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New York Neighbors Want Madonna to GTFO


Madonna’s neighbor is suing her for playing her music too loudly and shaking the walls of the building with dancing. The building’s board has already threatened to evict Madge over the noise complaints.

At first I thought these neighbors should just pull the sticks out of their asses. If Madonna was my neighbor and she was throwing a party, I’d just make a nice deal with her that I get to show up and pound wheat grass kabbalahtinis with famous people in exchange for putting up with all the noise. “Accidentally” tossing half-digested wheat grass all over Jesus Luz would totally be worth the hassle.

But it turns out the noise isn’t coming from parties, but from rehearsal sessions. She’s been using her apartment as a rehearsal studio for at least 3 hours a day, which means that the loud music is of the start, stop, and repeat variety, and the shaking walls the result of hairless doods with sculpted thighs not landing their grand jetés properly.

Did I mention that the neighbor filing the lawsuit lives upstairs from Madge? That’s  some serious man-quad induced seismic activity.

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  • Maybe she’s deaf already. After all, she’s over 50 and has performed loud concerts for years. Maybe she’ll endorse a line of Material Girl hearing aids.

    I live on a top floor of an apartment building and our unit used to shake when the guys downstairs walked quickly across the floor, much less jete-ed and generally shook a tail feather.