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Cindy Crawford

Tyra Banks’ Makeup Is A Little Scary

tyra banks as kate moss

Tyra Banks decided to dress up as 3 major supermodels from past, present, and future (or whatever): Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss (that’s supposed to be Tyra as Kate above), and Cara Delevingne. I think she looks great as Cindy Crawford:

tyra banks cindy crawford

But her Cara Delevingne makeup is just frightening:

tyra banks whiteface makeup

Man, Tyra just isn’t good with makeup, is she? Of course she didn’t do it herself. This was all part of a photo project done for Udo Spreitzenbarth for New York Fashion Week. More info is here. Tyra tweeted these photos along with updates like,

Stop by my #NYFW photo tribute to 15 #Supermodels, #Tyra15, 2 see me transformed in2 Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss & more: 

I really wanna see her as Kate Upton, Ms. Model of the Year.

I think Tyra has their essence down but the makeup is so very White Chicks.

Best And Worse Of Cannes Film Festival Fashion 2013

cannes great gatsby

Cannes film festival is going on right now in France and everyone is GLAMMED THE HELL UP. I like it. Here are the looks that stood out to me, for better or worse. But if you want to get right down to it:

BEST: Isla Fisher
WORST: Julianne Moore


carey mulligan baz

Carey Mulligan, seen here with Baz Luhrhraznamann. (Luhrmann). She looks gorgeous but holy hell, where’s the rest of her?? Is she okay? Does she know she’s allowed to smile? Even LANA DEL REY is smiling. Jesus.

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Cindy Crawford’s Can Still Rock The Cover of ‘Vogue’

This post is all about giving props to 45-year old Cindy Crawford, who’s rocking the cover of Vogue Mexico like it’s the early 90s again.

Cindy was pretty much the most beautiful lady in the world when I was growing up (I even named my pet crawfish, Cindy Crawfish, after her,) and it’s amazing to see that in the time it’s taken me to get boobs (sorta,) graduate high school, go to college and work for seven years, that she hasn’t changed one freakin’ bit.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a “Wow, she looks great for her age,” post, this is a “What the hell has she been doing to keep herself looking this good over the years and can she bottle it and sell it to me, please,”-type of thing. I mean, I knew there was some crazy stuff going on over at her house, but not straight-up magic.

Damn, Cindy! Do you, girl! Let’s see you rock out like this in another 20 years, okay?!