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Love It or Leave It: Ginger Katy Perry!

A photo of Katy Perry

This is a whole lot for me to process, ok? I’ve always thought Katy Perry was an attractive lady, but I think a lot of the attractiveness comes from her budget Betty Page vibe. The thing is, now that she’s made the plunge and jumped on the ginger bandwagon, she just sort of looks like some moderately hot chick you’d see down at the pool, you know?  And I feel so bad about that, because I’ve always considered myself a ginger advocate, but how I am supposed to take that role seriously now that I’m so put off by Katy’s new redheadedness?

Thankfully, I’ll just have to deal with these feelings directly for the next three weeks, because that’s how long Katy’s waiting till she dyes her hair again. It turns out that she never even wanted to be one of the elite (gingers, keep up), she just botched the coloring. This probably means she’s trying to go blonde, right? Ugh. What a sad day that will be.

Image courtesy of People

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