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How Do We Feel About Audrina Patridge in a Bikini?

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I’m going to be honest here (as if you’d expect anything less from me): I don’t get the Audrina hype. She’s touted all over magazine covers and men’s forums as being, like, ‘soooo hot,’ and having one of the most fit, perfect bikini bodies of all time forever and ever amen, but I just don’t get it. Granted, I’m not HATING on her for it, because I’m sure she looks better in a bikini than I do, but I’m not parading around like I’m God’s gift to men and Maxim, though, either. I just don’t see the appeal of bolt-on boobs on an otherwise-average body. I mean, is that what’s driving her bodily success? The boobs? Because if it is … man. I guess we really ARE in a lot of collective trouble, then, aren’t we?

Strictly for the record: how do we feel about Audrina Patridge in her two-piece?

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  • in my opinion she looks kinda emaciated. obviously works out / is fit but idk she needs some more meat on her bones

  • She’s pretty tiny. I would rather see some muscle definition on women. Be better role models for young girls. Muscular and healthy looking.

  • Audrina WAS all that hot. Look at last summer’s pics. She went through a drastic reduction in December and now she is flat and unflatteringly plain. Her signature cleavage is totally gone!

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  • Yeah she is flat as a board and so screwed… Maybe she should buddy up with KIM K so that KIM K could tell her where to buy an ass…

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