but yaw females can relate because I’m sure some of yaw act like that on several occasions including me.

  • lol, i htought the music was kinda catchy when i first heard it on late night. i had NO idea they were related, id never heard of her before that night. i got all confused when they said something about jay-z and ‘sister’. whateves.

    and that was retarded lol

  • Wow I was looking at her video and saw this rediculous story. Editing, editing, editing. Don’t you all know about the media by now? If it is not shioty, they won’t air it. Or they air it in parts. Whatever, get a life judging someone you don’t know when the media is a part of it. By the way, Solange Knowles cd is the BOMB! Go buy it and quit hating on this talented girl. She deserves to be out there, famous sister or not! Both sisters are EXCEPTIONALLY talented!

  • You Know peoples? Solange is a cool as person she fun.
    People dont like her because she let the tru be out.
    If you could have a day with solange then you know why.
    Solange let you know whats be going own off set in close doors.
    I love solange im her fan. I whent to go see her in Houston,TX
    in she was good? Solange is not like sister Beyonce.
    Solange writes her own songs all of them?
    Solange direct her own video’s
    you see now people’s
    SOLANGE ant like Beyonce career.
    Peoples so let’s have fun now Peoples
    help make her career come own top Peoples
    the girl is cool.
    by. Solange number one fan E-EYE’S

  • Certainly don’t have the graciousness that the family would love her to have. She is definitely from the “rough side of the mountain” Very nasty and unpleasant. Why is she so miserable. she made her choices in adult life. Stop pouting! Be grateful for her sister’s and brother-in-law’s success. Because she benefits big time.

  • Solange (first time i heard of her by the way) is a very ugly girl. her talent is worthless. she needs to find something else to do. i think she would make a great prostitue.

  • It’s seven years since that interview and Solange is still a bitch. I’m sure you’ve all seen the video clip of her karate kicking Jay Z in the elevator after the ball at that museum last year. Beyonce got all the looks, talent and pleasing personality and Solange is probably resentful.

  • I saw her last night on Saturday night live and she is horrible. I don’t give a cheap whose sister she is. Solange sucks. Her music and her dancing
    is horrible.

  • Yay! I’m not alone! This bitch is crazy. Horrible, not talented in any way, has manipulated her way in to the Billboard, & the most apparent thing is just how insincere her music is! She’s hired all the best performers of every instrument, every single producer or studio she wants.. she gets. It all sounds over-bloated & fake. Just like Justin Bieber. “Oh Baby baby.. yeah!” crap like that.
    Any comments that aren’t pure fan-drivel praise are deleted, the dislikes are disabled, whole videos are deleted, she poses as users & bickers with everyone on social media. This stupid trout is the very kind of celebrity that does not deserve any form of success what so ever. She is a spoilt malicious brat. And the sooner she disappears; the better.

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