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This is What a Uterus Carrying More Than One Fetus Looks Like

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DAMN, babies. How does this woman stay upright? Girlfriend’s kind of made of small frame to begin with, so it’s gotta be hell getting up out of bed in the morning. I remember, back in the day when I was pregnant, how hard it was for me to pull myself out of bed in the morning – and I was only carrying ONE child inside.

Mariah, way into the duration of her pregnancy, claims that though she was nervous to do the celebrity-obligatory bare-ass naked pregnancy shoot with Life & Style, she was eager to ‘document’ this ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience.’

She looks great, and I’m glad that she and Nick are gonna be parents, but I have just this one question – what the fuck’s up with her bellybutton? That’s no normal pregnancy bellybutton, especially for twins – she’s either had that thing sewn up in the past, or she politely asked to have it ‘shopped off just for the magazine cover.

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  • It’s just a herniated belly button. A lot of pregnant women get this actually, and especially since she’s carrying twins.
    Nothing to worry about. It’ll probably go back to normal after having her kids.