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Cindy Crawford’s Can Still Rock The Cover of ‘Vogue’

This post is all about giving props to 45-year old Cindy Crawford, who’s rocking the cover of Vogue Mexico like it’s the early 90s again.

Cindy was pretty much the most beautiful lady in the world when I was growing up (I even named my pet crawfish, Cindy Crawfish, after her,) and it’s amazing to see that in the time it’s taken me to get boobs (sorta,) graduate high school, go to college and work for seven years, that she hasn’t changed one freakin’ bit.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a “Wow, she looks great for her age,” post, this is a “What the hell has she been doing to keep herself looking this good over the years and can she bottle it and sell it to me, please,”-type of thing. I mean, I knew there was some crazy stuff going on over at her house, but not straight-up magic.

Damn, Cindy! Do you, girl! Let’s see you rock out like this in another 20 years, okay?!

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  • There is a little program called Photoshop, and I’d give my left tit that photo’s been PSed to hell.

  • … Cindy is absolutely gorgeous with AND without PS. I caught a glimpse of her in Malibu, without make up and she is just stunning. And her son and daughter? Well, they are just as beautiful!… Cindy, Rande, her kids… it just makes me sick! :D

  • well she really doesnt do anything fun and if you see her give an interview she tries her best not to smile or laugh. partly, i think this is because it causes frown lines and she say she doesnt drink but there was that one time we saw pics of her on a yacht and she was giving her husband a lap dance. but other than that she is totally obsessed with looking young and its working for her but to me she seems like the perfect stepfords wife