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What Do You Think of Emma Stone as Elizabeth Bennet?

A photo of Emma Stone

And I don’t mean Emma Stone as Elizabeth Bennet in just any tired old Pride and Prejudice remake, I mean Emma Stone as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  And I mean it hard.  She’s been offered the role already, she just has to be sweet enough to make my entire life and accept it.

Emma Stone is obviously beautiful, but she’s also a pretty great actress.  You guys saw Easy A, right?  Emma’s more than capable of carrying a movie, and a period comedy?  I have no doubt that she would blow us all away.

I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or anything (should I?  Can we get some book reviews happening in here?), but I’m nearly positive that I would weep for joy if Emma was officially cast.  Because I’m an emotional lady like that.  That, and I’m dying to see if a new Bingley can make me feel as tingly as the last one did.

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  • I’m surprised/disapointed. No mention of gay marriage being made legal in new york?

    also, I <3 emma stone SO much

  • Yeeeees I love Emma Stone so much. Plus, the book is pretty funny so wheey I will totally be going to the cinema.

  • The point of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is that they take the entirety of P&P, every line, and then add a few segments about how zombies are taking over the world and have obviously gotten to some people, what with Mrs. B and the crazy awful words that spew from her mouth in P&P. Apparently the authors of P&P&Z had read P&P and thought “wow, it practically seems as if zombies have ALREADY taken over Europe. Plus putting zombies into a Kiera Knightly film seems too good to be true.”
    Given that, Emma Stone is obviously endearing and could probably make sense actually playing Elizabeth + kicking zombie ass.

  • P&P&Z was a stupid, stripped-down, incredibly boring version of Austen’s novel, with totally random additions of zombie mayhem. (Mayhem might not even be the the right way to describe that…the zombie attacks were pretty lame.) Oh and add in some idiotic Jackie Chan/Kill Bill stuff at the end complete with the Bennett sisters being mistresses of kungfu destruction and what have you.

    Complete drivel.

    And I’m not just saying that cuz I’m a bitter purist, Tarantino/Romero might have been able to pull it off. But not Seth Grahame-Smith, the dumb as tack author.

  • @Nacho You are correct. Emma Stone has already declined the offer, so I’m not sure why these “Emma Stone to play Elizabeth Bennet?” stories keep popping up.