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[PHOTOS] Jennifer Love Hewitt is Looking Good Again

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Don’t get me wrong – Jennifer Love Hewitt, in my expert opinion, always looks good. Yeah, she’s put on a few pounds in the past few years, but she’s a gorgeous girl and I really like her shape.

Like, if I were a guy – or a girl who went that way – I’d totally be all about Jennifer Love Hewitt as primary stockholder in my spank bank. I’d rather her soft, luscious legs wrapped around me than the hard, possibly brittle stems of those of, say, Megan Fox or Calista Flockhart.

Can I get a “hell yes” on Jennifer Love Hewitt, just because?

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  • She’s really attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way. She looks much more accessible and less up herself than Megan Fox, just to mention the same person you talked about. She’s a lot more likeable.

  • Not trying to sound racy but if I thought she’d go for a Brother, I would have been trying to get at that for a long while. She is so fine, no reason she shouldn’t be mine.

    “She’s Thicker Than a King-Sized Snicker”

    Love that Girl, for real!!!!

  • Wait a minute…AGAIN?? Are you serious?? JLH has always looked good to me, she’s a walking superlative in my book. …u party too much.