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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Got Married

A photo of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Oh, you mean you didn’t know Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were dating? You didn’t even know that Rachel Weisz was still alive after she stopped being in the Mummy movies?  Well, you’re not alone, because the rest of the whole world feels the same way.

The couple, who have been dating since last fall, got married last Wednesday in New York, and it sounds like even most of their own families didn’t know about it.  The secret wedding only had four guests – Daniel’s kid, Rachel’s kid, and a couple of friends.  And that’s how you do a secret wedding, everybody.

If I’d ever seen a James Bond movie in my life, I might have taken a moment here to make some sort of joke about it, you know?  Like I might have made some witty allusion about Bond’s stealth, because I assume he’s super stealthy, right? Seriously, my only knowledge of James Bond comes from that scene in Rent where Collins and Angel dress up like Bond and Pussy Galore, and my brother used to have this game for his Nintendo 64 I watched him play sometimes, but that’s all I got. So feel free to make your own jokes in the comments, and while you do, I’m going to fondly remember how hot Rachel Weisz used to be.  Deal?

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  • Emily, you seriously disappoint me.
    First you say you never watched any movies with Rachel Weisz after The Mummy (why did you watch The Mummy anyway?) and then you praise Destiny’s Child – which is an utter rubbish chick band.
    Rachel Weisz is super hot and talented, check ‘About a boy’ or ‘The Constant Gardner’.

    • Sorry Ems but Crunch is right. Rachel Weisz has done a tone of stuff, and I don’t know about the US, but she’s the image of L’Oréal in Europe. Besides that, I’m gobsmacked, didn’t even know they were together!

  • wow. Didn’t see that one coming. I thought he was engaged to this other chick. Good for them! Congratulations!

  • Used to be?! Seriously?! Rachel Weisz will always be incredibly beautiful. I’m sure she’ll be a beautiful seventy year old woman. She’s forever lovely which you can’t say about most people.