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Cindy and Randy: So in Love!


Listen. It’s been a really shitty summer. Not just in the celebrity world, but it feels like in my own world, among my friends, there have been a slew of sudden deaths and sudden break-ups. Isn’t summer supposed to be about health and love? It’s not feeling like that at all this summer. Is this just me or have your summers been better? I’m personally ready for summer to be over — I feel like I’m limping through August at this point. I feel so drained. I hope autumn brings better tidings.

So I find these pictures of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber bittersweet. They’ve been married eleven years and they still look absolutely in love with each other. They look like they’re loving summer, out with friends on the French Riviera. Maybe summer is less depressing in Europe this year? On one hand, it’s heartening — I’m glad at least some couples are making their marriages last, and happily. On the other hand, it’s depressing — because I’m jealous that they’re having a fantastic summer and I’m sitting at home praying for rain. Either way, they’re both freakishly gorgeous and successful and perfect and I will probably never have anything remotely resembling their lives. What? You wanted me to end this on a happy note? IT IS NOT A HAPPY SUMMER.

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  • How odd you should mention that, I’ve had nothing but loss for the last 6 months and can’t wait to leave all this pain behind, never had anything like this before.

    Here’s to everyone having a much brighter end of the year. I don’t want to mess up the good vibe but he’s a serial cheater, knew someone who worked for him. He’s bad.

  • Why is summer “supposed to be about health and love”? What, people should only die and break up in wintertime? It’s just a season. Give up the “supposed to” and you might feel better.

    I always expect summer to suck monkey balls, so if there’s any part of it that doesn’t, I’m delighted.

  • “Health”?, “Limping through August”? Hopefully you address those concerns with your “personal” physician Beet before your told by the government and their minion with a doctorate that your forced to visit that your not worth healing. Want to get happy? Wise up.

  • Yeah, my summer’s pretty much sucked. I mean, I’m not generally fond of summer in general–I hate the heat and I never feel like I have anything to do. But this summer has felt much, much worse than most.

  • I think looking like Cindy Crawford and vacationing in St.Tropez are fairly good starts for a happy summer.

  • I live in France and I can confirm that this summer has been just as incredibly long and lackluster here. There’s nothing going on at all. I can’t wait for the fall either, Beet.

  • What’s really weird is that this summer for me (the months of June & July more specifically) seemed like an awful time, too. Two friends had family member deaths and there seemed to be one hell of a lot of bad breakups going on too; including of my own relationship.
    Coupled with all the high-profile deaths around that time (the last two survivors of WW1 included), it seemed to me like an unusually negative time.
    I’m not really superstitious but can’t help but feel something was causing bad energy~

  • beet, i totally concur. this summer has sucked. people losing jobs, couples who i know and love and i really liked together breaking up (now who will me and my husband double date with?!?), i broke 2 toes and had to have surgery on them (statistical chances of this it turns out are like one in a bazillion!), just all kinds of bad stuff. the weather hasn’t even been up to par for the most part! you’re not alone! it must have something to do with the alignment of the planets or something right now…

  • You don’t a husband like Rande, Beet. He’s married to a beautiful, famous woman and yet, he continues to cheat on her.

  • Well, if I were Cindy on a beach in France, I’d probably have a good summer too. Vacations almost always make couples look good.

    However, I lost my job six months ago in a state with 15.5% unemployment, my spouse is drinking to the point of “it’s so over” and my uncle had to be put in a nursing home because he couldn’t handle life after the death of his spouse of 60 years. So you’re not the only one. I am so ready for life to move on, move past this shit, get on with my life and really, truly smile and laugh again.