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Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Wanna Talk About It


Seems that Twilight star Kristen Stewart is having a little issue with adjusting to fame.  First it was the smoking on her front steps.  Now a reporter from Chicago Sun-Times says he overheard her complaining about how she hates press junkets and her PR people apparently have to beg her to do interviews.  Even Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke told Entertainment Weekly that Stewart ”had a lot of trouble [with interviews]. She knows it’s important, but it’s not her favorite part of the job.”  The Sun-Times article implies that Kristen might be medicated when making public appearances but I think it’s just insolence.

I’m conflicted on this.  If you are an actor, doesn’t promoting your projects kind of come with the territory?  I hate sulky actors.  Appreciate the fame now because you’ll probably be doing Lifetime movies in six years. 

I do accept the possibility that she may have a social phobia issue or something.  In which case, she should make another Twilight move, take her $12M plus and run.

Above, a clip of Stewart appearing this week on Live with Regis & Kelly.  Right in the beginning, she looks pissed when Regis calls her “the hottest thing in Hollywood.”  Like…pissed.  Also, at 3:08, she expresses major disdain over a clip of Twilight being shown.  She didn’t know that was coming?  It’s kind of the textbook layout for all morning shows.  Intro, synopsis of project, clip, wrap-up.  And I’m sorry but you cannot, cannot hate Reege.  Yet somehow she seems to.

Unrelated, I need someone to email me and let me know how to get arms that look like Kelly Ripa’s.

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  • She bugs me. It looks like you have to either a)Pay her $5M just to smile b)Give her weed to smile

    Having read Twilight (and a being a big fan myself) I can assure you she does NOT fit the role of Bella. At all. Looks like they ran out of actresses who could only get paid $2M.

    She should be happy and lucky that shes in this position, not depressed and pissed. Nothing is worse than ungrateful people.

  • She looks like she doesn’t even know shes beautiful… Like she might of always been told, that she isn’t beautiful… It makes me sad for her… I do believe she plays Bella perfectly in the movie, being a HUGE fan of the books and everything but in love with the character of Edward Cullens but I do not think its acting, its just the way she is

  • omg she annoyes the hell outa me. srry for the language, but if that were me id just be jumping with joy to do ANYTHING! any interview, any press conference, just whatever. she takes everything for granted. everything shuld just be taken away from her

  • she is soo awkward, cant blame her, not everyone WANTS the fuckin attention, im sure she just likes to act and who doesnt want to ear some millions??

    at least shes there promoting it

  • Well I don’t think actors should go like crazy promoting their projects on every single tv/radio show there is, it annoys me. A LOT. I know is necessary but it’s just really really annoying.

    If she likes acting more than she likes promoting her acting, so what? with movies like twilight you don’t really need to go that crazy about promotions anyway.

  • I think she is a great actress and Its nice to see actors who are awkward in interviews and press and all that stupid extra crap. Its not like she is taking things for granted- im sure she knows that she is lucky. She dosent NEED to do press and interview and shit. TL already has a fanbase.

  • Ok to be honest it is nice to see actors acting like real artists, you know? not being fame-whores but doing it because acting is honestly what they want to do. Acting is their profession, not public relations.

  • I am seriously torn between love and hate for Kristen Stewart. Like, seriously torn. On one hand, she seems deep and down to earth and real, and I feel like the reason that she always comes off as arrogant is because maybe she is frustrated with the nature of fame. Maybe she is trying to be above it all, and not stoop down to superficiality, and not become enveloped in the obsession with pop culture; maybe she’s sickened with American society and doesn’t want to be associated with shallowness. But the manner in which she communicates and the way she responds in interviews makes me think otherwise.

    And even if she was disgusted with fame and celebrity, she could be a little more graceful about it.

    On the other hand, she seems like this careless individual who can’t keep her composure and is incapable of communicating her emotions to audiences, and it frustrates me because I want to like her; if she is as real and deep as she sometimes seems, she could be totally influential in a super positive way, and it could just be wonderful. But I hope that the illusion she gives off that she thinks on a deeper level has nothing to do with the possibility of her being stoned most of the time.

  • Not like I like her, or know what her deal really is (maybe she’s off a high)…..but Paul Newman was rarely satisfied with the way he came off on film. I don’t think he liked watching himself—because he could see the mechanics of it all that an audience is oblivious to.

    She seems remarkably normal–it almost hurts her, and might just dislike pompous s-assing herself all over the place. She might think she’s either unworthy, is a private person, thinks we can see her flaws, or really doesn’t like the fake nicety-nice bullshit.

    Very closed off. Time will tell what her deal really is here.

  • bad attitude. these things come with the territory of acting as a career. your living out your life dreams, be grateful.

  • I think it’s clear that both her and RPattz are both regretting ever agreeing to do Twilight in the first place. It’s just more hilarious with Robert because he expresses it so blatantly.

  • i like her bad attitude. her and robert pattinson are so funny because they are so weird and obvs dont like all the attention. neither of them even heard of Twilight before they did the movies- which I actually think was pretty good because they arent all obsessed and sick like the rest of us. reluctant movie stars are coming back in style. havent you guys noticed? everyone is so sick of the ‘omg I am a small town girl who won american idol blah blah blah..’… the attitude is nice like ‘i dont give a shit that you like my movie you are lame for wanting to know more about me’.

  • i love her.

    she doesn’t have attitude, she just doesn’t fake it.

    the rest of the U.S. has acquired some sort of a talent to laugh and smile when society says they should, but she reminds me of me. If she doesn’t find what someone says thattt funny, she shouldn’t have to fake a laugh! Her job is to act in movies, not in real life.

  • She might not be a spotlight whore like Paris Hilton. OMG not that. Heaven-forbid she not want to be forced into that position.

  • I completely agree with what Briana said

    I like Kristen more for this clip, the last thing hollywood needs is more bratty famewhores that are more well known for their private lives than for their acting.

  • Hey Beet—she’s already done a Lifetime movie. Some weird flick about an isolated young girl that was raped…I think it’s called “Speak.”

  • What a bitch. I would be thankful if I ever got a movie role or got to do interviews, that is your “job” as an actress, to promote the movie, why is she acting if she hates it?. Even if it is a sh*tfest of a movie you still need to show it off, and not show how much of a bitch you are. Whatever, she sucks anyways so I doubt her career will hold any sort of longevity…

  • Jen,

    speak was really good because of kristen. if you read the book, you know she fit really well. she was exactly was i was imagining the whole time.

  • I think she’s socially awkward and doesn’t like the limelight, but likes to act. I like her more now that I saw this clip. It is refreshing that she’s not “it’s all about me, me, me!!!” like Miley, for example.

  • Actors doing interviews is not being a famewhore, that’s their JOB. And Kristen Stewart is SUCKING at doing her job. What is it with the Twilight leads? Both of them are absolutely shit on the publicity side.

    Take some lessons from the Harry Potter crew, guys, be classy and do your job.

  • I totes agree with B/Briana…

    first, I think she fits a PERFECT Bella. Out of the many things that made Twilight extreeemely disappointing, Bella was NOT one of them. Au contraire, mon ami…if anything, she saved the movie for me. I think she’s a brilliant Bella.

    Also, I like the fact that she just likes to act and that’s it, and how is this shocking to anyone?? She always ALWAYS looks like “ughhh” in interviews..Like she just doesn’t want to be there, like why can’t she just act, and sure get money for it, but seriously do I have to answer these stupid questions because it’s not like these people really care. I totally understand her, and respect her for it.

    TEAM K.S. FTW.

  • Ok I just saw the video…lol poor Kristen. Yeah she is being a little not polite..kinda like when you make your kid be nice in company but really she just wants to be on her computer?

    I dunno..I wouldnt mind being her friend and hearing her bitch over the telephone or whatever. She seems like she’d be a cool friend.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t spiral downward but rather just takes the money and goes of to live a quiet life or whatever lmao.

  • Kristen reminds me of my friends, who are all sarcastic, but they don’t have “attitudes.” When Regis and Kelly ask her about the movie, she explains it really well and she seems pretty into it. I think she’s just socially awkward, but not young actor is like Dakota Fanning.

  • Yea no. She needs to drop the attitude. You do not star in a movie like “Twilight” because the script inextricably moved the artistry of your soul. You star in a movie like “Twilight” for the fame or the money and/or a combination of the two. Moral of the story: if you play a character named “Bella Swan,” you should be prepared to smoke your bowls in doors.

  • she seems to fit some sort of social phobic personality. just the way she seems anxious in many of her interviews, notice the leg bouncing and at the end she struggles almost not to bite her nails or so it seemed, she was just reaching for her mouth?. definitely i think it’s being misinterpreted as an attitude problem, like f’ the world and fame. i just think she gets really anxious being interviewed.

    sidenote: she is a good actress. but she didn’t quite seem to embody the bella i had in mind. she didn’t seem quite “normal” enough.

  • Ok i have never read the book, and i probably wil never.. Neither i will watch the movie.. Im not interested at all.. But about this chick, she is so beautiful, there is no doubt about it, and i kind of like what Brianna said, that maybe she just doesn’t fake it, like the rest of the whores.. But for some reason i feel like she just thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips.. Way too arrogant for my liking.. But who knows.. She’s pretty cute though, i agree with that…

  • if you guys think she has an attitude, shes not nearly as umm well, bitchy, as the majority of girls at my school. really, the only girls less rude are the ones who don’t talk.

  • like someone said, i fully agree;

    i love her.

    she HAVE attitude, however she’s not faking anything.

    the rest of the U.S. has acquired some sort of a talent to laugh and smile when society says they should, but she reminds me of me. If she doesn’t find what someone says thattt funny, she shouldn’t have to fake a laugh! Her job is to act in movies, not in real life.

  • why is everyone in here bitching about her “attitude”?

    maybe it’s only obvious to me since i have similar problems, but to me it just seems like kristen stewart is really nervous and nothing more. when i’m meeting new people i know people get the wrong impression of me (arrogant, withdrawn, etc.) which is only b/c i have social anxiety and i’m just not comfortable with big crowds.

    she’s not just doing an interview with regis and kelly; there’s a huge audience there, not to mention the staff and camera crew right in front of her.

    having said all that, i’m a fan since i think she’s a great actress. she’s good at what she does, chooses interesting projects and interesting characters (like jena malone, kirsten dunst, evan rachel wood, etc.), and doesn’t throw herself into the limelight screaming for attention and tipping off the paparazzi wherever she goes.

  • She was well-aware of the aftermath of filming the adaption of this well-welcomed book.

    So you can’t excuse her horrible attitude by simply saying that she doesn’t like all the attention.

  • I agree with you HW. I get it too. Sometimes my anxiety leads me to act nervously in crowds. She may adore the act of acting, and feel at ease in character, but may have a hard time just “being herself” on camera. Her too-cool-for-school demeanor could just be a defense to hide her insecurities.

    and whatever. all that forced small talk would be awful. I feel bad for her. She’s still really young. You may *think* you want to be a star, then have a completely different opinion when it actually starts happening. I don’t need all my actors/actresses to be fake and perpetually cheerful in order to appreciate their acting.

  • I wasn’t going to watch the clip till I read all these comments, and then I felt I had to see for myself.

    That’s supposed to be an ‘attitude’? She struck me as a fairly normal, slightly shy person who was nevertheless doing her best to be professional and do her job. I thought she was refreshingly normal.

