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Mel Gibson’s Latest Mugshot is Here, But Where’s His Punishment?

What a great month for violence against women in the media, right? It’s like we’re trippin’ over the stuff!

Mel Gibson plead no contest after he was charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly hitting at his ex-lady Oksana Grigorieva on March 11th, and yesterday he was in and out of the El Segundo Police Department in a half hour while he had his mugshot (above) and fingerprints taken.  He was sentenced to three years probation and counseling, because apparently that’s the most punishment they can dish out to an anti-Semitic woman-beater who drinks too much and also happens to be famous these days.

I feel like I have to point out how ass-backwards it is that Lindsay Lohan has spent more time in the slammer for harm she’s caused only to herself than Mel and Charlie Sheen have spent ever. Both Mel and Charlie are repeat offenders who show a much greater threat to society than Lindsay, who seems to be a favor shoplifting a cocaine to physical abuse. Why are these guys repeatedly getting a slap on the wrist from the justice system (and in Sheen’s case, being glorified in the media as some Tiger Blood-drinking superhero,) while Lindsay MAYBE stole a dumb necklace and will probably serve a small sentence for it.

Perhaps it’s obvious to cry sexism here, but it’s not so obvious that anyone’s doing anything to change things.

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  • And how do you feel about Tiger Woods ex-wife who obviously tried to kill him with a baseball bat while pretending that she was only trying to rescue him from a car? Or how do you feel about Martin luther King, who repeatedly beat up women in hotel rooms? Does he get a free pass because he was a pro-Israel, Communist black?


    Mel Gibson is in trouble again, this time for allegedly hitting his mistress in the mouth and making unkind comments in a private phone conversation. This is all purely hypocritical, of course. The late Martin Luther king, Jr. beat up dozens of women in hotel rooms across the country, many of the incidents being recorded on FBI surveillance tapes. But King was a Communist beloved of the media. Mel is hardly beloved by the media (being a Holocaust denier) and shall not be granted the same indulgence. As to the crudity of the comments, similar sentiments are expressed every day in phone conversations around the country. When Baruch Goldstein gunned down forty to one hundred Arabs at prayer in a mosque fifteen to twenty years ago, Jews in both Israel and New York praised him to the skies. He was the “sweetest Jew who ever lived”, a “thousand dead Jews were not worth a live Jew’s fingernail”, etc. These comments were expressed publicly, not privately, without fear of the consequences. Mr. Gibson’s comments were “tête-à-tête”, not meant for publication. The Israeli Jew who runs the William Morris talent agency has formally dropped Mr. Gibson as a client. His views demand that he be blacklisted by the industry. The pious Jew expressing these sentiments overlooks the fact that Mel Gibson did not assault a Turkish relief ship, deliberately murdering at point blank range several of the passengers. Nor did Mel Gibson lie through his teeth about what happened. The William Morris Agency shall not drop the Zionist state as an unofficial client, nor shall it stop the production of scripts whitewashing Zionism and all its crimes.

    Mel Gibson told his mistress that she dressed like a whore and wore tight pants with her vagina visible. That appears to be a true statement judging from photographs available on the internet. As for the comment that she deserves to be raped by “niggers” (Mr. Gibson’ choice of words) that is, obviously, going too far. That 45%-50% of all rapes in the United States are committed by blacks is a documented fact found in official crime statistics. Mel Gibson is obviously not happy with his Russian girlfriend. Whether his anger is justified or whether he is the victim of his own poor judgment is none of the public’s business. Neither is it the business of media gas bags to misuse private conversations to further harm the career of a man they obviously detest.

    Mel Gibson is a less than perfect human being. That is obvious. But Mel Gibson did not perpetrate a hoax of six million “gassed” Jews. Neither did he plant a Jewish state in Palestine and dispossess the rightful inhabitants. Had Mel Gibson kept his mouth shut on these key subjects his Hollywood shenanigans would be overlooked like all the other shenanigans of Hollywood. That is the real sin of Mel Gibson – and the Walter Durantys of the Zionist media shall never forgive him for it.