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Quotables: Kristen Stewart Could F*cking Get Pregnant Tomorrow And Don’t You Forget It, Loser

A photo of Kristen Stewart

“This really could happen to anyone my age. It didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, how could you have possibly played this? It’s so beyond your years!’ It’s like, ‘Not really, dude. I could fucking get pregnant tomorrow.’”

-The always cheerful Kristen Stewart, explaining to Entertainment Weekly why people who think her Twilight character, Bella, couldn’t get pregnant are morons.

While the lady doesn’t exactly have the best way with words, she’s absolutely right. She’s 21 years old, and last time I checked, there’s a reality television show about people at least five years younger than her having babies on their own. Plus, you know, the books/movies are about freakin’ vampires, so the her character getting preggo during some dull “love making” (ugh, kill me) is hardly the least believable part.