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This Woman is Either Clueless or a Genius… What Do You Think?

I know! Two Justin Bieber-related posts in a row! Normally we don’t do that kinda thing around here but I think this is an exception.

Our friends over at Gawker (I used to work for them back in the day) posted this video of a lesbian who looks EXACTLY like Justin Bieber doing a cover of that Eminem (who you know is a BIG fan of the homosexual lifestyle) and Rihanna song and despite the fact that her singing is pretty good, it’s absolutely uncanny how much she looks like Justin.

I can’t decide if this is a brilliant ploy on her part to get her video noticed, or just totally creepy. Between the haircut and her face, you know she’s doing the whole doppelganger thing on purpose, but WHY?

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  • i don’t think she’s doing the beiber thing on purpose at all. the whole look that justin beiber “created” has been the official lesbian uniform for years. seems to me like she just also happens to have the same face as the beibs!

  • I’ve gotta say .. I’m a straight woman (with a few bends here and there due to celebrity exceptions and the likes) and I’ve never gotten the Bieber appeal, like, at all. However this girl .. I’d add her to my exceptions list. Makes. No. Sense. There must be something un-Bieberish about her – talent perhaps?

  • How dare you say she’s copying Bieber you dont know a damn thing about her, well for one shes older than him, shes 22…
    she has had that haircut since before Justin was famous.. she hadn’t even heard of him till people told her she looked like him..
    If you had watched her videos you would have realized this and no i dont “hate” Justin Beiber I dont care for him much as hes just another person, so why all the fuss.