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How Do We Feel About Justin Bieber Rapping … With Chris Brown?

Why yes, I this song does suck, and before you ask, yes, I am biased! Combining two of my most-maligned celebrities into a musical genre that I just don’t get and what do you have? A recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Plus. Justin Bieber refers to himself as “Shawty Mane,” and if that doesn’t completely turn you off from this song, than I fear that you’re so far gone that there’s just no help for you. At least not here, anyway.

What do you guys think of the song? Moreover, do you like Justin Bieber as “Shawty Mane”?

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  • That is one of the stupidest rap songs I have ever heard. Ever. And I’m not just saying this becasue I don’t like either one of them. It really does suck. And I like some rap (the good Tupac, Eminem, Busta kind, not this shit!).