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What Do You Guys Think of Rolling Stone‘s Latest Cover?

I know there’s a lot of people out there who feel strongly — uh, very strongly — about True Blood. I? Am not one of them. It’s not that I hate the show; it’s just that I’ve never seen it. I’m not a big vampire fan (I’ll take Freddy Krueger or ghosts any day), and televised drama series don’t really appeal to me on the whole (with the exception of 24, and we all know how that one panned out). But with the world’s current obsession with all-things-vampire, I can see how the show itself would be a bit hit.

With that in mind …

The stars of True Blood — Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgaard, and Stephen Moyer, namely, were photographed for cover of the notable magazine’s September issue naked, covered in blood and pushing their pale, undead genitals upon one another.  I talked to a friend of mine who’s super obsessed with the show (and with Anna Paquin) about the magazine cover, and she’s probably rubbing one out as we speak, based on how excited she was when we discussed it.

Are you like my friend?  Do you love it? Hate it? Do you even watch the show?

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  • Why no blood from the mouths, just like the real undead? Just looks like they got splattered from the carnage of a spontaneous chainsaw murder at the onset of their threesome and are still to shocked to react…

    • hahahahaha! i copied the image and your commentary to 3 people.
      it’s EXACTLY how they look. (hot though)

  • I think it’s tacky. I loved the books long before the series, and HBO totally ruined them for me. Anna Paquin is an awful Sookie, and she looks butt uglier in this photo. Stephen Moyer looks like he’s sucking on a lemon. I gave up on True Blood after the first season because it got ridiculous in a way Twilight can’t even touch. The books are cheesy and totally Southern. The show is just trash, and this cover screams that.
    Alexander Skarsgard, though? Totally gorgeous. Even he can make being drenched in blood like normal and sexy.

    • Agreed, the show completely destroys the books. Sookie is supposed to be bit a heavier, around a size 10-12, blue eyes, and big breasts. Anna Paquin has none of these features…and her accent is atrocious. I despise Tara, and what a stereotypical figure she has become (an always angry black lady, come on guys).

      The list goes on and on…

  • I love the series. I am not a Twilight fan, but I love Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter” series, and this seems to be about as close to that as anything that’s been put on television. So I love it. Steve Moyers is SUPER old, so I could have gone without seeing him in this light, but Alexander Skarsgard is a dream.

    Pretty much the only other recent vampire thing on film that I’ve liked was “Twinklight.” It’s the gay porn parody of Twilight, folks.

  • I love True Blood and I love Twilight, the books and screen adaptations of both. But I really don’t get this. I mean naked, fine, they are naked half the time on the show anyways, but what is all this chainsaw murder blood spatter going on? It doesn’t make sense.

    • yea it does, as u said they’re naked half the time and the other half they’re cover in blood so it does make sense. have u really watched it?

      • uh yeah. but if they wanted it to be realistic or whatever dont you think the vampires should have blood on their mouths instead just spatter all over the three of them. doesnt make sense.

  • What I think is the best part is that after you’ve looked at the photo for a few seconds… you notice Taylor Swift’s name in the corner….

    • P.S. read on The Superficial that Alexander Skarsgard doesn’t wear a sock when doing his nude scenes… he’s just plain nude on set! Just thought I’d leave that image for you!

  • Is it possible for you to write a post without linking to at least two previous ones that you’ve written? 9 times out of 10 they aren’t even relevant links. Your writing has single handedly turned me off of this blog.

    • YES AGREE. I just clicked a link and was like, WTH.

      The one I clicked was the 24 one: “and we all know how that panned out .”

      So I click the link, new page loads “24 Canceled”. Oh right, 24 was canceled. Why do I have to click a link to understand what you were talking about. Why not just bloody write that, so I can continue reading the post without having to jump around and find out what you are talking about, and that it’s NOT even relevant to the article.

      Is it a NEW RULE HERE? That you have to make random, obscure comments in your posts, that make little or no sense on their own. Then link a key word, to make the user click on it to find out what you were talking about.

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  • I’ve know about Stephen Moyer for sometime now when he first shone up in “Valiant” he portrayed his character extremely well. I do love to see him in the roll he plays now in true blood. i like the caring down to earth look of his presents on the screen that everyone fears. He has been getting a little more wild but i still like it better when hes quiet William and then he can also be the strong wild protector as bill. I’m a romantic at heart, i like to write romance stories and right songs of love and i love syfy. the genuine love that he has for Sookie is so unorthodoxy which makes it more mind blowing to a syfy romantic hearted person such as my self. i have so far have had the pleasure of view many photos of bill and this particular one makes them all look like monsters and well sookie isn’t one. i might have portrayed him as a hopeless romantic lost in love and in death for which his heart is torn in two. with the blood if you must have it, coming from his eyes and mouth , in a romantic way and maybe loose jeans, barefoot and i like his hair a little longer, like in the beginning. well sookie is just precious no matter how you throw it her way she always lands on her feet like a cat. sincere and grateful for everything and everyone around her, just like me, i would have placed her in a white country off the shoulder dress, the top buttoned up with lace, barefoot and her naturally tussled hair with blood down her neck and drops in between her breasts dripping down. Now Eric we all know he is the one to be feared but their are new game in town and now hes not the only one and with the strong invisible hold he has towards his covenant you can see there is admiration, selflessness, and the “if you hurt anyone i may have come across vibe, i will kill them attitude”, i might have done this cut off sleeve t shirt short hair, barefoot and a little bit more blood on him of course and a little in his hair, lol, i think i would feel just as alluring, breathe taken, illuminating from my core, infinitely oblivious of time,and most endearing that this triangle should never end if i had seen the cover this way. And when i see the front cover of the rolling stones magazine, i don’t feel that way at all, i felt it was too naked, too gory, and no chemistry between them at all other than them being cover in blood naked and are actors from the same show.i even have my husband watching it and he sometimes gets mad because he doesn’t want to wait to the next show, lol. sorry it was just an idea for maybe your next cover. reign

  • Wow weird. I’m almost embarrassed to be a fan. I was a huge Ann Rice fan as a teenager. I can’t deny the Vampire appeal. Living forever, eternal beauty, supernatural strength. It’s a fantastic fantasy. Twilight was wimpy. I read the books but they didn’t compare by half to Ann Rice’s series and Edward is no Lestat or even Louis. What I absolutely love about this show (not having read the books) is that it is unconcerned with it’s own absurdity which makes it that much more entertaining. I stop for car wrecks too. Nonetheless, I LOVE TRUE BLOOD!!