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Of Course Lady Gaga Uses Rogaine

A photo of Lady Gaga

We all know that Lady Gaga and her beauty routine are predictably gross, so even though this little piece of news that her hair is falling out, causing her to turn to that time-honored product, Rogaine, comes from The National Enquirer, I’m inclined to believe it. I mean, we’ve all seen Gaga’s tired ass bleached hair, we knew it was coming sooner or later.

Here’s the piece from The Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Here’s the bald truth about Lady Gaga – totally freaked because her hair’s suddenly falling out like crazy, she’s desperately daubing her scalp with hair-restoring Rogaine during her Monster Ball Tour, reports a concert spy!

“She’s extremely upset, and goes ballistic backstage because whenever she drags a comb through her frazzled, over processed, bleached tresses, hair’s everywhere – in the comb, on the floor, in her hands! It’s literally falling out! She calls it her ‘head of glass’ because it breaks off… like glass.”

Gaga’s praying for a Rogaine miracle, but hairstylists gave her this hardheaded advice: Stop bleaching and start wearing wigs until your hair’s healthy!

So basically all I can see in my mind right now is that scene from The Craft, you know, the one where the bitchy girl sits in the locker room, all crying and whining because her hair started falling out in clumps in the shower because she was such a bitchy bitchy bitch? Yeah, that, except with Lady Gaga.  So I guess with this post all I’m saying is “try not to bleach your hair too much” and “how awesome was The Craft?”

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  • She has an autoimmune disease—Lupus, right?—which causes psoriatic patches and bald patches. Rogaine will help that. (But yeah, wigs, weaves, and hair dyes WON’T help it.) :(

  • Lady Gaga has lupus. It is not very kind to write ugly things about someone who is suffering from a unpreventable disease. There is no humor in hateful comments. Even if you do not like the person. Doesn’t make it a good read, either.