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Paris Hilton’s Mom Cries Over Her Daughter’s Sex Tape Every Night

In an interview with Piers Morgan, who really stuck it to Paris in a manner of speaking, Paris reveals that one of her life-long regrets is being featured in a sex tape.

I don’t think Paris Hilton regrets her sex tape. I actually don’t think she regrets it at all. I think, if it weren’t for the sex tape, that she’d be just another vapid bitch that came from money that had marginal looks and no talent other than whining to Mommy and Daddy.

She sits there and smugly talks about how her ex-boyfriend ruined her reputation, HER LIFE, and allows her just-as-fake Ma to sit there and shed alligator tears over the one thing that gave the Hilton family publicity that ended up paying off. (Aside from that whole hotel thing.)

And that’s one of the worst things about Paris Hilton: that she’s so bad at hiding who she really is, which is a fame-whoring, indifferent, racist asshole who couldn’t be bothered with anything that doesn’t concern her money or her looks directly. Anyone who can be that bad at faking a respectable existence isn’t stupid, and they aren’t sad – they’re just a lazy waste of space that keeps up the appearance for as long as they need to, at a minimal level, so that the money keeps coming in. And that’s one of the worst things of all.

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  • She is a racist fake bitch. Her nasally baby talk makes me want to vomit and is clearly fake. EVERYONE CAN SEE THROUGH HER ACT. I hope her show tanks. Please don’t support this horrible excuse for a human being by watching her show, its just going to be more fake bullshit.

    p.s. just because you have money doesn’t make you have class, she is clearly TRASH. She is an elitist cunt that has nothing to feel privilege over besides money created by her grandfather (which she will inherit barely any of it) and infamy she got from get fucked like a dog on a movie, which the whole world has seen, and her children will see.

    I just threw up in my mouth

  • Kind of like how Kim Kardashian and her trashy family came to fame. Poor Bruce Jenner – how he got caught up in that trash is a mystery. Whoever did his plastic surgery needs to be identified for comedic purposes.

  • She cries to the sex tape every night, I whack off to the sex tape every night.