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I Am Both Appalled and Disgusted

You know, child abuse allegations are serious business, and naturally, child abuse itself is even worse. As you’ve all heard, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva’s child, Lucia (a baby, for fuck’s sake), was supposed to have been in Oksana’s arms when Mel allegedly went out on one of his rages, and the child was said to be hit in my mouth by Mel himself.

RadarOnline, a normally reputable site, claims to have “exclusive” photos of the child (the baby; a tiny little baby) after she was hit in the mouth, and Radar just went ahead and published them. I did not look at these photos, I do not want to see them, and sorry, guys, but I won’t even link in this post to where you can find them. I think releasing photos of an infant with what’s said to be facial abrasions is the height of reprehension and find anyone who’d peddle the photos (parent, photo agency, magazine, whatever) to be a fucking parasite on the dirty underbelly of the dredges of humanity.

Whether or not Mel and Oksana have gone through what is said to have happened is aside from the fact — a child was involved in one way or another and that child should be protected. From an abusive parent, curious onlookers and worse — gossip magazines and websites.

This has really got me upset.

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  • Don’t worry; I looked at the site for you. Most of the baby’s face is blurred out – the only clear bit is a tiny red dot on the chin. Which could be a little spot. Or a bit of food. Or anything, really.

    Abuse of any kind is appalling, but I find myself uneasy about the way Oksana has gone about all this. It just doesn’t inspire much confidence in her, and I’m usually the first to get all indignant about things like this.

  • In a way, I think it’s disgusting too, and I have no urge what-so-ever to see those baby photos. However, this publicity (as gross as it is) may have an upside. Thousands of women (& men) experience domestic violence year after year. Many of them stay silent about it, and convince themselves that it’s okay, it was only once, the abuser truly loves them, it was an accident, etc. etc. etc. I think it’s entirely possible that someone who has kept quiet about the abuse they’ve been experiencing will see all of this publicity and start to realize that it IS a big deal, and that it’s really, really, never okay. Sure, this should be kept private, but sometimes it’s necessary to make a HUGE, public deal out of something and throw every bit of evidence out into the open in order to get people thinking about what a serious issue it is.

    With that said, it still sucks. However, it may help a few people come out of denial regarding their own experiences, and I’m totally ok with that.

    • I agree with you in the sense that bringing things like this out into the open is a good thing in a lot of cases, but I still think it’s awful that the media (television, magazines, websites, whatever) would think it’s ever OK to publish photos of a baby that was hurt as a bystander in a fight between mom and dad.

      I mean, there’s a big difference between showing photos of Rihanna’s face after Chris Brown beat her and showing photos of an infant who was supposedly injured during a couple’s brawl.

      • Wait, wait wait… now, I don’t keep it secret that I find Sarah’s writing appalling, boring, and more often than not, a lame attempt to be humorous which instead just reveals what a massive ass-hat she probably is. (I say probably because I don’t know her.)

        BUT, please, Sarah, dear girl, enlighten me, how is that this disgusts you, but you were so happy to make fun of Andrew Koppel’s son when he passed away? Yes, he was a grown man, making his own decisions. But he was still someone’s baby. And you made jokes about it.

        You know what’s more disgusting than this story? You getting on your high horse about morality when you lack common decency and respect for the families of the dead.

        Seriously, I don’t know WHY I waste my time commenting, when I know Sasha, for reasons I cannot fathom, won’t fire your pathetic ass, and I have better things to do (like bake cookies or write or even scratch my ass), but for fuck’s sake: you have got to be to most annoying, hypocritical, self-righteous cunt that ever walked. Yes, I said cunt. As a feminist, I hate the modern connotations, but damn girl, you are one.

      • Oh, one last point, which was so obvious it escaped me: If you’re so “disgusted”, why tell the photos were on RadarOnline, for one, or more importantly, mention they existed at all? I understand you’re a gossip columnist, but really?? Actions speak louder than words.

      • PantsfortheHomeless, i couldn’t possibly agree more. not to mention, i baked scones, wanna make a swap?

      • I don’t know why you waste your time commenting, either, “PantsfortheHomeless.”

        Go and eat the rest of those cookies or whatever it is you do.

  • I just looked, you can’t even tell the baby has a bruise, it looks like a normal baby to me… tiny spot of something on the chin… maybe the size of a tiny fingernail… the skin around her mouth is pink but I bet you money it was helped along by mommy’s makeup tray….

  • this whole situation is quite terrible, but….it looks like baby acne. it looks like one little red pimple on the chin. no excuse at ALL for hitting a woman with a baby in her arms, but please, they’re both guilty. the moment Oksana met him, she heard in her head a loud “CHA-CHING!” granted mel IS king asshole of all raging assholes, but yeah……they both suck. i guess he deserves a gold diggin’ ho like this; i mean she WAS his mistress.

    • Um, not to sound like a jack ass, but if you heard there was a van going by giving out free Chanel (real ones, with leather and quilting and all that shit) purses, and all you’d have to do was hug the driver, you’d probably do it. Hell, I’d do it. But then, if the driver punched you in the face, would you deserve it? No. Maybe she was a gold digger, but NO ONE, (even the ignorant morons out there, which seem to be abundant), deserves to be physically harmed.

      • Like, FER REAL, as much as I’d like to sock Sarah, the girls on my highschool vollyball team, and the Geico lizard right in the eye ball, I wouldn’t. There is but one person I would punch: This chick at a 16 Horsepower show I went to who farted on my leg. Bitch is gonna pay.

      • of course there’s no excuse for hitting a woman, never ever! sorry i wasn’t more crystal clear about that, know-it-all, thanks so much.

  • I looked at the pictures and I really don’t see anything that looks like the child was abused. It looks more like a binky ring around the child’s mouth. As for the red dot, that could just be baby acne.

  • Too bad you didn’t bother to look at the picture and then reported on it. It’s baby acne. Happens to a lot of infants.

  • What’s with Mel? He was given a fortune pretending to free Scotland and showing us the Passion of Christ. So he gets in a mess with Timothy Dalton’s seconds and calls himself a good Catholic? Any 16 year old kid could find a more attractive and discrete prostitute online for a lot less than $15 million+ And they don’t have to be jews, wetbacks, cossacks, blacks or anybody else Mel is bigoted against. But what do you expect from a guy who can’t figure out if hes american-australian or australian american?
    I’m just happy my own income has prevented me from seeing a movie in 16 years. The idea of my hard earned money going to that
    dog and pony show would be to embaressing. I’ve got my microwave popcorn and enjoying Mel and Oksana’s excellent advnture. DUDE! You pay ME $20 and I’ll fient disinterst- and I won’t have to act.

  • LMAO. I don’t believe he hit the little bastard or its cunt whore of a mother. BFD. And I couldn’t care less if he did, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s all a bunch of lies out of the mouth of that lying sack of shit. And I disagree with whomever said that no one, include lying, moneygrubbing whores, don’t deserve to get punched in the face. BULLSHIT. ANYONE who continually fucks you over, be they male or female, DOES deserve to be smacked. I don’t give a rat fuck about this lying whore or anyone else who engineers extortion fees through a bunch of bullshit stories that they sell to the media about some rich guy with issues. Why won’t they show this kid’s face, huh? Probably because then you’d KNOW it’s all shit. Same thing with that worthless piece of shit, Joe Esterhas. One more lying sack of shit.

    Can’t wait for another Mel Gibson movie–count me in.