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New BFF Alert: Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg!

A photo of Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg

It turns out that the Biebz and Marky Mark are about to do a little business together.  A little collaboration, if you will.  Now, before you get your hopes up that Justin is going to be the newest member of The Funky Bunch, let me gently inform you that this collaboration is a film.  It’s not music.  The Biebz isn’t going to lay down vocals on a “Good Vibrations” remix, and he never will.  I’m sorry.

Check out what Mark had to say about the project:

“Justin Bieber and I are going to do a movie together. We’re putting it together. Yeah, we’re doing it at Paramount. We pitched them the idea, and we talked to him [Bieber] about doing it and he loved the idea.

“Been sending me videos – he sent me a video of himself and yeah, I think he’s really talented.

“We’re going to do something interesting. More of a drama. It’s interesting, right? You want to know. I will not (be singing) and neither will he.”

Ok, let’s just get one thing straight here:  Justin Bieber is not “really talented” at acting.  I mean, musically he’s a gift to this world, an angel, I daresay, but the boy is not going to thrive in a dramatic, scripted film.  He’s just not.

Would any of you see this theoretical movie?

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  • Fucking right! @mireee What do you mean oblivionville? He was good in the fighter, just cause you didn’t like it doesn’t mean others didn’t.