  • i’ve seen her in other movies before twilight, and i just never really liked her….like i would fast forward through her scenes…i just don’t like her aura too much

  • I love Kristen =D

    She seems really real, and as it’s been said, she’s an actress, not a public speaker.

    She didn’t know that Twilight was going to be this huge, so it’s not her fault she’s not handling the interviews very well.

    Honestly, I didn’t think she did that bad.

  • There’s something about her that makes me not to hate her. Anyway, I think she’s just not used to all the media hype.

    I think, I saw a vid of her and her boyfriend in youtube being interviewed by the paparazzi. it’s obvious that she’s really not comfotable talking too much about her being an ‘actress’.

    She’s acting because she likes it, not because of the fame attached to it.

  • I don’t think she is pissed at all, just a bit embarrassed. I think she is still uncomfortable with the attention she is getting. She is young and probably feels awkward.

  • i think she is kind of a bitch, i used to think it was just her being shy, but the more i watch her the more i think she just doesnt give a shit…i love the twilight books & the movie entertained me & i adore robert pattinson, but this chick has serious attitude issues. i am not saying she should be phony or anything, but at least attempt to look like you want to be there even though you dont….we all have to do that at work at some point & this is part of her job…public speaking & promoting the movie & giving interviews & making appearances. if she cant handle it she can do theatre.
    its not like she just had a bad day, she is like this in every single interview i have seen & its kind of rude…other people matter too & she should try to make them feel comfortable rather than just being awkward & miserable towards them. i actually feel a bit sorry for the people who have to interview her, its like trying to get blood from a stone.

  • i was just able to watch the clip & to be honest (after my rant above) she wasnt nearly as rude as she has been in other interviews…she had a few pissy moments, but overall i think she has been coached because she was actually warmer than i have ever seen her.

  • Haha..I really like this girl. She reminds me of myself at her age which is even stranger because we share the first name. I bet she has a big case of a social anxiety disorder and requires some Prozac or Percocets(sp?). LoL…Hitting the bowl might help her, some too.. It’s nice to see an actor/artist get this big quickly and not let it swell their ego.

  • she seems ill at ease with the attention, not necessarily a bad attitude. she just seems young and awkward to me, but somehow grounded. and i love that she seems annoyed by regis but who wouldn’t be? he regis is a boring, unfunny attention whore with the most annoying voice in hollywood. no wonder kristen seems like she wants to leave!

  • @ vitamink10

    what doctor would give out pain killers for anxiety? and can i have their number pleasethanks.

  • i think she is a good acter, but she is so ……… ah….. silly….
    she is a acter and its her job to make interviews……
    i don’t know what i have to think about her, really…
    soory my english is not good……
    thx bella (my name is really bella…..)

  • Actually, Regis annoys the hell out of me. I think she and RP are unhappy with all the attention bc they had NO IDEA this would be the phenom it is. they hadn’t read the books, neither is a big actor, probably thought it was more like a stepping stone than a big break. And really, they are being adored, not for their acting skills, but for the characters they play. That would annoy the hell out of me. I think both are trying to put a little distance bt themselves and the characters, to avoid type casting AND rabid fans.

  • Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother commenting on such a matter but this girl is ridiculous. If she didn’t want the fame, she should have stuck to plays. And this nonsense about not knowing Twilight was a big hit before signing on to the movie seems like a stretch. You mean to tell me that somewhere along the casting process, no one bothered to mention “oh yeah, this is based on a best-selling book”?? And she comes off as this serious actor interested only in the art but come on! Even having not heard of the book, she did read the script didn’t she? Does a movie involving vampires sound like deep, meaningful artistry??

    While I don’t think she needs to fake anything or fame-whore herself, she can at least be polite. Johnny Depp isn’t a fan of publicity obligations either but he doesn’t come across as an asshole. Bottom line, she has one down, probably three more to go and she needs to suck it up or quit. I don’t knock the girl for hating all the superficiality of Hollywood but socially awkwardness isn’t an excuse to be rude.

  • well am i the only one who likes her attitude? she seems to dislike being flattered unlike other hollywood actresses who are on the spotlight for reasons like their beauty and no1 fuckin cares their performances are shit. maybe she just likes to act and couldnt care less about all the media attention. Cannot blame her.

  • I agree, cookie monster. I would probably act the same way in an interview like that, you can’t blame her for being nervous, shy, or uncomfortable suddenly being in the spotlight. I would prefer her to act like that instead of being full of herself and obnoxious like actors and singers today.

  • She seems awfully laconic and mellow, but then again, anyone compared to Regis seems that way (with the exception of that spaz queen co-host of his).

  • i personally think that she is just nervous. plus she’s shy. i mean anyone would have acted the same if they had to go on like a tv show thing that is so big, that many people watch – like Live with Regis and Kelly. i think kristen’s pretty cool. she’s like any other ordinary girl and doesn’t put herself out there as a spoiled teen star. she’s pretty new to all the attention and i think thats why it seems as if she’s being rude, but she’d not. she’d just embarrased.
    cut the girl some slack. she’s a great person.

  • I am pretty sure that I commented on her acting like she was pissed off on the Today Show a few days back. I want to just bitch slap her. It goes without saying, that when you decided to become an actor, you have certain things that you have to do. One of them would be, plugging whatever it is that you have decided to do. I say, shut the fuck up, do your damn job, quit acting like you are soooo bothered by having to answer some lame questions, and just do what YOU, YOU, YOU, decided to do. You are making more stupid money than most of the fuckin’ population, so just do your damn job, and try to act like you are happy about it. Honestly, I think she has bitch written all over her bad self.

  • Kristen is an actress, this is part of her job.
    I don’t care if you suck in the movie, you promote what your paid for.
    If she doesn’t want to deal with fame, she should’ve gone to broadway. the Interviews are for the fans to better get to know who is starring in their favorite series; the least she can do is grit her teeth and answer the damn questions.
    it doesnt help that she smokes pot, either when half her fanbase is made up of 15-year-old girls

  • Really we know nothing about Kristen Stewart. She obviously loves to act…she is further more a wonderful actress and takes her career seriously. Maybe she is just trying to stay grounded and humble. Maybe she is a shy person and doesn’t see what all of the hype is about. She was all of a sudden thrown into the “famous” people pot and maybe she just wasn’t prepared for it. Not everyone is in the career for the fame. Give the poor girl a break.

  • Wow, how can you people possibly stick up for her? I’m not going to curse alot and call her names (though I would love to), but that was rude. There is a difference between shy/awkward and grumbling to yourself when someone calls you famous, or saying “Oh great” when they decide to show a clip of YOUR MOVIE!

    That is called impolite, and uncouth, and I don’t care who you are, or what movie your in, you should give out the respect that you would want to recieve.

  • She’s a bitch, and that is it! Shy my ass she’s just rude, and she swears she’s like this deep girl that has insight, yea sike, not really she’s your regular girl that trys to be different and really is not, she’s not all that great! At all ppl go around kissing her ass, oh she’s a great actress she totally not, she’s ok but in twilight she dropped the ball! She didint capture bella at all! Zero, goose egg! Nothing plain, and confused is not how bella is described in the book, she sucks! Am out peace!

  • Suriously….Kristen Stewart fucking sucks ass! She was probably the worst casting decision for the entire movie. On top of it, she is NOT a good actress, she is down right horrible. Has anyone SEEN her other movies!?!?! she plays the EXACT same character in EVERY one. In the messengers, she did the exact same pissy broody shit she did in Twilight. I cannot stand her, she does not deserve to work with someone like Robert Pattinson, who actually has some legit talent. The best thing that could possibly happen for the sequel is if they cast someone new as Bella. Kristen Stewart should be grateful as hell that she is getting her 15 minutes of fame because someone who is clearly so shitty does not deserve it.

    • omg i totally agree that kristen stewart it a horrible actress and what a bitch. what the hell was with all the blinking it twilight, i know she was supposed to do it to seem awkward but come on that was ridiculous. and i agree with lijub, she is the exact same charecter in ALL OF HER MOVIES! shes a wanna be, and she wants to come off as this deep artist but she just comes off as a bitch that cant act

  • Omg.
    What a bitch!!
    If i was her, i’d be the happiest girl in the world!
    Landing a kick ass role, with the best cast mates ever, what more could you ask for? Sure, the fame is a bit hectic, but yeah, she should’ve thought of that before she audtioned.
    I felt so bad for those hosts [sorry i dunno their names, i dont watch american tv, im from australia lol], and i just wanted to punch her in the face!


  • Omfg.

    What a bitch.
    If i was her, i’d be the happiest girl in the world!
    Landing a kick ass role, making millions of dollars, meeting the best actors around, and all she can say ‘oh, great’
    thats just plain rude.

    If she wasnt happy about all this, then she should have thought of that before she audtioned.
    And furthermore,
    i felt bad for those hosts [sorry i dont know their names. im from australia and ive never heard of this show lol], and i just wanted to punch her in the face an teach her some manners.

    She has to make a desicion;
    Grow the fuck up, and be a better person,
    go back to smoking weed on her front stairs.

    I know thats harsh, but it’s my opinion.


  • i really dont like kristen stewart anymore. i never really thought she was a good actress but i thought id give her a chance in twilight and now i just hate her even more. shes fake. and also, why would you smoke on your front porch when youre that famous? obviously people are gonna see, and she had to know that. not to mention the fact that shes best friends with nikki reed, and i love nikki reed. i think shes a WAY better actress than kristen will ever be and she has a much better attitude and respects her fans.

  • I CAN NOT stand Kristen Stewart. Yes, I feel sorry for all celebrities because the paparazzi is on their ass all the time… that would suck! BUT it comes with being an actor and the bottom line is she knew what she was getting herself into. Personally, I believe that she was theee WORST CASTED CHARACTER in Twilight! She CAN NOT act worth SHIT, and she has single handedly ruined every movie she has ever been in! Wow, and I haven’t even mentioned how RUDE and HIDEOUS she is yet, have I? …OR how she smokes pot when probably over half over her fans are teens. What a GOOD role model (sarcasm intended :)

  • I think she’s an okay actress and yes, she always seems to play the girl with a major chip on her shoulder. I saw right away that she is really rude when it comes to interviews. If you do a #1 movie from a bestselling book, then…hellooooo.. you are going to have to get out there and sell it. Every other actor gets out and tries to promote their movie. She doesn’t seem genuinely interested in anything about Twilight. That’s my take on it. Maybe I’m wrong. She makes it seem like such an imposition for anyone to ask any questions. She also would seem the type to tell someone off whether the camera is on or off.
    I think they should have cast someone else to play “Bella”. She’s too tomboyish for any seductive female lead. I do think she’s got that Jodie Foster thing going for her. They are female, but have this hard edge about them that’s sort of masculine/tomboyish.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like Jodie Foster, but I think there’s a certain edge that comes across in the roles they play, Kristen Stewart included.

    • I agree with you. Kristen is not feminine enough to be Bella. I wanted to vomit when I found out she was playing Bella. She’s pretty, but so masculine. Definitely not Bella material. And she’s a douche bag.

