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THIS is a Step Up from Chelsey Davy, Don’t You Think?

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I have to make an apology to all of you who were hoping that precious Pippa would be shacking up with Prince Harry: it ain’t happening. Not with Prince Harry’s new girlfriend in the mix, anyway. This girl is Florence Brudenell-Bruce, and I suppose she’s some kind of lingerie model (this is, at least, what I’m guessing based on the photos).

According to sources who “know” Florence:

Florence Brudenell-Bruce is the daughter of Andrew Brudenell-Bruce, a wine merchant, and the artist Sophie Brudenell-Bruce. She grew up in Fulham and was privately educated at Woldingham School in Surrey, and then at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. She went on to graduate from Bristol University with a degree in the History of Art.

Florence Brudenell-Bruce is a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan who led the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War.

Brudenell-Bruce has appeared in a number of advertising campaigns including those for John Lewis, Knickerbox and Ann Summers.In 2009 Brudenell-Bruce starred in the film Love Aaj Kal. In 2011 she appeared in the TV series Lewis. Brudenell-Bruce is the former girlfriend of Jenson Button. In 2011 she began a relationship with Prince Harry.

Guess Pippa didn’t really ever have a chance at all – Harry apparently prefers blondes, huh?

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  • It’s not about the hair colour… if we have to pick purely based on looks, this girl gives Pippa Middleton a run for her money. When you look beyond the hype, Pippa isn’t really that pretty or has that nice a body. She is rather plain!

  • Royal family ain’t gonna allow anything serious to happen with a girl who poses with her kit off. If she wanted a prince, girl’s gone about things in the wrong way.

  • yeah, her belly button is photo shopped a different shape in every picture, i i think i can actually see the ghost of her regular belly button in the first picture. im glad to know im not the only one who noticed this lol