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Just Because

The newest in the series of slutty women eating a Carl’s Jr. burger commercials features Audrina Patridge.  Please enjoy these now, because I strongly suspect that they’ll be her last acting jobs.  Ever.  I pray.

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  • Isn’t it time for the entire Hills/Laguna Beach/Generic Spinoff to just go the fuck away? Why do they warrant lines of text?

  • I have never watcher her on television but she is very appealing to the eyes in the adverts.

  • Call me silly if you want but I love it. She looks great! I have never seen anything she has been in other than the tabliods I think she is Hot! I will have two to go please…

  • Ok, so in that first closeup shot of her in the second ad I immediately thought it was Miley Cyrus’ double! Creepy.

    I also thought she look pretty awkward eating the burger and pineapple in some of the shots.

  • So… now we know why she never did the narrating on The Hills. Yikes.

    And She looks so different!

    I totally want a burger now though.

  • I never thought it was possible to look stupid eating a hamburger. She honestly looks like she doesn’t know which orifice to stick it in.

    “Um so… what do I do with this…”
    “You eat it.”
    “Eat?!?! What’s that!

  • you should ban her the way you banned… The Couple Who Shall Not Be Named.
    she’s not as bad as them, but… she’s pretty bad.

    no banning Lauren Conrad, though!

  • Adverising a hamburger the very best thing to do defenitely is to tell what a great body you’ll get from eating it.

    That’s just so ridicoulus I can’t even find words.

  • I think a robot can show more range than she did here. She looks vacant and her voice is monotonous. I guess they’re hoping people just stare at her boobs.

  • Let’s not generalize now, Top Chef’s Padma is not in the slut category even though she did pose nude… but it was for Allure for goodness sake! LOL

  • Jennifer, you speak the truth sister. Leave Rilo Kiley alone!!!

    And is it just me or does Audrina sound REALLY stiff and uncomfortable in the voice over? She has no charisma or acting talent to speak of. Her biggest talents are the ones firmly planted on her chest.