  • You guys are so rude how can you judge someone you dont even know imagine if this was people saying stuff about you how would you feel famous or not she is still a person way to take a big hit on her self-asteem you have no idea what is like to be famous so stop stating such rude comments they try their hardest everyday to make their fans and their company happy by trying to create something of their characters and bring the movie’s they are in some success they work hard and all they get is shit like this people who dont know who they are or what they go through on a regular basis judging them how pathetic you all are jeeze think about that before you judge someone you dont know and Im sensing a hint of jealousy seeing how none of you are famous or any where near she is a good actor she grew up around the industry she’s only eighteen and trying to make something of her self and for a start she doing a pretty damn good job so why dont you all suck it up and enjoy life

  • gosh i`m so surprised to see that ive finally found someone who doesnt like this bitch . every fockin` teenager is kissing the cunt`s ass just because she played bella . but what do kids know about acting and good movies? … and when i think about “in the land of women” with adam brody, i get sick. it was another good movie she fucked up. she s both ugly and has a disgusting presence. she looks really messed up …

    also she s so imature and she only tries to show a fake “i-dont-give-a-shit” facade. dude, its obvious! u don`t like the fame- stick in front of the tv , dont go to hollywood ! please:))

    what were those guys thinking ??? she seems like she s always stoned (both in the movie and in the real life)

    stephenie meyer created a head over heels in love bella … stewart is the retarded and stoned version… she s always confused and she doesnt express anything , not even what she was paid for … the movie would have been better with someone else in bella s role …

  • another thing : if u dont like fame and being watched by paparazzi and u just hate being in public eyes and all the shit: why the f**k do u smoke pot in your front porch ????? u must be soooo desperate to get attention … she makes me sick . i swear . i ve never felt something like this for any other actresses . she s the most desgusting face in hollywood. i wish her 15 min of fame will fade away soon… muhahahaha

    g-bye god bless :)))

    • I agree. I have never disliked an actor/actress this much. i normally don’t even care. but i loved the twilight series so much and she RUINED the movie for me. i absolutely cannot stand to watch/listen to her speak – it requires both. and the pot on her FRONT porch was beyond irritating (kids (that follow twilight) that never tried pot WILL now because of her) and i too find her face, persona, and everything DISGUSTING! thank you, it is therapeutic to know others feel the same way. hurry up with your 15 mins miss stewart – it can NOT possibly last.

  • i loved twilight movie;;but shes like soo whatever;; cause i mean she’s pretty;; but only that… shes not even a good actreess… she has a pretty face;;& she has an i dont care attitude;; thts not good… aywayz ttyl

  • kristen i think your a great actress and i relly really admire you you are so totally awesome when i get older i always wanted to become an actress and a singer and you have encourage me more, so again thx and keep making totally cool movies……btw i’m totally looking forward to new moon and the eclipse.

  • kristen i think your a great actress and i really, really admire you, you are so totally awesome when i get older i always wanted to become an actress and a singer and you have encourage me more, so again thx and keep making totally cool movies……btw i’m totally looking forward to new moon and the eclipse.But kristen don’t ever try pot ever again!!!

  • bella your a great actress, but be more confident don’t listen to everything those other kids say.You can be greater than what everyone else thinks, so prove them wrong.

  • not important i totally agree with you. How can they judge someone they really don’t know.Its like totally so wrong.

  • i completely disagree. i think her personality is laid back, and you are misreading her entirely. she is very committed to her work, and clearly loves acting or she wouldn’t be doing it. besides, why do you care

  • To “Not Important”, exactly, she GREW UP in the industry, didn’t earn anything, had every thing handed to her because of connections. She has no talent what so ever. And thats not jealousy. Trust me, I have NO desire to be famous. It’s just an honest fact.
    And to “pff”, I love you! :) haha. I loved the twilight series, but god they couldn’t have picked a worse actress to play everyones beloved Bella! Shes just so fucking irritating. I think they never should have bothered about replacing Taylor Lautner (even though I’m not particularly fond of him either), they should have been worried about replacing Kristen. It might have saved the rest of the movies!!

  • The girl looks generally anxious in every interview , shes probably having a panic attack give the girl a fucking break. And if you dont dig her dont watch her fucking movies simple as that.

  • you people are more like a bitch than her!!
    maybe you people are just jealous of her,
    if she is a bitch why do you think robert had a crush on her?,
    maybe she juz doesn’t like fans like you who
    are VERY JUDGEMENTAL, you hypocrites!

  • I used to think Emma Watson was bitchy but after seeing her interviews and noticing that she is a kind and quite funny individual I understand why people like her.

    Kristen on the other hand is a royal bitch with no personality and a monotonous voice. SHe looks stoned during interviews (she probably is) and is an ugly ho.

    Further more shes not even THAT famous ever seen actresses like Rachel Bilson? She’s so sweet and cute during interviews and she’s gets photographed way more then this dirty cu-nt

  • shee suckss!! She has a soo bad actittude!! i hate herr who does she think she is!! come on!! you have to be blind to not see what kind of girl she isss!!!!

  • I think she’s misunderstood. Look at her fidget after the movie and she’s super nervous. Most of the woman don’t like her because she’s a lot prettier, thinner, and younger than them. I dig her big time.

    • UMMMM actually shes one of those people that can be lik really pretty in pictures and then realy ugly, or looks like shes on something(if you know what i mean), so yea. And shes REALLY skinny. So thats that. And shes not misunderstood because shes atually kinda stupid. Did she really think that it was gonna be easy going on iterviews and stuff??? so DUH!!

  • Maybe Kristen does suffer from panic attacks?! That’s why she dislikes interviews so much because you become anxious (i have an anxiety disorder) and when you’re put in a situation that makes you anxious it can make you feel even worse and more aggitated!

  • i think shes the most stupidest girl ive ever met!!!! she deserves to be not fameous and for god sakes she looks like a freakin donkey. with all that disgusting makeup. she thinks shes all that. well she isn,t . nobody likes her. she needs to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think she is an ungrateful little bitch. Nobody really knew or gave a damn about this girl until Twilight. It’s rude how she calls these Twilight questions “bullshit”. Did she seriously think that she wasn’t going to get vampire questions when she made a vampire movie? Most of the books and movie fans are young, wasn’t it obvious she would get these type of questions? While I liked her playing Bella, she is just not worthy to play her.

  • look kristen im going to tell the truth robert is cheating on you and is dosent matter because some people talk about jesus crise do you he cares no………………………………………….
    kristen i just want to tell you ,you always have a friend beside you and a biggest fan too. you know who she is she’s rosa.i mean i cant belive robert do something like that it was a trick i was trying to see if he was going to be my friend i guess……i guess…………..i guess he’s…..he’s ……he’s a HORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I thought it was only me. Her VOICE IS SO IRRITATING. I watched this at home & took off the speaker when I couldn’t bear hearing no more. The movie was poor. Her acting sucked and her face is not that of an actress at all its expressionless. I was irriated at her than at the movie. Waste of time!

  • Ok, so heres my thoughts. I am a young actress, and I dont understand how you all can bash Kristen Stewart, I mean yes, she does act like a bitch and doesnt want to do interviews, but I mean, i can understand. Unless you are in this buisness you have no idea. She just wants to get away from it all. And some of you are like well if she didnt want the fame go to broadway. Sure she could have done that but, its two different classes of acting. This is what she wants to do, so let her do it. The whole smoking pot ( or whatever it was in the pipe) was not the most brillant plan ever, but I mean, its also a big fuck you to hollywood, saying im going to do what i want. And really… I condone her, Just because she is now a big star does that mean she has to be perfect? Absolutely not, she is just living her life, you wouldnt bash anyone else if you saw someone smokeing up on their front steps, or in general, its a part of life, its what people do. So ease up everyone.

  • kristen knows she is in the spotlight. it came with the territory of signing on to do these movies. she doesn’t seem to care that millions of young girls look up to her because of this movie. she sits smoking pot in broad daylight, wearing a bathing suit with pot leaves on them, and gives interviews saying the F bomb about 3 times, not to mention saying that during twilight tours, her and the cast would get asked such “bulls*** questions” from the fans (nylon magazine interview march 2009). don’t tell me she’s just angry with the world and wants to stay “real”. she’s said herself she’s thought about leaving twilight and how “easy” it would be, just so that she could send teenage girls into a frenzy. she plays Bella terribly. she has the emotional range of a teaspoon and it shows on her robotic face in the movies. she seems extremely ungrateful for the fame and attention from twilight, and if she hates it so much, she should just get out. i’m sure most of the fans of twilight would be extremely happy if she did. i’d love to have a new Bella, like alexis bledel or emmy rossum, instead of stupid kristen stewart and her stoner-eyes and monotone voice.

  • What a fucking bitch. It has been said a million times over the course of these comments but she is the WORST possible casting choice. she should be so incredably GRATEFUL to be chosen for such a fantastic role ( that she did absolutely nothing with . horrible horrible job) but instead of being grateful shes rude and bitchy to everyone! hunny if you dont want the fame you should have chosen a normal job. but thats all a fascade of some sort i mean come on , noone who smokes pot on their front porch is trying to avoid the fucking attention. i just dont understand why she would act this way, god youd think that shed be happy for having so much more than she deserves. In closing, shes a horrible actress and role model, rob was the only thing to make twilight half interesting. if she dont want the attention she should just take the fucking fortune she made , and just make a run for it.

  • I watched the video after reading all these comments and honestly, for her, I think this interview was pretty good. Not really that b*tchy at all. She even laughed when Kelly creeped up on Regis’ neck. She seemed a little awkward which is usual but not catty at all. Her interview with mtv canada’s jessi and dan was far worse….
    I think she is pretty and a good actress and hopefully for her sake gets more comfortable with the press and interviews as her career progresses.

  • She choses to be an actress so she had no reason for complaint, she should stick to it and start being good in answering interviews because obviously she suck at it. but when it comes to her stupid boyfriend she doesn’t have any complain showing off in public. and getting pissed when showing the clip from twilight make you pissed then go to hell, Rob probably refuse to answer her affection that is why she seem upset at Rob and making all this stupid faces on their interviews!

  • This little girl totally irks me…. seriously can she even act?!? In every movie I have ever seen her in ( not a fan) she plays the same pissy little girl that has some freaking issue. In interviews she is a pissy little girl with some freaking issue. Life imitating art>wtf? Perhaps she should just smoke a bowl and chill the hell out, this is your job, trust me we all have to endure crap for our careers that we are not happy about. But she should learn to be gracious.;) Can she please have her 15 min so we can all move on… and she can get over herself.

  • I don’t get it. There is nothing wrong with this young woman. She is just a tad uncomfortable with all the attention. If you are uncomfortable with media attention then don’t try out for movies like Twilight that make you a sudden celebrity. It is kind of sad that this young actress can not longer do anything without the whole world knowing about it. The same goes for her co-star Rob P. I would of been happy playing the deer in the first shot…..

  • Tash Fan get a grip. She can’t act and dealing with the press is an actors job(real hard). Try working for 12 hour days on cars and dealing with people for 50+ hours a week and then complain to me about how dealing with people is hard. She’s a young emo brat that needs to grow up.

  • Man a little harsh on Ms. Stewart aren’t we? She’s a good actress who is still young and hasn’t had this big of a hit movie in her career yet as far as her role in it goes. It takes time to adjust to fame, we can’t even begin to imagine how much it takes over your life, of course you’d get annoyed of having to do the same thing over and over and over again. I like her because she isn’t all cocky and “hollywood” YET. Hopefully she doesn’t become that way either. If she can go on screen and be an actress and come off screen and be an everyday person, that’s talent! Go Kristen!

