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Daniel Craig’s Shit-Outta Bond … Movies.

I can’t say I’m too displeased. While I’m not a huge, mega-fan of the James Bond franchise, I have seen most of the movies. Who hasn’t? And while Craig is undeniably talented, I never did think he pulled the whole Bond thing off very well. He was like the less-attractive, second-cousin of a real James Bond that just happened to be a bit more ruthless and violent. And available.

I preferred Pierce Brosnan, but that’s because I think he was, by far, the studliest bond. Some might disagree and say that Sean Connery was The Original and All-Transcending Bond, but I beg to differ.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about seeing Craig’s mug trying to pull James Bond off anymore — at least for the time being. Reps for EON Productions, the production company for the newest Bond movie, have stated that the latest installment, which was supposed to feature Craig as Bond, has been “indefinitely suspended”:

“Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on Bond 23 indefinitely. We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of Bond 23.”

Damn, Bond fans. Bummer.

Who was your favorite Bond-dude?

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  • My vote goes to the lesser known Timothy Dalton. But of course, he was my first Bond, so I’m a little biased.

      • Definitely in agreement! For years the guys got to watch a woman come out of the sea but when Daniel Craig walked on to the sand—-Oh yeah Baby!

  • NOOOOOOO! I fell in love with Daniel Craig as James Bond. I thought he was spectacular and drop-dead sexy. This is awful news. So sad :(

  • To be fair, it should be noted that the writer/creator of James Bond has stated that Daniel Craig was the actor who best portrayed his original vision of who Bond is.

    • If you’re referring to the author of the James Bond books, I’m sad to say that Ian Fleming passed away in 1964 (thanks, Wikipedia!). Or maybe you meant Albert R. Broccoli, famous James Bond movie producer, who died in 1996 (kudos, Wiki)?

      Cheekiness aside, I’ve heard Bond nerds saying that “Casino Royale” and Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond was truer to the source material than other incarnations. Bond was a ruthless sociopath after all and not a suave playboy à la Roger Moore.

      (I love Roger Moore’s Bond anyway — grew up watching the corny ’80s movies with him fighting giant Jaws, awesome Grace Jones and Christopher motherbleeping Walken.)

  • erm, i take that back.. it must have been a director or producer who said that, sooo it holds less water. of course they’d say that. lol.

    • Damn, I missed your retraction so no my snippy comeback amounts to nothing. Damn you, Danielle, for foiling my evil master plan! I shall toss you in my huge tank filled with supersharks! Of course, I expect you to die.

  • Peirce Brosnan was a short little craptastic Bond. Didn’t do it for me at all. Daniel Craig did do it for me, however. Especially when he rips his bloody shirt off in Casino Royale. Hot.

  • Sorry if I’m soundin’ old school, but Connery was the best Bond — especially if you compare him to the character in the Ian Fleming novels. BTW, did you hear what Connery said about the volcano in Iceland? He said, “It’sh a real ash hole.”

  • This list of Bond actors goes (in chronological order)
    * Sean Connery
    * David Niven
    * George Lazenby
    * Roger Moore
    * Timothy Dalton
    * Pierce Brosnan
    * Daniel Craig
    I gotta say Lazenby or Moore or Brosnan.

  • Craig all the way! But it could just be how the director has portrayed him. When I saw Brosnan pop a champagn bottle out of the center console of a car, I thought “How Lame!” Like that is all it takes to seduce a woman? Daniel Craig’s Bond brings you into what it would be like to be a spy, not “playing” at being a spy.

  • Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond because he was the most manly.Its easier to believe that he can pull off those feats than the other pretty boy Bonds. I love that scene in the first movie where he is chasing that guy through the construction site. Brilliant!

  • I am still shocked that there was any support at all for Dalton or Brosnan. Seriously? Daniel Craig is by far the closest to Connery!

  • BEST EVER: SEAN CONNERY!!! he is suave and handsome and just sexy with style and maachooo! of course, if u see him now its all over, you will never get that image out of your head and wont be able to enjoy his ´younger bond days´.

  • DC is hot and all, but I agree. he is just lacking the swagga of a true James Bond. I loved Pierce- he was my favorite- and Sean Connery was great.. but yeah, I saw the first bond movie with daniel craig and decided to skip the rest. its just lacking…

  • Hold the phone… the movie’s suspended indefinitely, right. But if/when they resume production, who says DC won’t be Bond? They can’t not make it EVER. These movies make a ton of money.

    I guess they cost a ton of money too, but is there no hope at all?

    (Best Bonds were Craig, then Brosnan, then Connery, btw. Moore was clownish, and Dalton just pitiful.)

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