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Do You Want to See Justin Bieber Get Shot on ‘CSI’?

Were you aware that Justin Bieber (yes, THE Justin Bieber) was on CSI this week? And that he gets pumped full of lead by a bunch of cops at the end of the episode? I didn’t either until I saw this clip this morning, but now I can’t stop watching it.

From what I can tell, Justin and the other dude in the van are the bad guys, and the police have been chasing them for awhile. After they surround the van, the cop instructs them both to get out of the vehicle and drop their weapons. There’s a little bit of trickery at the end on Justin’s part (don’t want to give all the good stuff away!) and that results in him taking what can only be described as MAD BULLETS to the chest. Damn.

I guess things happen for a reason, right?

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  • I have watched both Bieber CSI episodes. Not because I am a Bieber fan, but because I am a huge CSI: Las Vegas (the BEST CSI) whore. I totally loved that they shot up Bieber, no matter how awful his acting was! It’s because he was a bomb maker trying to kill off Nick Stokes, so naturally he needs to be shot by 10 cops at least 20 times in the chest.

  • Bieber is a douche. If you leave him alone and pay him no attention we won’t need fake cops cause real cops will be at his attempted suicide.

  • What a terrible clip! The two different camera angles had him doing different things during the shooting. Pititful direction!

  • Actually, a pretty decent actor. Though I still can’t take him seriously in that haircut. And what was with all that hammy shaking while he WASN’T being shot?