    • i dont know what planet you’re on but its time for you to come back to earth. kristen and you may not know what it means to act but i’ll just tell you what isn’t(exactly what kristen does) running your hands through your hair and stuttering over every syllable is NOT acting. and i know it’s not easy to act. you should tell kristen that because apperently she hasnt gotten the memo along with her other completely and entirely delusional fans. she is NOT the perfect bella physically and acting wise. she is a disgrace to the whole career path. and here’s a tip how about you try watching the RIGHT MOVIE this time and WATCHING THE RIGHT ACTRESS. but that’s just my opinion

  • Kristen stewart is a great actress and all of you who bad mouth her are idiots because you don’t even know how hard it is to act and do interviews and be followed around by strangers who want to take your pictures all the time. Also she’s an introvert like me and can not help her uncomfortableness she has while being in the public eye, but she’ll get used to it, so for now just leave her alone.

  • Alright, so I’ve been dying to get my opinion out about her, and that’s all this is, my opinion. She an OKAY actress, although she pushes things, and mumbles A LOT, we’ve all seen better performances. I don’t mind her as Bella, the only thing that irritates me is the “I’m too cool” vibe that she throws off ALL the time. It wasn’t seen so much in Twilight because she didn’t know if was going to be as big as it was, but from all the promo’s and everything, she is always acting like she’s better than everyone, and that’s annoying. I started to see it in the little clip of New Moon that came out, and that’s just what annoys me. Bella as a character is nothing like that, and I’d be really disappointed if Kristen brought that attitude with her into Bella.

  • She should be happy her mother is a director. I’m sorry but she has zero talent. I cannot believe someone cast her for such a popular role. I have seen her in other movies and it’s the same hair tugging, face twitching, and eye rolling every time. Also, the way she is annoyed at attention is so unappreciative. They presented the cast with a bunch of MTV movie awards and it was nice to see her roll eyes every time they won. Rude much? Can’t stand her.

  • I agree with Eileen. I haven’t seen much of her work and I was actually considering it, until the MTV awards. Are you kidding me with that crap? Is her life so inconvenient to her that she can’t put on a smiling and, at least, an appreciative face, for her adoring fans? I think that’s a shame that she’s acting like such a child when all these people are paying her salary. If she was a REAL actor, she could at lease act like she gave a damn.

    • I agree with PJs Mom completely. No one would give a rats ass who Kstew was if it wasn’t for Twilight, people love her because she’s “Bella”. Besides, Twilight fans are so loyal they’d love anyone who played her. Work is work, sometimes it sucks but you still tough it out. A waitress doesn’t get to roll her eyes and ignore a customers request. Why does she get to act like she hates her job so much? You don’t go into acting if you don’t like attention. There’s plenty of unemployed, homeless and hungry people out there that would love to take her place. She’s getting paid, ALOT, and I think she should do her job properly. Her moms a director, Kstew knows what she should be doing, she’s just too stuck up to do it.

  • i hate how kristen stewart acts. she sucks!! she ruined twilight and is gonna ruin new moon with her wierd litle gasping and blinkimg. shes so awkward. im not saying i could do better causeim not an actor but she is so she should learn how to ACT!!!

  • if shes so uncomfortable with the attention she shouldn’t have become an actor and ruin good movies like twilight. i agree with amanda shes so annoying bellas suposed to be cute and shy and not awkwierd!!! grrr. it was a real disapointment when i saw the movie after reading the books i was looking forward to it till i saw how much kristen stewart sucks ass!!

  • if shes so uncomfortable with the attention she shouldn’t have become an actor and ruin good movies like twilight. i agree with amanda shes so annoying bellas suposed to be cute and shy and not awkwierd!!! grrr. it was a real disapointment when i saw the movie after reading the books i was looking forward to it till i saw how much kristen stewart sucks!!

  • I can’t stand Kristen. She can’t act and I didn’t see the MTV movie awards, but did she really roll her eyes?! Wow! She shouldn’t show so much attitude because she isn’t even a good actress. She should just be grateful that she actually has fans…

  • i hate her, well strongly dislike, what does she think she is somemysterious sex goiddess who doesnt need to speak! SHE THINKS SHES QUIRKY!!! and shes nottttttt. her talents,or lack of are wasted on someone so frickin miserable. shes a witch, and this aint hogwarts baby!

  • i quite like her, please stop abusing her, shes ill, shes an agoraphobic, im in tears thinkin about her pain, LEAVE KRISTEN ALONEEEE

  • please leave her alone she doesnt deserve this abuse, shes ill, shes an agoraphobic, im in tears writing this as i think of her pain, LEAVE KRISTEN ALONE

  • Please leave Kristen alone. It’s not her fault, she is ill, she agoraphobic, I’m in tears as I write this and thinking of her emotional pain. LEAVE KRISTEN ALONE!

  • LOL @ Megan Crocker… nice one

    Kristen Stewart needs to get the hell over herself. She looked like she was having an epileptic fit in the hospital scene when Edward told Bella he should leave and her performance in the movie was pretty mediocre. Yet somehow she thinks shes actually good enough to snob off everyone that interviews her… I’m sure the PR department who are working their asses off to arrange those interviews are happy.

    She needs to get over herself. That crap she pulled with the Acadamy Awards was nothing short of a childish sulky tantrum over the fact her co-star was getting all the fame and attention when her part is technically the lead… that said, probably better that she didn’t go after seeing her at the MTV awards. Poor girl was a rabbit in the headlights there… very entertaining.

  • I disagree with all of you. I think that Kristen Stewart is very talented. And the parts that she does get in the movies she stars in are all very similar to her. She seems to be a shy girl, but talented.

  • Her acting is less than mediocre….. her attitude makes her unlikable, and she ruins twilight. She only has 2 facial expressions, stoic and uncomfortable. Even her smiles look uncomfortable in her films. I think that she knew exactly what her fame would bring her the moment she signed onto the twilight project. She’s been acting for a very long time, so she knows what fame causes as far as losing privacy and the unbearable paparazzi watching your every move. Bad actor with a bad attitude……..

  • I suppose it doesn’t matter, but then again neither does anything that is posted in this euphoric virtual reality called evilbeetgossip.
    Eat me alive as you may…and you may if it gives you that good feeling, (strongly encouraged!)… but I am going to stand up for this kristen not as a fan, and not as sympathizer, but as a reasoning human being.
    She has achieved more than most people that will be born upon this earth.
    You are plastic.
    Therefore she seems to matter on this planet while you, as well as myself, do not matter enough to be acknowledged. Otherwise this site would not exist.
    Now please scavenge whatever you can to destroy these words. I hope you undermine these useless words. I want you to undermine these words. Please? Can you please? I want to picture you doing it, wasting away. Please? pLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!


  • (i said “american” therefore I am a terrorist. I can read your brainwashed mind without even knowing what your face looks like.)
    Don’t wake up for me. Fall to sleep…fall to sleep… the grim reaper flexes his gnarled claws and you are fast asleep. Don’t wake up for me.
    (That silly feeling you have right at this moment IS WHAT I WANT you to feel.) And if you are still reading this,(trust me, i know you are and can’t help it), then you truly will understand that I stimulated these emotions, whether it be anger, pity, or nothing, and that you are at my mercy. This is because the sole purpose of your existence at this moment is to sit behind your computer and read this, and to react accordingly as all people do.
    Please excuse me and shrug this “nonsense” away.

    (if you feel the need to pursue your quest for vengeance, then go to and give me all the stereotypical and delicious mindless statements which are boiling inside your fingertips at this moment, for I will never stumble upon this god-forsaken illusion again.)

    i feed off of you and i know you are too weak to resist.

  • the thing that annoys me most about her is that bella in the book is described as insecure and shy and she brings out a confident vibe if she cant bring out bellas insecurity and shyness then shes not a good actress

  • Apparently Kristen Stewart has some form of talent or she would not have been cast for so many movies. However, the talent is due to knowing someone on the inside. She is a beautiful lady and am sure in time she could become a much better actress. That is if she takes her acting to school. She is flat, emotionless. Her frame and features fit Bella, but this far into the “movie” makings Kristen just doesn’t bring Bella alive. Or perhaps she is, and to some of us readers and interns she has totally read her character wrong. I will say this much, Kristen Stewarts stunt girl is a much better actress. Totally amazing! As far as Rob goes, the man is very gifted. He is very laid back, and blushes constantly.
    The issue I see is the fact that Kristen and Rob has become tangled in their own webs and makes shooting a little uneasy. Oh yes, just for a tad bit of information, the more people knock Rob for his “smelly” ways, and the more he will bring that out. He loves to hate attention. They all have dreamt of become big stars. Long hours, short nights, and crazed fans. It’s not an easy life to lead. Passions are passions and that’s why they continue to work in this man eater’s world. And on my last rant, for the love of Pete ladies, please stop throwing yourself in front of Rob’s car! Getting close to Rob is not worth killing or hurting yourself over. Just stand in lines like all the other fans and you will get your chance to meet Rob.

  • I just got my chance to watch the MTV movie awards this morning, and I have to say that it felt like the Twilight movie awards. Here is my issue, I read all 4 books and fell in love with a beautiful story. I was completely disappointed when I saw the movie. I would love the opportunity to turn this awesome series into a screen play. In my opinion it would be simple because I felt so connected to the characters. I think Stephanie Meyer is a genious. Now, in regards to Ms. Stewarts performance, I do not believe I have ever seen an actor miss the mark so badly. How could you read the story and interpret Bella as awkward? Clumsy, yes, but not awkward. But I don’t think all the fault lies with Ms. Stewart. Was she not given direction? Was she allowed to take a lot of creative liberties with Bella? Does Stephanie Meyer feel like Ms. Stewart did Bella justice? How can you be a true fan of the book and still enjoy the movie? These are the questions I would like answered. It broke my heart to watch something so dear to me get hacked into pieces the way Twilight did. I know that sometimes they have to change things in movies in order to keep things moving, but did you really have to make Bella out to be such a dip? She was responsible, strong, and adorable. I found myself wanting to protect her. The reason why I kept reading was to find out what happened to her… The movie makes me despise Bella. I know from reading the book why Bella deserves to be treated so special, but the movie made her so ordinary and frumpy. I plan on watching New Moon, but, if it is done as badly as Twilight, I will not watch anymore. I do not want to become complete disenchanted.
    Now with regards to how Ms. Stewart acts in public, I’m simply asking her to embrace her fame. If you do not want to be famous because of your reclusiveness, then acting is not an appropriate career choice. I do not pretend to know what it is like to be famous. I would love the opportunity to find out. Not all of us are fortunate enough to receive such a gift. We all know that girls go crazy when it comes to meeting celeberties. It should not be taken as an insult when your good looking male co-star gets more attention than you do. I watched the above clip of the Regis and Kelly show. I think that Ms. Stewart was just being her own worse critic. I’m sure I would feel the same way if I was forced to watch myself act. I think with a little time and maturity, Ms. Stewart will learn how to be much more gracious or she will more than likely be shunned. If I could give her one piece of advice, I would tell her to channel Bella the way Ms. Meyer wrote her. Although Bella did not want attention, she accepted it with a smile and with the grace that her clumsy body didn’t allow her to show otherwise.

    • Fantastic comment Astounded. I don’t really care how she acts in real life, it’s how she acts on screen that really matters because that is her job.
      As most people have stated, I truly believe that Kristen Stewart didn’t do Bella justice and her acting in the movie was the only thing that I feel spoilt the movie. Her gasping and stammering really get to me and that annoying voice of hers.
      I have read the books 3 times each and love them. Stephenie Meyer is a genius. I love Edward and I believe he was portrayed well in the movie but Bella was a huge dissapointment. So much so that I don’t think I could sit through any more of her movies. I think that I will just stick with the books and the pictures in my mind (and a much nicer voice for Bella!).

