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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Widest Ass in Hollywood or Just Really Unfortunate Pants?

photo of jennifer love hewitt fat wide ass weight gain pictures photos

Honestly speaking, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s bottom half could begin resembling Jabba the Hutt’s, and I still think she’d be totally smoking hot. I mean that. I’d hit it, and I’d hit it hard before I’d even considering hitting a LOT of female celebrities out there, and that says a lot.

All of the hubbub surrounding Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s weight fluctuations is just straight-up craziness. A hot woman is a hot woman no matter the size, am I right? So let’s move on.

Moreover, what concerns me the MOST about these photos? That girlfriend looks like she’s seriously considering purchasing that oh-so-classy ‘FUCK’ pocketbook. It’s just … creepy.

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  • Jesus Christ, could you think of a more insulting title?

    I understand it’s gossip and we’re not exactly looking for Pulitzer Prize winning work, but that’s just incredibly rude.

  • I agree with everyone who replied above. I understand this is celebrity gossip but some of the things you say are just down right mean. It really makes it seem as if you are extremely unhappy with yourself or some part of your life.

  • mean. it’s mainly cos there is no pockets on the bum of the trousers. and she’s hardly fat. very mean, evil beet. you can do better than this.

  • STOP BEING SUCH A BUNCH OF PUSSIES. Goddamn it’s a celebrity gossip site. Have you ever actually read a celebrity gossip site? Get over yourselves, you bunch of morons.

    • I’ve read plenty of gossip sites. I don’t see what part of horribly insulting women about their figure is characteristic of “gossip”. Its painfully obvious when women are not happy with themselves and tear down others as a result.

  • I don’t really think it’s mean at all. I think it’s meant to be funny. It’s a bad angle and REALLY UNFORTUNATE PANTS. We all know that JLH is not that big. And really – do you read any other sites? Many are much, much worse. I appreciate the humor here!

  • I can think of several “Hollywood” types with giant asses. These women typically won’t allow themselves to be filmed from “behind” in any ad campaigns.

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