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Love It or Leave It: I Have No Idea What Anna Paquin Is Trying to Do

A photo of Anna Paquin

One of my favorite things is when celebrities wear things that I could make myself.  Not to be cocky or anything, I’m definitely not a master seamstress, but whatever little Anna Paquin is trying to rock here? Yeah, I could probably whip that up.

I think it’s not even that I could make it, it’s that I would love to make it. But not in a serious way, in a “wouldn’t it be hilarious if I made a black dress, but made the torso part sheer and decorated it with some pipe cleaners?” way.  Isn’t that what it looks like the purple business is though, pipe cleaners? It’s like Anna’s designer raided the craft closet from my old bible school and tried to use the materials to make an appropriate dress. And I don’t think that’s ok.

You can check out some additional angles in the gallery below – but for real, doesn’t this dress look ridiculously cheap and tacky and craftastic?  Do you think that if you got close enough you could see a bit of dried hot glue sticking out under the pipe cleaner?

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