  • I think she looks awkward and permanently miserable, I have seen other interviews with her and its always the same, she sucks!!!

  • Oh please, all of you couldn’t be anymore further from the truth.
    None of you personally know her – correct? Right.
    So none of you would know her P E R S O N A L I T Y.
    All of you shut your gobs, especially the person writing all this garbage about her.
    Because it isn’t true. It’s just the way her personality is.
    How would you feel, if every day, every move you made or every time you spoke about something – you constantly got judged by it?
    I’m sure, as a matter of fact, I know that all of you must have something wrong with you. No one is perfect. If you were in her shoes, in her place, you’d be the one getting called all these insane things.
    Really. I think you all should think really hard about this before you even speak. Because if you actually met her – you’d know why her personality is even like that, too. Seriously guys. Wow.

  • This kid is a horrible actress, and she doesn’t even make it up by giving good interviews maybe if she was approachable and humble people would like her more. She nothing but a stuck up snob, crying over how much money she has made because of Twilight but still hates it. If it were not for Twilight she wouldn’t have gotten the part of Joan Jett she recently got.

  • If you don’t want the attention that everyone, EVERYONE, knows you get when you act in movies (you never know if it’ll be a hit or not) then DON’T act! It’s as simple as that, maybe she should’ve stuck to small TV dramas or something like that. Why should I feel sorry for her? ‘Cause she’s pissed at all the money she’s getting thanks to all of her “retarded fans” (that’s what she called them btw).

  • shes incredible seriously if i had a chance id totally ask her out i need a date for a wedding anyways lol besides seems like a cool person to hangout with just a little dramatic lol still shes probaly pretty awesome yet we will never truly know

  • her acting’s mediocre. and plus she is rude- she called her fans retarted. i mean seriously, calling your fans retarted was a bullshit move; theyre the ones who support you.
    and she can’t handle all her fans? COME ON, there are plently of starts who have much more to deal with.
    “oh woe is her” she should stop feeling sorry about herself

  • Anyone saying that they think Kristen Stewart is a good actress, I’m really wondering what other movies you are watching that you are comparing her performance to. In all the movies she has been in she is stiff, cannot portray any emotion to save her life, and delivers lines as if she is about to go into a seizure. I’m guessing its about knowing people in her case, and she’s a beautiful girl, BUT SHE CANT ACT FOR HER LIFE. The only role she was good in was the daughter in Panic Room, and that’s because she was actually suppose to go into diabetic shock, so tell me why she still looks like thats going to happen to her in the rest of her roles?

    If you’re not good with people and being in social situations as a lot of you say is her excuse, then please tell me why in the world would she go into the field of entertainment? she acts exactly the same in every role, and she pretty much acts the same off screen too, just look at her acceptance speech at the MTV awards, which she only won because the votes were probably from millions of 13 year old girls that are obsessed with twilight. if it were an award that really mattered to her career, that girl would NEVER win to Kate Winslet. its disgusting really, and i don’t understand why directors are mutilating their careers by allowing her to keep being casted.

    on a more compassionate side, i really hope she never googles her name, since i’m only one of millions that thinks she sucks.

  • Okay I’m an actress. Very good but I don’t like to toot my own horn. Kinda like Kristen. The only difference is I CAN act because I’ve been told so just out of nowhere. In my acting class (as an elective I don’t need a class) this girl saw me doing a skit and said I was a good actor. SO did like 3 other people. So I know I can act which brings me to my point. Kristen CANT act. I’m in the school of the arts and there are many people who cant act. Kristen is the worst I’ve ever seen. SHe really should’t think she’s good because she’s not at ALL. It’s probably all the pot going to her head. Dick wipe.

  • Kristen Stewart is so wrong for Twilight. I can see her in Jodi Foster-type roles but not as Bella. It is so disappointing that such a good story that could have made such a great movie got ruined like this. Why didn’t they go with Stephenie Meyer’s picks? JK Rowling got to be involved in the casting. I bet you even Stephenie Meyer thinks she is all wrong as Bella…

  • she can act. so what if shes uncomfortable w/the attention!it wasnt like that before twilight, so shes not used 2 it!so just fuckin leave her alone!!!

  • I think Kristen Stewart is a wonderful actress. She just gets nervous and wouldn’t you. You would eventually get a little tired from all of the fans of Twilight trying to follow you around everywhere. Wouldn’t you like to have some free time once in a while like nobody knew who you were. Just to go out into the world and enjoy yourself without people staring and asking questions and people spying on her. She just needs some privacy sometimes.

    She is a great actress who needs some credit for the hard work she does. None of us could pull something like that off. Yes it would be fun but it is a very hard job to accomplish. She just needs some alone time to herself and her boyfriend!

  • I could deal with it. How simple would it be to simply answer questions and not be a jerk about it. She doesn’t have to get an attitude about the fact that idiots like you think she can act. Don’t be stupid. SHE CAN NOT ACT!!! There is a reason she has to play people that are a little less than normal. SHe is a smidgen less than normal herself. And if she didn’t want attention she wouldn’t have played a part in a movie that’s book was a best-seller for like ever! It’s all the fucking pot. She CANNOT act and will NEVER get ANY respect from me. EVER!!! It’s a disgrace to actors everywhere that she can make it in that wolrd when people like me actually can act but whose parents wont let her! I just hate bad actors.

    Keke Palmer
    Kristen Stewart
    (the list goes on really)

  • Actors are supossed 2 act-DUH! Their ACTors! Kristen canlt tho. All she can do is make orgasmic sounds and cry ovr how much money she made. She is an ungratful bitch. She calls her fans rearted and she rolls her eyes and smokes pot n complains about how lucky she got. Their are so so many more actors out there who have 2 deal with fame. They embrace it! Kristen threatens it and any chance of other break. Crackpot. She’s such a nerotic emo freak. From perez hilton, her dad responded (to wen she didn’t show up 2 present a oscar) ” she will (show up) when the movie is good, not just wen it brings money. ” I mean seriously??? I feel sorry for the twilight films n stephanie because now her book, once tresured, is a mess created by the devil itself. She sends of that “im bttr than u” vibe to every1!! Well news flash – ur NOT bttr than every1. Ur worse. How the hell can she be described as “beutiful” more like beutiful disaster. Chop of some of her hair and you get a cocky boy playing bella swan. I mean twilight is ruining because of her. And even her skyhigh ex won’t but it bac 2gether. I mean seriously! Take an acting course…or 50. Then maybe you might be good enough to get casted as a “before” in a tv ad.

  • K-Stoner is only good at getting stoned. Her only talents are stuttering & twitching (if you wanna call that acting you should also stop taking drugs) SHE ruined the twi-books/movies for me.

  • She needs to be more gracious about all this. When they went to show the clip, “oh, great”, well yeah, it should be great. She should be excited her movie is getting this much attention and promotion. She was not a good Bella. I thought she did better going into diabetic shock in Panic Room than playing Bella. Bella was sweet, not tough and annoyed. Most people her age would love the paychecks she is getting. I waited tables and cleaned up a hot kitchen til 11:00 and 12:00 p.m. and some times later into the mornning to pay my bils and my college tuition. No pity is due me, though, I was glad to make the money, and I learned alot from that hectic, greasy job. Having an opportunity to portray a lovely young lady in a brilliantly written saga should not cause her this much angst. It’s disappointing, but its done. HOpefully, she will grow as a person and as an actress. She is only 19.

  • Kristen just really irritates me. They way she always fidgets and twitches and stutters is just plain ANNOYING. She couldn’t act in twilight and the major publicity shes getting for her horrible acting just really pisses me off. i dont care what movies she goes around pretending she can act in, but when she comes to act in a movie based on a book that i really enjoyed, then thats a different situation. Kristen should stick to doing whatever the hell she was doing before twilight.

    p.s. shes succesfully completed her stoner look with her new haircut, regardless of whether it was for a movie or whatever, it looks like crap.

  • Kristen did a horrible job in Twilight… She cannot act. She ruined the book(s) for me too. I am afraid to watch New Moon becaue I am afraid Kristen will “taint” Bella even more for me. She gets on my nerves.

  • She plays her self in the movie. I don´n understand how anyone that red the book can say she was any good as bella. i mean, imagination is personal, and poor in some cases i see, but tell me something: IN the book isn´t bella EMOTIONAL??? shi cries even when she is angry!! kristen CAN´N cry! the hospital scene is so lame, a dont know why the director alowed that one in the final movie (i guess it was the best she could do). Bella is shy but not angry with people, she is femenine, kristen is not. if in the movie (in what part??) u see her as bella is because ROBERT acts for her, same thing in new moon, taylor will act for her.

  • i agree with teri, im SO not sure if i should see new moon, its my favorite book!! the trailer is painfull enough.. what really buggs me is that the rest of the cast is close to perfect. carlisle!! jasper alice.. perfect. ohh and edward. its true, they will all act for her. but i dont wan to see it!! i love bella too much, and in the movies the cut off all the dialog, all the sweetness of her. if they would have written the first movie properly, kristen wouldn´t be in it. and in new moon u can see from the trailer that is the same thing, they´ll adapt the character to her, cuttin off all the part she just can´t do.

  • Kristen doesn’t deserve all this. She doesn’t deserve the publicity. She’s not even talented. The way she stutters, blinks, fidgets, just pisses me off so much that I feel like punching here, I don’t know why. A little 2 year old can act better than that stupid gal. She can’t do nothing.

  • grrrr !!! i just saw the third trailer of new moon. thay totally changed bella so that it wont be so fuckin obvious that this kristen girl cant act. she plays her self, and even with tons of makeup and the female clothes and the pretty hair she still looks and sounds like a man.
    it would explain a lot if she said that she actually didnt read the books because she was too fuckin lazy or something. she doesnt know bella at all. i just wish some critic with dignity would scream somewhere how she is the only part of the movies that keeps them from doing any justice to these amazing books. because i LOVE the books, and i love bella.
    but u know what? for every stupid untalented actris there is a stupid audience with no fuckin imagination. just read the comments on utube. screamin like a bitch, twitching and looking permanently angry and defensive is not ACTING, is uncomfortable and akward. it would be actin if: that´s what the character is like (and bella is not) and if this frigid girl wasnt like that ALL the time!!

  • it doesnt matter that she hates atention (which she doesnt really, u cant be shy and cocky at the same time) she is akward, unexpressive, i dont understand how someone with problems like not being capable of dealing with an audience and talking coherently in public ended up as an actris. i hate how some people say: ohhh she is insecure, she feels unconfortable, she is too young. pleaseee! would u people have that pacience with someone else that suck at their job?? i dont think so. if a 19 year old waitress takes her fuckin time bringing your coffee, u are going to complain. and a waitress would be wayy more frustrated than an actris, dont u think? she makes tons of money for doing somethings she sucks at! what un ungratfull bitch

  • She´s pretty but i see that she thinks that she is the best on the world, she thinks that she is the center of it and i dont like that.
    In the movie awards, she always put face like a little rouge kid and she believes that she is the best.
    Im not a fan of her, i think she is like simple and not big at all.
    She doesn´t suck but i dont like the way she is.

