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Did You Guys See Haley on American Idol Last Night?

After a week of soul-searching and crying it out, I think I’ve finally come to terms with Casey Abramselimination.  I know some of you didn’t understand how amazing he was, and that’s all right, he was this special brand of next level awesome that not everyone can appreciate.  But it’s a brand new week on American Idol, which means that I have to find a new favorite.  And don’t worry, I definitely did.

I’m joining Molls in the Haley Reinhart love.  This girl blew everyone away with her rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” last night. I didn’t watch the show or anything because I was busy working magic with a hot glue gun, but I watched the clips and read the reviews and they’re all pretty clear:  Haley is almost certainly going to dark horse her way all the way to the finals.

What did you guys think about last night?