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Emmy Rossum Is Seriously Trying to Kill Me


I swear, if I have to hear one more thing about her and Adam Duritz, I’m just going to explode. MINE MINE MINE. Back the fuck off, Emmy!

I was having a conversation with a co-worker about threesomes today (because pretty much what I do when I am in the office is wander around and distract other people from doing actual work by bringing up topics like threesomes), and I was all like, “I don’t think I could ever be in a threesome. I’m not a good sharer,” and she was like, “Yeah, you don’t strike me as a very good sharer.” Ha! It’s so true! I didn’t share well in kindergarten, and I don’t share well now. And I CERTAINLY don’t share Adam Duritz well. He has been my man since I was in fifth grade. I get so upset whenever I read about him and Emmy.

For Emmy Rossum, her relationship with Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz began with a Tweet.

“I was on tour with the band this summer. They invited me actually on Twitter,” Rossum said Thursday on the radio show Valentine in the Morning. “That’s how we met – on a dare. They dared me to come sing with them a song that I’d never sung before … So I ended up on tour with the band, and it was very, very fun.”

Their relationship came to light this fall after they’d been spotted together multiple times. Rossum, 23, split from husband Justin Siegel in August – though her marriage was not widely known about.

Asked why she kept the fact that she was married a secret from the public, the actress says, “It’s hard to have a private life and keep it private and hope that people don’t pick you apart.”

As for the divorce, Rossum says, “I’m not asking for anything except freedom so that I can move on to another chapter in my life, and find happiness.”

This just makes me even angrier, because I’m on Twitter. (Hey! Follow me!) Why is Adam Duritz not daring me to do stuff on Twitter?? I will do way freakier stuff than sing a song I don’t know, Adam, if you would only ask. Try me!

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    • fo reallllllz.

      i actually think jon gosselin may actually be a smidge better looking (and that’s gross). perhaps if adam didn’t have such an idiot hairstyle he could be decent?

  • Ok, lets say I’m Adam. Let’s also say I (being a man with normal man eye’s and desires) have a choice. Ok, are you following? Let’s say this man’s eye’s land on two choices: Emmy OR you. I’ll let you do the math and take it from here.

    • I’d definitely deduce that you’d pick Beet. Because really, Emmy Rossum is fucking ugly. She’s got bug eyes, pale skin, no particular body shape and no outward appearance of having a personality, other than the lame-mouse personality that she portrays so well on her B and C movies. So, unless you’re a blind, bland douchenozzle of a “man”, I’d say that you’d choose Sasha.

  • This website is starting to sound like a bunch of teens writing ( and dreaming) about celebrity crushes…

    • Why do you think pale skin is so bad? There’s nothing disgusting about it. Would you tell someone with really black skin to go out and get a skin lightener? At least she doesn’t go out and damage her skin, and when she’s 50 her face won’t look like a leather handbag.

      • Ugh, I knew there’d be an idiot who’d take this personally and respond exactly as you did.

        What’s disgusting about it is her pale skin looks like crap. I don’t give a shit whether she bakes in the sun or not. I get that’s she’s fair skinned…fine. Get some bronzer, blush, whatever. Matching skin and dresses do not look good.

  • the man’s hair looks like tiny dicks all over his head!
    i bet his farts smell real stinky too….. : /
    oh God i just grossed myself out.

    hey Beet – what ARE you smoking?
    and can i have some? :)

  • Is he maybe an amazing man in his personal life? Is there something I’m missing here, or is he supposed to be attractive?

  • You’re taste in men is gross! Don’t you realize that in order for his hair to look like that he hasn’t washed it since he was dating Courtney Cox?

  • I don’t care for her particularly – probably lean toward not liking her – but her skin is gorgeous. I’m still pretty young and yet remember a time skin like hers was coveted. Still so bizarre to me that in such a short time people have become conditioned to widely think of pale skin as gross and somehow deficient in bronzer. Also get a bit tired of eyes like hers being called bug, hyperthyroid, ugly, etc. Don’t get it. I just don’t understand today’s fussiness when in eras past some really unusual looking screen idols were admired, e.g. Bette Davis, Shelley Duvall.

  • Emmy’s gorgeous, pale skin and all. Oh and I could totally share her with Adam. I think I could be a corner in that triangle, fingercuffs, etc.

  • Emmy Rossum is beautiful!
    Your just jelous! Honestly… How sad is it that you have to post a blog about her?
    Your pathetic tbh. Jeez