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Let’s Talk About the Dresses: Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin


Looooove the hair and makeup, but the dress is a bad call on her body. It makes her breasts look small and her hips look wide.

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  • Is it just the photo or is that an unusually large gap in her front teeth? Her forehead is blinding compared to the rest of her face. Her neck, shoulders and chest are all blotchy. Yuck!!!

  • She irks me. I think its the way her mouth moves when she speaks.

    So maybe I dont like the lipstick colour….. her lips should be glossed, not painted.

  • ohh beet, I think I’m gonna have to disagree on that, the hair and makeup was exactly what I didn’t like on her look

  • I don’t agree with any of you. I think she looks FABULOUS, but I may be biased because I love True Blood. Regardless I think her body looked slammin’ in the dress. Her hair is amazing.

    PS. A gap never stopped Lauren Hutton from being a ferocious hotty.

    • I totally agree!!! But I’m also biased because I’m obsessed with True Blood as well. But I don’t care, she’s gorgeous.

  • Her skin makes her look like a carrot in some kind of weird blue wrapper. Doesnt she know you dont fake tan the day of an event? I dont go to events…yet even I know this!

  • Hmmm… Anna Paquin is outrageously hot but I can sometimes be like, “Whoa! WTF?!” Case in point: She looks elegant AND BUFF from the far shot (I like the hips BTW) but close-up, she looks like she screwed up on the spray tan and hair high-lights. I still think she’s a knock-out and I think she looked purdy-damn-good.

  • The only “charming, adorable, and beautifully imperfect” gap on any woman lies elsewhere.


  • When did Anna Paquain start looking like 40yr old trailer trash all dressed up. Ugh. YOU’RE NOT A BLONDE.

  • her makeup is disgusting, and he hair colour is horrible.
    dress is okay, not awfully flattering, but still okay.

  • I think she is flawless! And the gap, which she did not fix, only adds to her charm. Her role on True Blood calls for a tan blonde, hence the look. I have seen pics from throughout the event, and she looks gorgeous in every one. I like her simple,classic style.And I like that she doesn’t look like a Hollywood paper doll with a half smile plastered on her face. She uses her face to actually express herself! Gawd! Who’ld a thunk it?