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Celebrities Take a Stand Against Child Sex Slavery

Have you guys heard about the DNA Foundation yet? It was created by Demi and Ashton Kutcher and it promotes awareness about and education on stopping child sex trafficking. (On a side note, these two will never split – now that they’ve officially created a ‘foundation’ together, these guys are on ‘til DEATH DO THEY PART. Break out the hankies.)

The videos are great, and Bradley Cooper, Adrian Peterson, Justin Timberlake and others are just delightful to watch, and this whole thing is way, way better than those stupid ‘Where do you like it’ or ‘What color bra are you wearing’ games are supposed to raise awareness for breast cancer on FACEBOOK. Um, guys? I’m AWARE of breast cancer, and you know what? Posting what color my fucking BRA is on Facebook won’t help the lady down the street who has no insurance and is dying from what she KNOWS to be breast cancer. The PSAs are great, and it’s respectable that celebrities with fortuitous pull are willing to take the time out of their day to film something that’s got meaning behind it. Ashton and Demi’s site is pretty awesome, too, and it’s got a lot of ways that you can actually get involved.

More ‘Real Men’ videos after the jump – which was your favorite?

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  • Actually, I saw a PSA about this very same cause about 2 years ago with Emma Thompson in it. It never aired on television because it was too graphic. In other words, too real. She was shot from the side, shoulders up and with her face to the camera. She was clearly being “raped” by some grunting perv who you never saw. All the while, she recited the statistics of child sexual abuse and trafficking just as if she was talking to an assembly. It was the most excruciating :30 seconds I ever sat through.

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