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Justin Bieber Did The Blond Mullet Thing Last Night, You Guys

Justin Bieber went on the German talk show Wetten Das last night and the host, Thomas Gottschalk, did one of those super awkward talk show bits where the celebrity involved and 76% of the people watching at home are made to feel incredibly uncomfortable. He pulled out a wig designed to look like his signature messy blond mullet and placed it on Justin’s head so they would look alike. Oh, hahahaha!

I hate that shit. Whenever they have some celebrity participating in some sort of a hokey game? Especially if it’s anything physical, like a ring toss or something. Disgusting. They’re not circus seals, Jay Leno!

ANYWAY! We have pictures of the whole thing after the jump, and I’ve lovingly captioned them for you, so check ’em out!

“Not the hair, man! Not the hair!”

“Alright, just take a picture for my lady.”

“Pretty funny stuff, right Justin? When I put a wig on you that looks like my hair. So glad I wasted five of the minutes I could have spent asking you questions that people would be interested in hearing the answers to doing something stupid so that my dumbass show could get some international press? Good times, man”

“Did you see how this man touched my head? Sir, I like to save the illegal sexual contact for my girlfriend.”

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  • It’s the way the show works. The celebs bet on something and if the lose they have to do something as a punishment for example wear a blonde mullet wig. From what I have seen Bieber was not that good an interview partner anyway so no precious time was wasted.