  • I really don’t like her at all. When she began going to shows
    and doing interviews after twilight came I realiZed what a loser
    she is, she can’t speak right she’s always putting her head down
    like a little kid she needs to deal with it, her hair is disguting…

  • Like it or not Kristen is Bella for four feature films. She is doing her version of this role in the best way she and her directors can conceive. Best thing is to either see the movies and appreciate what is being done or forget them for yourself. Judgment is a powerful drug that poisons the judger and has no effect on the judged. I trust that Kristen’s best is getting better with each interview, each appearance, and each film. I hope for this in my own life too. Love.

    • She cut her hair for a movie she was doing – she was playing the role of Joan Jett, however I dont think she really likes the new hair,

  • yeah i guess it not entirely her foult, i mean who TFk chose her to be bella in the first place anyway?? goshh, i honestly cant belive that she read the books at all or any other that thinks she was even ok as bella. cause i read the books AFTER seing the movie, and i couldnt see her as bella. not one second. she was impossibly far from it. she only got in the way sometimes and it really bothered me. the books are from bella´s perspective, so she had four books with bella´s psycology to work on (not many actor have it that easy) and she still played her self! . in the interviews she always says how she felt there wasnt really any distinct character for her to interpretate, she even said it in front of stephanie meyer! who then acordin to this kristen girl wrote 4 books about ¨some girl¨.
    i can only imagnine that those who think she can act (in what movie?) is simply because they havent read the books so they dont know the character she was supposed to play.

  • See, I watched that video and the two things that were pointed out (her expression when Regis called her the hottest actress or whatever and when they announced they were going to show a clip) didn’t come across to me as her being pissed but embarrassed/uncomfortable. I just think Kristen is very shy and I feel like I can relate because I would be the exact same way. The argument can be made that this is the career she has chosen and doing press is part of it, but I haven’t heard any reports that she has been unprofessional when it comes to doing press. She may hate it, but she does it and while it may be awkward, I haven’t come across any evidence that she is so much as rude. I just think we need to give her a break just because she doesn’t neatly fit into the “young starlet” slot. I actually really like that she’s not like all the other young celebrities out there. She makes me feel a teensy bit better about being another possible social-phobic.

  • GF if you need more evidence just watch the comic con of this year, or last year´s for that matter. the girl is a loser. and she is not shy, or social phobic!! social phobic people cant bear being out doors much or around people, so they wouldnt get as far as one audition. much less acting in a movie/s and couldn´t attend to interviews at all. that´s just a poor excuse for her lack of talent.
    She is coky and akward. she can´t be coherent in public I give u that. but the pathetic impersonation of a rockstar on heavy drugs that shes giving lately makes me that she cant be that shy. she is loking for attention. but she doesn know how to handle it.
    She is a poser. so fake.

  • she sucks!! pathetic actris. she cant show any emotion without having an apileptic attack. its fucking weird. she ruins any movie she is in unless the character is an akward girl with serious issues.

    • you are ‘pathetic’….especially at spelling…its not ‘actris’ its actress…dont say anything you wouldnt say to her face….

      • wth. dont u think the gilr has enough to deal with. all the pressure. with all the twilight movies and everyone is expecting it to be great. she’s probably scared to death that ppl arent going to like the movie because she acts bad. give her a break. would YOU want ppl saying all this nasty stuff about you? she has feelings too yaknow!!!!

      • wth. dont u think the girl has enough to deal with. all this pressure. with all the twilight movies coming out. shes probably scared that ppl wont like the movie because shes a bad actress. give her a break. would YOU want ppl saying all that nasty stuff about you? she has feelings too!!!!!!!!
        SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This story and most these comments are rediculous, you can clearly see that she is anxious in this interview and other interviews and as some one who has Social Anixety I can completely understand what its like to feel awkward in seemingly normal social situations never mind television interviews. Im not sayin she has social anxiety although possible but she just might have low self esteem or just be uncomfortable with all the attention. Those of you who think ‘well if she doesnt like the attention why become an actor’ well there are several famous actors and musicians with social anxiety who find performing character asa release from the constant anxiety most notably Johnny Depp! I thought she was fantastic in Adventure Land and I find her modesty and awkwardness in interviews extremely charming and refreshing for a hollywood actress.

    • You are an idiot!!!! The girl has no acting skills and is completely ungrateful for anything she has. If you want my honest opinion I think she screwed her way into the role. I find it hard to even watch the movie with her never looking at the other actors and always sucking at the kissing scenes and also in the parts that require real feelings, she just completely cant seem to hit the mark. She is THE STAR of the movie and is out done by most of the 2 line extra’s. IMO these movies are absolute headaches with such a poor leading actress in them.

      • i think u need to shut up. u wouldnt be able to do that good. u would suck at acting and i bet if she saw you act SHE WOULD LAUGH.

      • i think u need to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        she can act 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better that u ever could.

  • yeah she is so charming and refreshing… wtf? she is cocky! akward, boring. and a bad actris. I could put up with all that for a good actor. but for this girl. please.
    she is crearly unconfortable during interviews and u know what? that´s not her problem. the problem is that She´s unconfortable when she is actin too. Jhonny depp? no fucking comparison. he doesn´t like interviews but he is a profesional in them. and he is a FANTASTIC actor. Goshh that comparison makes her even more annoyng. adventure land? watch the scene of the break up without the context of the movie. she struggles TOO much to show emotion. its very unconfortable. besides I dont get it. if you have self-expresion issues scratch actin off your profesions list. I think there are people that likes her as a person. thats ok. but as an actris.. give me a break.

    • Firstly what is it that she has actually done in this or other videos that warrants you calling her cocky or other people calling her a bitch? People are judged 20% on what thy say and 80% on their body language, She never says anything that suggests she is cocky or bitchy, most people seem to have come to this conclusion based on her awkwardness, people make the same conclusion about me without me even saying anything. I can tell she is uncomfortable during the interview because she does things that most people with social anxiety do, She disreagrds the compliment at the beggining because it sits uncomfortably with her, constant figiting of her legs and hands it may seem nothing to you but other people with similar problems can see it clearly.

      And YES it is charming and refreshing to see a ‘movie star’ to be modest, not trying to get everyones attention taking her acting seriously rather then her public image/brand like so many other annoying actresses and she may not be an amazing actress but she has a lot of potential. Im guessing you are probably a 12yo girl with a chip on your shoulder because you are a twilight obsessive hopefully you may watch some good films and understand what good acting is, try watching Deer Hunter and Meryl Streeps performance, you’ll probably hate it because she plays a quiet modest girl with awkward expressions and that will probably show what little you know about acting!

      • YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! You just mentioned that the blogger you responded to was a 12yr old idiot with a chip on their shoulder… you just assumed that… But yet you talk trash about others making assumptions? Grow up .. here’s an assumption for you.. I assume that you would have a chip on your shoulder, however your probably just some fat loser that couldn’t resist eating that chip!

  • It just seems like she has anxiety issues, shes coming off rude but i can see straight through it the girl has no confidence what so ever.

  • justpassin did you just compare this loser with meryl streep??
    wow. I would respond but… wow
    give a minute…
    and by the way Im not a twilight obsesive fan. and I´m not 12. It´s just that Iread the books. I liked them and it bother me A LOT watching this girl killing a character I love.
    peolpe dont say she is bitchy without reason!!… u know what?! haha funny. you are a fan of this loser rite?? well tell me if it isn´t “bitchy” to call yor fans retards. becuz this girl did. another thing is that she didn went to the oscars becuz she wants to go when the movie is good. here is a good one: she´ll go when she gets nominated!! haha
    if you “pass through” again before comment PLEASE watch the comic con of this year. or last year´s. and tell me if this girl isn´t cocky and akward. I personaly think she is on drugs. becuz it´s true that some times she is just akward and boring and the way she behaves lately it´s a bit incongruous. not sure what drugg tho… maybe we can discuss that.

  • I dont care if she is a stoner or her attitude even. it´s her acting what matters. she is famous just because. she is an awful actris. I dont know why anyone would disagree about that. is So obvious.
    Ive seen pictures of her and dakota fanning in the set of the runnaways and dakota being three years younger looks older than her and way more serious. I really dont see them both in the rolls they´re playing in that movie but I think dakota might actually do well. no hope for kristen tho. that girl is a joke of an actris.

  • k stew is a stupid trashy bad acting bitch so i dont get how people saw she is good when she sucks cause she acts the same in every movie and she ugly i saw her in adventureland she sucked and the movie sucked and depressing so dont see it

  • I’ve never read Twilight but I do like vampires, but once I got to see the cast I was not thrilled! Kristen Stewart couldn’t act her way out of a box! She is the same character in EVERY film she has done. No depth, just a flat one dimensional performance. My sister has begged me to go see part two with her, I was unable to sit through the first one & turned it off. She has ruined my ability to get into the character and movie. She seems as if she is in pain all of the time!!!

  • I agree. she can´t act to save her life. same roll in every movie. and now her fans are sayin how good of an actris she is becuz she dyed her hair black!! grrr she is so lame. when she was playin bella she had her style (or tried to anyway becuz she is a tomboy) and now that she plays a rockstar she wears band´s t-shirts and dark makeup ALL the time!! even durin interviews. so much personality. she should wear pink in public. at least it´d give the “ilusion” of actin in the movie.

    anybody older than twelve knows that twilight is a joke of a movie. but the book is great. And it´s great becuz of bella. u care for her. and you love edward because SHE loves him. the movie doesn make sense and it´s mostly kristen´s fault. I mean rob patt worked around the bad script a little. but kristen seems in every scene like she was in rehearsal. dead voice. angry lookin. tired. rob might as well done the whole movie next to a plastic doll.

  • Hello, cant you all see that she is doing such a great job! She got the part down pat. She stammered, blushed, and was awkward… Just like Bella Swan. I personally loved the books, the movie not so much… but that wasn’t because of the acting. I think all of the actors were chosen correctly. She is doing such a good job in her acting career. LEAVE HER ALONE!! I don’t see any of you with acting contracts. Don’t be jealous because you didn’t get her part as Bella.

    • that ´s such a stupid excuse. I don have to be an actris to judge actors. like I dont have to be a mecanic to complain about a bad made job. bella doenst stammenred in the book!! kristen doenst blushed in the movie. and bella is clumpsy not akward. anybody that thinks kristen stewart was good as bella have a very poor imagination. and it is not jealousy. itá just givin an opinion. like you. I personaly think is more lame to DEFEND actors than criticize them. it´s not like they dont make tons of money doing “art” . it really buggs me when they suck at it. that´s all

  • sence twilight Ive seen her in a lot of indie crappy movies on tv. or maybe they were allways there and I just ignord them be4..
    anyway… she can´t act. that´s why befor twilight she was only known for being the little sick boy in panic room… and in zathura!! was she tryng to be funny? sad
    what other… into the wild, land of women: nothing. boring. the messenger is painfull to watch.
    Ironic that she got famous for her very WORSE actin. when I read the twilight book I couldnt belive it!! bella was shy?! EMOTIONAL! sweet? smart?!! FUNNY?!!!
    why in the wolrld did they cast her?! she completly ruined bella in the movie and now is ALL about the naked werewolfs and the hot vampires. not a love story.
    a shame

  • She just sucks. She absolutely doesn’t acquire any acting skills. I mean, when i found out that she was going to potray Bella in Twilight, i was kinda pissed cuz she didn’t look anything like i pictured and i’ve never heard of the chick except for when i saw speak. I decided to give her a chance and watch the movie….. and guess what…..she sucked….real bad. she can’t act at all and aftter twilight itz like she is so freaking famous and the fact that she got famous because of her ridiculous acting pisses me the hell off. But it seems like she got a little better in new moon, she also indicated that she was getting acting lessons. Still, i can’t wait till the entire twilight saga movie is over.(even though i really want it to continue because i love the twilight series) i want it to be over because after that she can go on to acting her bad films and i hope that after she’s done with the entire twilight saga, i never have to hear of her again.

