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A Haley Reinhart Album?!?!

Oh, how dearly I remember Haley Reinhart, my second favorite American Idol contestant. She sang like a sassy angel, she won beautiful Casey Abrams‘ heart, and now she’s going on to land a record deal with Interscope. Positively fabulous!

How much faith do you have in Haley’s upcoming album? Because, you know, I WOULD have had a lot of faith, but I did hear that little snippet of Pia Toscano‘s original stuff, also from Interscope, by the way, and it shook my faith a little. That’s wrong of me, isn’t it? I shouldn’t doubt awesome Haley based on my recent experience with the always boring Pia. That’s not fair to anyone, and I apologize.

Well, I’ve done a lot of personal growth in this little story. You might not have taken the same path as me. You might be one of those people who thought that Haley sucked, and to you I say “look what you did to America.” Either way, I’d love to talk about this little chain of events. Thoughts? Comments? Personal attacks? Let’s get to chatting, friends.

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  • My personal thought is that she is a snotty entitled bitch who sucks ass and can’t sing. Thus, will not be successful. She will be lucky to even be half as famous as Melinda Doolittle.

  • My personal thought is people who can’t appreciate musical talent — like the first commenter — shouldn’t waste their time watching musical talent shows or commenting on the contestants months after the contest has ended.

  • Even though she is yet to release an album, Haley just performed with Slash and Myles Kennedy at Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday in a nationally televised event. Prior to that she performed at a private fundraiser on the same bill as Michael Bolton. Not bad for a girl who can’t sing and who is yet to release an album.

    Haley will be on 90210 this March 28th where she will perform her first single and possibly another. It’s expected the single will debut on Idol 3/22. There is a stripped down version with just a piano available online now but the full version is backed by a piano, violins, drums, bells and a base guitar with Haley also doing backup harmonies.