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WTF Is Going on Over at Cindy Crawford’s House?

Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and Children Kaia and Presley, PIctures Photos

This is a bizarre and unexpected story. Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber filed court documents saying that Edis Kayalar, a friend of their former nanny, was threatening to sell the photo of the couple’s freakishly adorable 7-year-old daughter, Kaia. The photo depicts her “bound to a chair and gagged” as part of the nanny’s “cops and robbers game.” She is wearing shorts and a T-shirt in the photo.

I read the entire legal filing (it’s on TMZ), and this is a really screwed up story. Basically, the nanny had showed this Kayalar person the photo she took, and I guess her plan was to stick it on Cindy and Rande’s door as some sort of retaliation for being fired. But she decided not to, and then Kayalar stole the photo and made a bunch of phone calls to Cindy and Rande, threatening to sell it to the tabloids. They immediately contacted the authorities, and at one point Rande even gave the guy $1000 for the photograph. But then he wound up getting deported to Germany, and started demanding a bunch more money. The FBI got involved, and eventually it wound up in court.

TMZ claims that someone tried to sell them the same photo six weeks ago, and they passed, so I wonder how many other news organizations passed on this photo. Tabloids will do some dirty things, but publishing upsetting pictures of an innocent 7-year-old girl seems to be beneath everybody. Good for them!

I guess what really scares me here is how hard it is even for really, really rich people to find a trustworthy nanny. I mean, what the hell kind of nanny plays a game in which she gags your little kid and takes photos? And then responds to being let go by showing the photos to creepy people? Sooo scary and messed up. You can’t trust nannies! That’s why I’m just going to send my kids to boarding school.

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  • Reading that made me a bit uncomfortable, but angry. I hate people that exploit children. Anyone have a picture of the person that tried to sell the picture? I’d like to see how this f*cker looks like.

  • The other alternative of course is to raise your own children without domestic help, millions of women do it so it can’t be that difficult. That is one screwed up person to do that to a 7 year old child and then show her friends. That’s why you always get 55+ year old Bulgarian’s who excelled in math and science, they can help the kids with their math homework and your Randy husband doesn’t want to screw them either. Win win I think.

    I think what isn’t being said is that when they fired the nanny they also had her work permit revoked so she had to leave, that would explain the anger in all of this, but really picking on a 7 year old? Come on.

  • This is messed up in so many ways.. First of all, you don’t call the police because somebody’s trying to sell a picture of your kid, you call them as soon as you know what the fuck is going on with the nanny in YOUR fucking house. What is wrong with her and her husband??? And then they only got them deported? i would have fucking killed them both if they did something like that to my children. It’s just abslutely horrible, this whole thing is horrible.. Poor kids..

  • We shouldn’t assume ‘Mom Cindy’ is all that worried about her child’s morals, health and safety or she would have had the nannie immediately arrested and jailed much earlier when her daughter told her what freakish stuff was happening in the home, or does she…, is it freakish?

  • There should be a special place in hell on earth for people who exploit and abuse innocent children (besides our so called jail system)…trying to think of the perfect form of torture…too early, limited coffee intake…hmmm…

  • Hey now, I’m a nanny and I’m trustworthy!!! Lol.

    But I will admit it’s hard to find a reliable person to watch your kids. Most of the nannies I know, I would never let them watch my own children… if I had any.