  • I thought she did a credible job with the role in Twilight….but….she comes across as sullen, uncooperative and uninterested offscreen. You don’t want the baggage the comes with being in the movies? Don’t take the roles. Go to work at the mall and have your anonymity.

    Ashley Greene or Elizabeth Browning would have been better choices for the role.


    YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! You just mentioned that the blogger you responded to was a 12yr old idiot with a chip on their shoulder… you just assumed that… But yet you talk trash about others making assumptions? Grow up .. here’s an assumption for you.. I assume that you have a chip on your shoulder, however you’re probably just some fat loser that couldn’t resist eating that chip!

  • She cut her hair for a movie idiot. and she really doesn’t have “Bella’s” hair. Thats fake. Stop hating Kristen Stewart.

  • She is not a pleasant person. She shows no gratitude and seems to criticize everything.. and has no sense of humor. Did I say she CAN’T ACT???
    What a snob…she should be cast off from the series before she ruins it!

  • Dear kelly,

    i just want to get something straightened out, nobody’s hating on the crackhead. If we’re mad it’ll be because the chick messed up my favorite book. She is freaking horrible when it comes to acting, its pathetic. When i see her in interviews, its like she just finished smoking weed before she came onstage. She has no personality and makes me want to sleep. THE FACT THAT SHE GOT FAMOUS BECAUSE OF HER USELESS ACTING IS UNBELIEVABLE AND IF YOU HAVE ANY TASTE IN MOVIES , YOU WOULD KNOW SHE CAN’T ACT!!!!!!!!!!. FYI, I WATCH THE INTERVIEWS BECAUSE I CAN’T TURN A CHANNEL WITHOUT HEARING “KRISTEN STEWART” “HERE COMES THE STAR OF TWILIGHT, KRISTEN FREAKING STEWART”. By the way, we ain’t hating, its just her poor acting that pushes me over the edge

    • EXACTLY!!
      GOSHHH have you seen New moon.??
      I saw it online yesterday.
      thre are no words to discribe how much they fucked up the book.
      and I WAS prepared for a bad movie.

      new moon is the best book for me. It broke my heart and kristen stewart is just…goshhh I dont think she read the books at all. Its the only explanation. or she has poorest imagination in the world. she doesnt cry in the ENTIRE movie. yeah! not one tear!. that should give you an idea of the script. they brought down the script to HER level. cuting off everythig she couldnt do, like criying, laughing, expresing emotion, finishing a sentence in a coherent way etc. Rob pattinson… I forgive him even tho he was terrible too. Why? becuz he looked SOO unconfortable next to this insipid girl that I felt sorry for him.

      but I´ll tag “retarded” ANYone who likes this stupid movie.
      it was a million times worse than I thought is was possible. that was the only surprice

      • I hope some day a good director will read the books, get inspired and star over from scratch. with decent actors and the true dedication these books diserve. till then I´ll stick to my version of them and TRY to ignore these movies. pretend they dont exist…
        f*king imposible.

  • ok so kristen CANT actson i mean ok patterson is da only thing tht saved this movie i mean i rele liked gaspard ulliel better but i mean i saw her n she ruined the movie totally she has the worst acting i never imagined bella 2 be lik the way she portrayed her so ugh y does she hav 2 be in the future movies idk but i mean she has no self confidence or appreciation hav u seen her pics on the red carpet? totally unsure n insecure i hope the casting agents rethink her position bcuz u hear gurls tlking about edward n jacob but no one likes bella

  • I thought outside the movie world, kristen stewart is like her character but i’m wrong. Her face is alright but what did she do with her hair? I also read some articled that she uses bad words and… She’s so…easy to get angry. i think she needs to take up anger management classes. It’s not like I hate her, but i just DON’T like her anymore(when I didn’t knew what her attitude was like). She’s so…robbert pattinson is better without her

  • I thought outside the movie world, kristen stewart is like her character but i’m wrong. Her face is alright but what did she do with her hair? I also read some article that she uses bad words and… She’s so…easy to get angry. i think she needs to take up anger management classes. It’s not like I hate her, but i just DON’T like her anymore(when I didn’t knew what her attitude was like). She’s so…robbert pattinson is better without her. 100% sure!

  • I do hate her. but you know what?? it´s her own fault. I wouldnt care for her in another universe. but in this one… where I have to see her stoned face ALL THE TIME… yeah I hate her.
    she has no talent. no personality. and on top of everyething she is ungrateful. cant stand her!

  • She cant act.
    like Sooo many others out there. the thing with her is da she is so Freakin famous and that she goes around talking sh*t like: “we´re not disney actors, we are Real actors” WTF?? honey.. youre WORSE than the disney actors… becuz you are in TOTAL denial. Go do us all a favour and torture yourself by watching one of your own movies. acting is Not for you girl.
    and say NO to druggs.

  • I like Kristen, for me she is the best youn actress, :)

    I have seen her in The Cake Eater, Speak and Twilight and I apsolutley love her acting :)

  • Ok guys, don’t get all psycho on me but, I don’t think Kristen’s the greatest thing since “sliced bread”. I think she’s a one note kind of actor… She can only play roles as she did in ‘The Cake eaters’ a teenager with Friedreich’s ataxia (a genetic disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous, system resulting in clumsy movements, speech problems heading to heart disease) she plays that well b/c she acts that way all the time…. She never finishing her sentences and fidgeting all the time… she’s just really awkward and maybe that’s b/c she’s not comfortable in her own skin yet. I think Dakota fanning has a much better range as an actor than Kristen. I think Kristen knows that she’s not a great actor so she portrays this “I’m too cool… so f&^% off” attitude so everyone is fascinated by her. I see her interviews and in public a lot and she seems more lethargic and uninterested more than anything. Forgive me but I think Leighton Meester, Alexis Bledel (not as annoying) Jenna Malone, Evan Rachel Wood, Emily Browning, Emmy Rosum or my fave for the moment is Ellen Page… or just a new face.
    Oh and I think the part of Rosalie should not have been played by Nikki Reed (she looked horrible as a blonde… and it’s not convincing that she’s suppose to be the most beautiful woman in the world… she is better as a brunette) should have been Sara Paxton (WB cancelled show “The beautiful life” and “The last house on the left”) she is very pretty and plays a bitch really well.

  • @Harlow

    You said it the best! Loved your comment and agree with the casting choices including Nikki Reed.

    • @ Reagan: Thanks! I thought I was the only one who thought that. :)
      Not trying to be mean. i know people get intense when you talk about the celeb they like but they have to be open to hear other people’s opinions. I really enjoyed Adventureland though… only because my cousin worked in the park in Long island.
      I hope she doesn’t mess up The Runaways b/c I love Joan Jet. And I hope her hair grows back fast it’s killing me she doesn’t look pretty with black hair (only a few pulls it off).

      • you are not the only one who thinks that. I agree with everything you said!!
        its just that is true! her fans her Crazy defensive!! ufff its like they´re in denial or something!

        anyway, I think nikky reed is a bad choise too. but in comparison to kristen, she´s ok.
        actualy the ONLY one I liked was Peter facinelli. He is Perfect!!!

        but kristen stewart is famous for no good reason. twilight was a Hit becuz of rob pattinson.
        I mean, hes kind of hot, but thats it. and he was awful in new moon. but I guess its not his fault. he looked very unconfortable.

        anyone in that roll would have been better than her. I like your list. Emily Browning was always my favourite choise for bella. :(

  • You guys are pathetic, mind your own bussiness and stop telling bad things about this great and unic actress.

    • i guess you’r e one of those crazy obssessed fans who stalks Kristen. We’re not pathetic, if anything, you’re pathetic. Insane stalker

  • Okay if u people cant tell, Kristen Stewart does have a little anxiety, you can totally tell…. when people put their hands through their hair a lot… it means their nervous…. when she studders… she nervous.. like on the Oscars last night…. she was scared to be on stage, you could see her shaking a little bit. Thats okay people, I deal with it to… its not something you can overcome easily… and especially with like 500000 fans and all tht watching her on stage, or people waiting outside her house. People need to leave her alone… IDC if you say ” she is an actress, she shouldn’t be doing that,” YES she can cuz thats not live and people aren’t going to hear something thats not supposed to be in a movie, so she wont be scared. So just shutup people. Leave her alone so she can rest. Okay? I am done, and I will be waiting for the rude comments, ready to be ruder, nice comments I’m okay with.

    • @just shutup
      i want to get something fuckin straightened out. We are all entitled to our own fucking opinions. To you, the chick may be the best actress to ever live, but to us, she fuckin sucks ass.Do you want to know why we are all annoyed with her? i’ll tell you right now. Well, Twilight was a great ass book. Probably the only book that deeply intrigued me. I find out they were making a movie, and i can’t tell you how bloody excited i was. Then kristen comes along and im thinking “well, shes okay for the role of Bella.”And do you know what the untalented chick did? She fucked up the movie, she fucked up bad. She absolutely couldn’t act her way out a box. Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t the only one in the movie that i was extremely unhappy with. And guess what? i actually thought new moon was going to be better, but of course, she managed to fuck that up too. Right about now, im really not looking forward to seeing eclipse. So, don’t you dare come at our fucking heads telling us to leave her alone. I dont hate kristen. There is nothing she has that i could possibly desire. IT ISN’T OUR FAULT WE HAVE GOOD TASTE WHEN IT COMES TO TALENT!!!. By the way, ill be waiting for YOUR comment, ready to be RUDER. Stupid bitch.

      And to God,
      No one is jealous of Kristen. im totally sick of this motherfucking bullshit. It seems to me like when we try to express our opinions about Kristen, her fucking stalkers try to bite our heads off and get so fucking defensive. Im speaking for myself when i say this. Again i say this, im not jealous of kristen. What does she have that i could possibly want?. Beauty? i’ve got that, brains?i so have that, hot bod? lol, i’ve got a lot of that. So what am i jealous of?mmmmmm. NOTHING!!. And to answer your question: i dont know about the rest of you, but maybe we watch her a lot because we can’t watch tv without seeing something about Twilight or Kristen. I can’t go on Youtube or surf the web without finding something that relates or has to do with kristen. You get so defensive, maybe you’re the one that wants to eat her fucking box. Someone should put a bullet through your head for pissing the shit out of me and making me get so upset that i have to vent my fucking anger by writing this shit to you. Omg, bitches these days. People like you remind me of so much of why i fight so much at school.

  • Sooooooooooo many jealous people on this board. You don’t like her? So while the hell are you reading about her and watching her videos? Sound like you bitches wanna eat her pussy tho you’ll never have the chance! Jealousy is so disgusting. Bow down and give praise to the greatness that you’ll never be or be with. Before the night is over I command you jealous whores to put a bullet in your head. No one will miss you…no one.

