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Breaking: We Live in A World Where Madonna Appears on Inside the Actors Studio

A photo of Madonna

You guys, I legitimately feel sick over this.  Is that bananas?  I feel physically ill that Madonna, star of such masterpieces as Swept Away and Body of Evidence, is going to be a guest on Inside the Actors Studio.  Madonna is going to be used as a tool to teach the youth, the children that will be the future of acting.  No matter how many times I say it, it doesn’t make it ok.

Am I reacting too emotionally to this news, or do any of you think this is absolutely ridiculous as well?

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  • You are WAY to emotional! Madonna is mainly there to promote her latest film W.E. wich she co-wrote and directed. And yes the women has a Golden Globe for Evita remember? She’s not a Meryl Streep or a Johnny Depp for that matter, but I feel people react to emotionally just because she’s Madonna.