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I Still Don’t Know Why Audrina Patridge is Famous


When it comes to Audrina’s fame, I’m at a loss.  But she’s got a hot bod and is willing to pose in the most cliched scenarios — licking a berry, straddling the washing machine during the spin cycle, eating cake like a bad girl — so, you know, enjoy.  

She’s in October’s Maxim and didn’t say one thing that was interesting enough to repeat.  I’m sure she talked about her new movie Sorority Row, but we don’t care about that — do we?  Some girls don’t need to give the insightful interview.  They just need to grab their garden hose and pose.  Audrina is one of those girls.

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  • She’s a LOT easier to look at than that FUGLY Tila Peppermint Schnapps, Irish Cream, Tequila, whatever that chick goes by.

  • seriously! what is wrong with her face? it’s totally no fun to look at =(

    is this botched plastic surgery, or poorly applied makeup? homegirl needs heeeelp!

  • Audrina is seriously one of the dumbest girls I have ever had the misfortunate to hear speak. She’s not even hot.

  • Great Body!!! Face is okay. But why so much hate from all these people? She’s dumb? Well, big deal! She’s not doing your taxes or finding a cure for cancer. Let her be hot and give guys a good ol’ boner or something. That’s what “Maxim” is all about, isn’t it?

  • Has anyone done a photo comparison of her in the last year? Her face is different; i hardly recognize her. Is it just me?

  • Okay, now that the jealous fat women have spoken as a straight male I say that the photos are very nice indeed. She looks great.

    • No straight male I have ever met looks at gossip web sites regularly, or ever. Or posts his “typical straight male” response to a half naked chic.

  • She’s beautiful, but I’ve always thought she had googly eyes, that have a weird upward gaze.

    Plus these photos look amateur. They look like her friend tried to take sexy pictures of her for her boyfriend….