  • She def has an anxiety disorder, but, it’s not about the interview. It’s about her. There’s far too many hets commenting that have no idea what it’s like to live a life that just doesn’t fit their truth. She gets comfortable and they call her a tomboy! It’s like the poor bastard that goes to work everyday wearing a hotdog costume or some other dumb shit. It’s internally embarassing to display one’s self as something the soul knows isn’t true. It can be nerve wracking and if she doesn’t stop it will destroy her. I have faith that she’ll come to terms and say “fuck Hollywood” sooner than later. Unlike Lindsay, I think she’ll come out WITHOUT becoming a cokehead alcoholic…

    • classic. Her fans always end up comparing her to lindsey, or mailey cirus (wtv her name is) to say she is a good actress. or that she is “diferent”

      why don´t you compare her to a GOOD actor ??

      So now I cant dislike ANY fucking actor, no matter how bad they are?? because is probable they have anxiety issues… ¿? lame excuse. Kristen stewart can´t act to save her life so ==> she shouldn´t be an actress. Period

  • Its not that I hate her, I hate her acting. Unfortunately she ruined the roles of Bella Swan and the role of the female co-star on Adventureland. Adventureland had a lot of potential as did Twilight. Unfortunately Kristen’s no emotion, no effort, no point acting has ruined the experiences for me. Its sad that I searched for “Is Kristen Stewart being replaced in Eclipse” due to the fact I heard a rumor and had an ounce of hope for the series, but I found I could not focus because they kept calling it “Kristen Stewart’s Eclipse” when its not her movie at all. I just find her kind of rude off-screen too now that I pay attention. Some examples were in this page The Best Answer is very correct.

  • Ok so… unlike the rest of you who worship this girl. I on the other hand don’t enjoy being called a retard for liking a movie. I liked other movies before and I don’t think Daniel Day-Louis or Kate Winslet called their fans Retarded for liking a movie… WTF? She was really mean to my friend last year while visiting L.A. so she gets no respect from me… sorry.

    In an interview with MSN, Stewart spoke of being trailed by fans as she went from place to place promoting the new vampire movie saying she “kept her head down the entire way”.

    “I just didn’t pay attention,” said Stewart. “I was like, ‘You guys are celebrating something that has not come true yet. So, you are really retarded and have nothing to do with this creative process and I really don’t want to hear you celebrate in front of me. Get out of here! It’s my responsibility!'”

    * please check it out for yourself*

  • I think that Kristen Stewart is stunningly beautiful and a really sweet girl in real life but her acting is not very good. I am not trying to hate on her at all but I just thought that she would be much better as an actress in the Twilight series. Her acting was great in Panic Room so I don’t know why she’s so terrible now… :(

  • I don’t see how anyone thinks she comes across as arrogant/cocky/bitchy etc. In all the interviews i’ve seen of her she seems very humble, and like the compliments make her uncomfortable, or as if she doesn’t think she deserves the compliment. She is constantly put under a microscope for how she acts and what she says, which probablly makes her even more akward. If you want to talk about a talentless cocky bitch.. lets talk about megan foxx. She fits all of the above. I think Kristen gets better with each movie she makes.. and as for the interviews.. she may never do good at them or enjoy them, atleast shes putting the effort out to do it. Its probablly something she dreads.. and she still does it. So good for her. I also think shes very pretty, and that her and Robert make a great real life couple, and I think half the people talking shhit about her are jealous pre teens, and teeny boppers, who wanted to play the part of bella..and that they wouldnt have liked anyone who got the role.

    • that´s stupid. Romantic movies have ALWAYS existed. And if the actress is good. You love her : (kate winslet/titanic – claire danes/rome+juliet) .

      Kristen stewart is an awful actress. And the movie sucked. get it? is not so complicated.
      By the way, I´m 24 years old. I read twilight when I was 19, and loved the books. But now Im not a teen any more, so I dont have a crush on robert, or taylor, who I dont think are terrible actors, but they are not “atractive” to me. Ok? and still… I think kristen stewart can´t act. There are basic things like acting in a way that doesen´t sound like you´re reading and hangover… that alone in my book, is bad acting.

  • Well, I don’t see how almost everyone came to see her as cocky/bitchy becaue to me I simply see her as a shy girl. By the way you don’t have to have any type of disorder to feel shy or to be exceed.ingly quiet in any type of t.v. interview. You can merely not like cameras or things like that. I have also seen her movies, her acting isn’t horrible but its not great either. Maybe if she put abit more emotion and likeness for the real Bella into her acting then I think that she wouldn’t receive such bad feedback.

  • Being someone who understands anxiety disorders, I don’t see her as being someone who is conceited in the least. If anything, she seems very insecure and self-deprecating, and I’m sure that her hatred for interviews and the press is more related to hating the spotlight than feeling she is too good to cater to her fans.

    She is allowed to hate being in the spotlight; she is allowed to want to be an actress for the acting and not for the celebrity status. Even though it’s clear she would much prefer not having to do interviews, she still sucks it up and DOES it.

    That’s just my humble opinion. ;)

  • Kristen, has always been a attention seeker. She would throw herself down a plight of steps, to be on camera. Ask, her people. She has, a disorder she’s getting help for, and it’s very serious. She’s the one, behind all the rumors. She starts them, all of them, mainly the ones about Robert. She’s a sad girl, and she is obsessed with him. We were hoping, she wouldn’t do what she did before, and she has. Spreading rumors that she’s pregnant, but it’s only because she truly believes she is. Don’t believe what the media tells you guys, even Kristen when she has her cycles.

  • I don’t give a s**t what Kristen Stewart is like in real life. But, the fact is, she ruined the character of Bella. I’ve read all four books, and have seen Twilight, and New Moon. They weren’t the best movies in the world, but I enjoyed the films for what they tried to convey on cinema, letting us see real people, real locations, to visualise things better. But, Kristen Stewart… all the time I see her acting, it makes me cringe, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Obviously she isn’t interested in her role, and she couldn’t care less if she made movie fans happy or not, just after a quick effortless paycheck to buy her drugs. All those people who say “she’s amazing”, seriously, wake up. Kristen should quit acting, before she embarrasses herself further; oh wait, too late, lol.

  • I don’t give a s**t what Kristen Stewart is like in real life. But, the fact is, she ruined the character of Bella. I’ve read all four books, and have seen Twilight, and New Moon. They weren’t the best movies in the world, but I enjoyed the films for what they tried to convey onscreen, letting us see real people, real locations, to visualise things better. But, Kristen Stewart… all the time I see her acting, it makes me cringe, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Obviously she isn’t interested in her role, and she couldn’t care less if she made movie fans happy or not, just after a quick effortless paycheck to buy her drugs. All those people who say “she’s amazing”, seriously, wake up. Kristen should quit acting, before she embarrasses herself further; oh wait, too late, lol.

  • Another actor who hates doing press junkets is Christian Bale, hell even Johnny Depp doesn’t like them as well. Does that mean they’re insolent? Stewart and the other actors I’ve mentioned(look I know people will say don’t put them in the same category) don’t enjoy fame but love the art and experience of acting. Depp mentioned “once the movie is done filming I have no business afterwards” hence why Depp doesn’t like watching his movies and doing the interviews. Even Bale himself is uncomfortable with Interviews but when he does them he is cordial and professional. I see nothing wrong with kristen stewart. Some of you guys are just misconceived. Bale also has the “pissed off look” but plenty of people call Bale one of the nicest guys they’ve ever met same with Stewart. A lot of fan encounters say that she’s very affable. They’re just resilient people when it comes to the interviews. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

    • in the comic con, she was completly high. And how stupid do you have to be to that right be4 a press conference ?? Very.

      She is weird, rude, thinks she is “too cool” and other things that I used to be or do when I was twelve years old. She is been “acting” thanks to her parents for a long time, so she should know better.

  • I just watched Twilight, and New Moon last night and tonight. I think she did a great job…she really was meant for that role…I can’t imagine anyone else making it they’re own like she did…so she likes to act but isn’t a people person…can’t blame her…I would love to do what she does…but I would hate the public shit too.
    Kristen…it doesn’t matter what you do…Hollywood or not…people are always going to be like that. You just do what you think you will regret less later. Most people are not worth it. Be proud of what you are doing…and if it gets depressing….volunteer for something….Earth Day is comin.

  • kristen is soooooooooo perfect to play the role in twilight. i cant imagine another person better in the world. she is sooo pretty. i love her. i wish i could meet her. if i could meet robert pattinson and kristen stewart and get their autographs, i would be the luckiest person alive. and my life would be complete,

    • Here’s what got amazing for me on this blog /thread. Most on here can’t spell or use basic grammar skills. The swearing is (the poor man’s English ) out of control. Even someone telling people to put a bullet through their head and no wonder he or she fights so much at school. And you people can actually afford to go to, let alone UNDERSTAND the content of a movie? Get off the net and your cell phones and get an education. You know who you are.

  • Well, I’m sorry but when you make tens of millions while inner city teachers pull 35K, I do NOT have a lot of sympathy. Somebody needs to pull this young lady aside and offer her a clue. There are not enough jobs in this nonexistent economy and this smug biatch is not ‘up to’ some of the duties required for her ridiculous salary (considering she’s not much of an actress)…oh…daddy in ‘da bizz must not have told her, Honey, your work doesn’t end in front of the camera…there’s promotions and things. What privilege. Where’s the barf bag? How long you think it’s gonna take before Mr. Naive Londonboy decides the getting is better back home or with somebody way less snooty and entitled? Too good. Did you notice how well-mannered Rob is in all his interviews…seems like he doesn’t feel impinged on? Wanna guess who’s gonna go farther? A real random guess? Sorry KStew…if you don’t like the whole kit and kaboodle there’s always…working at Starbucks like the rest of the world that has just a HS degree…and most of them do not have GEDs, either. Be grateful the public will have you.

  • I'm sorry but this is very unfair to kristen, so what she doesn't like to be interveiwed …she's probally over that NOW …I don't blam her who would want to be “interveiwed” about something you're not comforable talking about. Give the stars a break …they never did any harm.

  • She too dumb. She too ugly. She looking same all time, all movie. No can act. She boring face.

  • She’s a great actress and she’s very beautiful. She’s just shy when it comes to paparrazzi and interviews. So what? Obviously she’s doing something right because she’s making way more money than all you haters. So get a life a leave the girl alone.

    • britney spears, maily cirus (or wtv her name is) jesica alba, megan fox, paris hilton, they are all making more money than you and me. -and they are still retarded untalented people. just like kristen stewart, who cant even speak straight with or whithout a script.

  • She’s dumb, rude and ungrateful. She says she’s not, but actions speak louder than words. She’s a dreadful actress and she looks like a boy. The only think she has going for her is Twilight and when that’s over I’m sure she won’t be doing anymore interviews.

  • Ok so all you haters that be hatin’ should shut the fuck up.. you’ve never met Kristen so you can’t judge her.. you only know her for the chatacters sge acts on screen, and so far iknooow….. ACTING means to pretend to be someone else.. so shes not as boring as the characters u see on screen. She’s makin millions, you work at the hardware store.. and FYI, she didnt sign up to be an actress – therefore she does not HAVE to do interviews if she dont want to.. babes u would know how celebs feel once ur in their position.. so SHUT THE HELL UP and stop hatin

  • Celebrities dont have to tell you their life stories.. some like to, and sone just prefer to keep it private. And as long as they are makin money :) all they tryna do is live a normal life, where they can walk inda street without anybody attackin them.. but da public makes dat soo hard* show some respect, they give up their lives to entertain urs.. without them, thetes no movies.. and i guess that means u’ll be bored as hell*