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Guess The Celebrity: Who Just Adopted This Adorable Puppy?

Can you guess what actress took this newly adopted pooch out for a stroll in NYC today?

Here’s a hint: She’s known for having a sharp tongue and a mean mug.

The answer (and more pics!) are after the jump!

It’s Kristen Stewart!

The Breaking Dawn star recently picked up this little guy (who’s named Bear) from a shelter and gave him a better home than he could have hoped for! I know that we joke around quite a bit about Kristen’s bad attitude, but you know she’s gotta have a big heart to help out an animal that needs saving!

Great work, Kristen! Now don’t get pregnant and have to give him away or anything!

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  • Just seen the rerun of Tosh.O with you Molls.Damn you looked hot! All dressed in black, pale face and nice titties. White panties?
    I want some!