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Mariah And Nick Love Each Other Very Much for OK! Magazine

A photo of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on the cover of OK!

Remember when Nick Cannon was all “maybe my kids aren’t going to want to see naked pictures of their parents”?  These are the pictures he was talking about.  And I’m going to have to congratulate Nick on what was probably the best call he’s ever made.  I’ve seen a lot of messed up things in my life, but these photos are downright harrowing. Mariah‘s tummy is certainly overwhelming, but Nick’s foolish “Mariah” tattoo in that swirly font across his shoulder blades?  That’s what’s going to haunt me in my dreams.

Images courtesy of Amy Grindhouse

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  • Boy does she look old….why did she wait so long to have children and hopefully now that she is gonna be a mom she will stop dressing so skanky!!

  • Well, I’m probably going to garner a sh*tstorm of haters but I’ve gotta represent…I am sick of nekkid pregnant women!!!! I am also sick of the current style of maternity wear that looks like colored shrink-wrap!!! I’ve also never bought the B.S. that a woman is most beautiful when she’s pregnant! She’s 180 degrees from being sexy and, if men weren’t scared for their lives, they would probably agree! A pregnant woman can still look fasionable and well dressed and pretty, but “hot”???? No Way. Mimi, you’re killin’ us!!!!